Beware The Hair! Scream Episode 12!

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Scream Episode 12 “When A Stranger Calls”

After getting arrested at the barn, Emma and Audrey are driven by a Red Shirt deputy to the station. They never make it. Ghostface blocks the road and slaughters the cop, then sets the two girls free with the handcuff keys before racing off into the night.

As the ladies flee the scene, Emma steals the dead cop’s gun.

Now fugitives and suspected cop killers, the girls come upon an isolated gas station as Kristin Lang explains to Sheriff Acosta about the psychological syndrome folie a deux or the madness of two. She believes Emma transferred her violent insanity to Audrey. Lang believes the girls posted the gory video to “The Morgue” site, as well.

At the gas station, the cashier gets a call on his ancient rotary phone from a raspy voice looking for someone named Emma. He asks the two ladies if either is named that, and our heroine picks up. The message is simple. The killer wants to play a game, and if they turn themselves in, someone they love will die.

Brooke slices oranges as Stavo arrives at her mansion. Since the death of her father the night before, Brooke has not been in a good place. He tries to sell her on the Audrey as killer theory, but it backfires.

Outside the Wilcox house (hiding in the bushes), Emma and Audrey decide to use the theater as their base of operations after talking to Kieran. Em crawls through an open window into her boyfriend’s fairly huge bedroom and finds him getting out of the shower. They hug.

He informs her that Aunt Tina left town and Eli is missing. She tells him that she and Audrey are heading to the Zenith Theater to hide out. Outside, Audrey watches Eli pull up.

Eli busts into Kieran’s room after hearing voices. He and his cousin have a heated conversation.


“I think you’re obsessed with Emma.”

“That’s funny.”


Noah watches the news on his laptop at the hospital as Brooke walks in. She mourns her father and the pair agree that Em and Audrey are innocent. They get a call from Emma at the theater and agree amongst themselves to head over there. Noah unplugs his IV and they’re off.

Acosta idiotically now suspects Emma because he found her dream journal at the farm. He’s tearing apart Maggie’s house looking for evidence. At the theater, Kieran, Noah and Brooke meet up with their two fugitive friends. In the back room, Emma, Brooke and Audrey get a call from the killer. Emma calls him a coward and tells him to come get her at the theater.


“I’m done running.”


The gang arms themselves with movie prop weapons from the Zenith’s display cases. The idea that the meat hooks and machetes on display are real goes back to the first episode of this season, when Audrey stabbed a fake Ghostface with an ice pick from the collection. Plus, Emma has the deputy’s gun.

They wait for Ghostface to stroll down the sunny street and knock on the front door. Em gets a call from Kieran, who is checking the theater for intruders. He tells her that she has his full support.

Stavo pops up outside, banging on the door. He shows Brooke that he got a text message from her asking him to come to the theater. They decide not to trust him.




A scream inside the theater draws Emma and Audrey’s attention, but Em asks Audrey to stay put while she checks it out. There’s a horrifying murder montage playing on the big screen showing Jake, Zoe and others being slaughtered. Kieran, seeing that Audrey is not with them, leaves to make sure she’s safe.




Emma races up to the projection room to turn it off. As she does, the killer pops up and stabs Brooke twice before being chased away by Emma’s gunfire. She pursues him through the hidden rooms behind the screen and loses him. Kieran shows up and puts pressure on Brooke’s wounds.



He couldn’t find Audrey…

The police burst in and Emma flees with Brooke’s car keys and Noah’s phone.

Brooke goes into surgery at the hospital while Emma drives around town in Brooke’s car. Audrey is still missing. Emma ponders turning herself in.

Stavo arrives at the hospital and weeps over Brooke. His father turns up and Noah points out that there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to Emma as a homicidal nutjob. Too much evidence making a clear statement of guilt is cause for suspicion. Noah shows Acosta the photo of Will Belmont’s funeral and Eli.

On the run, Emma gets a photo on Noah’s phone. Audrey unconscious and cuffed to a chair in one of the rooms in Blessed Sisters orphanage.


“Time to face the mask. Come alone or she dies.”


Armed with the handgun, she enters the place where Piper Shaw was forged. Kieran calls in from his car and worries over her, but she won’t tell him where she is. While they’re talking, she gets an incoming call from Unknown, the killer. Remember that.

Ghostface tells her that she’ll “never feel safe again.”

They chat, and she asks Ghosty if he loved Piper.


“Love? To kill with someone, now THAT’s a real bond. You know. You killed with Audrey. What did that feel like?”


Emma heads up the steps, fights off the killer and chases him to the upper levels. Audrey is chained to the same chair where Piper’s body was found. She’s alive but heavily drugged.

Kieran suddenly strides in with a drastically different hairstyle and absolutely no reason to be there. He spouts some bullshit story about pinging Noah’s phone and tracking her.

Eli staggers in bleeding and Emma pulls her gun on him.

He says he followed Kieran from the hospital and when he entered the orphanage, his older cousin jumped out and stabbed him. (It doesn’t sound very convincing.) Despite the wound, he heard Emma’s voice and came to help her.

He was in Lakewood last October at the funeral because he was tracking Kieran’s movements. The restraining order against him happened because Kieran posted nude photos of a woman they both knew online and later blamed Eli. He’s a crazed stalker who becomes obsessed with various women.

Kieran says with absolutely certainty that Eli is the killer. He approaches his cousin, who raises a knife. Emma shoots Eli down and Kieran takes the gun from her, holding her close. Audrey wakes up from her drugged stupor.

Kieran tells them both that they will “Feel safe again.”

The horrifying truth dawns on Emma. She shot the wrong man.




Eli slowly comes to as Kieran cackles madly and generally behaves like a lunatic. He is jumped by Eli and blows him away with three rounds to the chest. When he pulls the trigger, he isn’t even looking at the target.

Turns out Piper and Kieran were dating for quite a while before he came to town last season. He hated his father for dumping him in Atlanta with Tina and Eli, and Piper hated Maggie for dumping her in the orphanage. When Maggie and Sheriff Hudson hooked up, Kieran’s head almost exploded in rage. Piper showed him how to vent his rage through murder.

With the deaths of Sheriff Hudson, Emma and Maggie, they would’ve stopped. But then Audrey intervened, messing everything up. We now know what Piper’s final sentence, interrupted by Audrey’s gunshot, would have been.


“I’ve got one last surprise for you before I open you up. Your boyfriend is MY boyfriend.”


He plans to kill both girls and say they lured him to his near death before he turned the tables and defeated them. Dragging Audrey on a chain, Kieran chases Emma through the facility.

The two ladies overpower him. Lashed to a pillar by Audrey’s chain and with a gun stuck in his face, Kieran tells Emma to shoot him. She considers it and says:


“I get to choose how you’re gonna die. And you’re not. You’re going to rot in prison because you lost at your own sick game.”


Behind her, the police storm in. They’ve been listening.



Kieran is finished.

In the aftermath, Noah gloats about being right about the accomplice. Stavo, Brooke and Acosta have breakfast together next to an illustration of Emma, Noah, Audrey, Stavo and Brooke on the dock at Wren Lake. The water below forms the shape of the mask.




Kristin Lang begins her true crime novel, “The Madness of Two.” Emma and Audrey go to the movies while Noah muses about the end of the killing chain.

Is Lakewood safe now?

Emma pours her chocolate candies into Audrey’s popcorn bucket. What madness be this?

At the knot in the tree, the buried knife (the one that Brandon James had on him when the teen versions of Acosta and Maggie found him) is rammed through Maggie’s note. Hmmm…

Kieran is brought in cuffs to a bank of phones in prison. His lawyer is on the line, says the guards.

He picks it up and hears:

“Hello, Kieran. Who told you you could wear my mask?”


And now, nagging questions….

How did the killer call Emma while she was on the phone with Kieran?

During the orphanage rave party, we’re expected to believe that Wilcox took a quick break from canvassing the dance floor looking for Emma to race upstairs, change into his outfit and murder Haley Myers, remove the killer costume, run back downstairs and help Emma and the gang, race back upstairs and drag Haley downstairs to hang her up with cables—a time consuming feat by itself–while the police were raiding the joint?

  • What was the point of all that weird pig stuff?
  • Who was the girl butchering the pig in flashback?
  • Who was the man with his face scratched off in the photo?
  • Where the hell is Emma’s dad?

In the town movie theater, while the three ladies were in the back room, Kieran is shown chatting with Noah. Did he excuse himself to the restroom to make the threatening phone call they got? Or did he just ask Noah to cover his ears? Or did he use one of those Men In Black memory erase thingies?

Apparently Kieran’s sanity is directly related to the appearance of his hairstyle, which becomes increasingly choppy and wild throughout the episode.

None of this is a knock against actor Amadeus Serafini, who plays Kieran. He does fine work in taking the usually unflappable high school rebel straight to Psychoville. He didn’t fail the audience or insult their intelligence. It was just bad writing.

A disappointing finale to a pretty intriguing, psychological thriller of a season.

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