Branson Lends A Hand! Scream Episode 7!

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Scream Episode 7 “Let The Right One In”

Here’s some multiple choice for ya:

In Episode 7, which of the following events occur:

A) An old woman asks Noah about the size of his wang.
B) A Season One character is stabbed in the stomach and set on fire.
C) Teacher Miss Lang gets her ass kicked by Ghostface.
D) All three.

If you answered D, you win!

We open on a beautiful morning in a posh suburban house. Eli is scooping grinds into a coffee maker before putting on a pair of mirrored sunglasses. He puts on a pair of shoes and carrying a knife, looks in on a sleeping couple who actually own the house he has broken into. Back in the kitchen, he enjoys coffee and toast while the woman who lives there stirs. She finds the items Eli tried on sitting on the counter and the screen door wide open.

At the Duval house, Emma gets a call from teacher Karen Lang, who feels bad for locking Emma in her office. The call is ignored.

Sheriff Acosta shows up at the front door and explains that the emails from “Riley” to Steve Duval came from Emma’s computer. He doesn’t exactly believe that Emma is involved, but he thinks the killer may be remotely accessing her system.

Emma and Maggie tell him about the incident at the farm, where Emma saw a mysterious figure and tons of photos of herself. Miguel wants to check it out. He is perfectly aware of who once owned the property.

The morning after Audrey told Noah everything about her part in the Shaw killings, he tries to convince her to confess to Emma. She refuses and pulls the photo of her face off his murder board.

At the Grindhouse, Noah and Audrey find Eli working Emma’s shift. Noah spots Zoe and the two make a study date for later in the day. Zoe is cold towards Audrey after the three kissed under the effects of drugged tequila. After she leaves, Audrey advises Noah to bring protection to his study session.

Emma shows up at Kieran’s house angry because he told Acosta about the phone. He is afraid for her life and thinks she should come clean and accept help from the authorities.

Brooke, skulking around town like a burglar after leaving Branson handcuffed to a bed in their hotel room, finds Audrey outside at the Grindhouse. She explains what she did last night and asks for help to go back and set him free.

Acosta and his deputy arrive at the Troy James farmhouse. They find evidence that someone has been living there and a strange photograph showing a very young girl playing with her father. His face has been scratched out of the photo.



Acosta knows what it means, although we don’t.

Miguel picks up the phone and says cryptically:


“It’s Miguel. We have a bigger problem than we thought.”


At the coffee shop, Emma prepares for her shift and tells Eli she’s pissed off at Kieran.

We learn that Kieran has a tragic history. He had an argument with his stepfather before the man drove off with his mother one night and died in a car crash. Kieran has never forgiven himself. His biological father, the sheriff of Lakewood, was later gutted by Piper.

He will do anything to not lose anyone else, even if that means telling on Emma.

At the shores of Wren lake, the body of water that swallowed both Brandon and Piper’s corpses, Zoe and Noah have a study session that does not involve studying. Zoe admits that she brought him out there to get closer. She also mentions that she was not in town when Piper was hacking up the place because she was a part of a “SpaceX Bold Thinkers” program. He easily catches her in a lie, and she reveals that she suffered a breakdown involving loneliness and depression and did something stupid.

She was pulled out of school by her mother and saw a therapist. With all that serious talk out-of-the-way, the fun part of the date begins. She busts out swimsuits and picnic food!

At the hotel, Audrey and Brooke enter room 187 (the police call sign for a homicide) and find it utterly Branson-less. His blindfold and wristwatch are laid out nearly on the bed, and there’s nary a drop of blood. Brooke gets a text from Seth demanding that she apologize with her body later on that day at the high school, or he will tell everyone. Audrey agrees to accompany her.

As they leave, a small camera next to the hotel room’s coffee maker films them. It is the same model worn by Haley’s boyfriend when he attacked Audrey as Fake Ghostface. Hmmm…

At the lake, Zoe and Noah get into their swimsuits and canoodle on the sandy shore. They kiss and sparks fly. Without his shirt, Noah is ghostly pale.




At the Grind, Lang continues to be a weird annoyance. She shows up to apologize again for locking Emma in the class room. Lang believes that Emma is steadily going bonkers and that there is no crazed killer after her. She invites Em to meet her at the school later while she grades papers.


On a side note, promotion for the second season identified Miss Lang as having the first name Karen and Miguel as being Michael. But the killer later calls her “Kristen.” Buh?


When she leaves, Eli suggests having fun to take Emma’s mind off all the drama. He offers to take her to dinner and playfully tugs the strings of her coffeehouse apron. Kieran enters the shop unseen and sees them flirting and laughing. He quickly retreats.

In real life, Kieran would’ve walked up to the Java bar and said “Hey guys, what’s up?” They all would’ve laughed and chatted and everybody would be friends. But this is serialized horror drama, so he leaves angrily. Friction!

Emma agrees to dinner with that slippery eel Eli.

At the empty high school, Lang listens to the recording of her coffee shop chat with Emma earlier in the day. She has a whole drawer full of tapes, each marked with chapter and a number.

Is she writing a novel about Miss Duval?

Noah invites Zoe over to his house that night as his parents will be out-of-town. At a drugstore, he ponders which type of condom to buy. Beatrice, an older woman who works there, assists him in his search, which begins with determining how big his penis is for condom size.

As Brooke prepares to meet Branson at the school, Audrey gets a text to come alone to the school or Brooke gets a video of Audrey messing with Jake’s body at the storage unit.

That makes three people who have now been invited to the school.

In a town where picking up your phone can spell your doom, Miss Lang gets a call from your friendly neighborhood Ghostface. During the chat, the killer mentions Seth Branson’s enjoyment of the student body, sparking something in Lang. She’s a big fan of Seth from way back. But how and why?


“He’s waiting for you right out in the hall. Don’t worry, he’s not handsy anymore.”


In the corridor, Lang finds a motorized mechanical pig toy as the costumed killer races into her office behind her back. In a fantastic bit of cinematography, the camera follows Lang back to her office and travels through the window to reveal that the room has been trashed in a violent search.



Angry, Lang rushes out into the hall and finds Ghostface waving at her with Branson’s severed hand. She hurls an A/V television cart at the killer and races off to discover Seth, bloody but alive, laying in the corridor. Ghostface pops up to stab her but she ducks it and the blade enters Seth’s torso. He spits up blood as Karen goes for the stairs. She makes it up one flight, but her masked pursuer grabs her and smashes her face first into a wall, then throws her flailing body over the railing.

Her impact with the floor below is brutal.

The killer approaches her as blood pools around her head, but a janitor cleaning the halls scares him off. He races up the steps.

Brooke and Audrey show up at the high school. Audrey convinces her friend to stay in the car while she feels out the situation with Branson. Inside, she meets the bloody janitor who leads her to Lang’s body. She’s still alive but losing blood.




Noah records Zoe talking into the mike so she can become part of her favorite podcast. While he’s getting them booze, she listens to an audio clip on his computer of Audrey confessing everything, then sends it to herself via email.




Eli takes Emma to Wren Lake Estates, the same housing development Jake was ordered to go to by Mayor Maddox. Carrying Chinese food, the pair is on a mysterious adventure.

Zoe and Noah are about to have the sex in his bedroom. Clothes are being flung around and heated kissing is happening. He tells her that he’s a virgin. As the big moment is about to arrive, Audrey cockblocks him by bursting in with the news about almost murder of Miss Lang.

In the housing development, Eli and Emma enter a fully furnished model home. He tells her that he likes to pretend to be a part of the lives of strangers by entering their homes and wearing their clothes.


“That is called home invasion.”

“Technically yes, but I prefer to call it Goldielocks-ing.”


As they talk, we see that the dead body of Eddie Krueger is in an upstairs bathtub along with Seth under a collection of air fresheners. What are the chances that Eli brought them right to the killer’s hideout?

Maggie and Acosta check the farmhouse again. He shows her the photo he found. The girl in the photo is identified as Emma. Miguel mentions that if Emma is in danger, it might be the shared consequence of something he and Maggie once did.


Outside the model home, Ghostface zips by. Inside, Eli tells Emma that Kieran was very different when he lived in Atlanta with Aunt Tina. He got to start over in Lakewood, and there’s a twinge of jealousy in Eli’s voice. He tries to kiss her, but Emma backs off.

A smoke alarm goes off and they discover that much of the house is being consumed by flames. Eli leads them out the garage. He demands that they not call the police due to his criminal record.

In the second floor bathroom, Seth Branson wakes up as smoke and fire fills the room. The towels and air fresheners begin to burn as he screams.



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