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Here is a recap of the main plot twists so far:

Liv (good, helpful zombie) has found out that Blaine (evil, murdering, brain-pushing zombie) is killing people for their brains. Dr. Ravi (zombie-curious medical examiner) also knows this. But Clive (non-zombie police detective), Major (beaten-up ex-fiancé) and Lowell (handsome zombie love interest) don’t know yet. Will all of that change?

We begin with the death of a pregnant young lady, who happens to be the daughter of a wealthy family in town. The baby survives, and there is enough evidence to point to extenuating circumstances to the woman’s death. Liv eats some of her brain and finds varied abuses and problems that lead to the conclusion that she was held captive somewhere before she died.

Of course, the maternal instincts instilled in the current brain, which was eaten with a salad this time, have turned Liv into a helicopter mom. During the show, she tries to paste down a curl in Dr. Ravi’s hair and take care of a spot on Detective Babineaux’s tie. She obsesses about everyone’s safety, including her brother. She also finds insight into her mother, helping her to gain a better understanding of why her mother says and does what she does.


Liv and her mom and a baby. D'awww!

Maternal Liv and Liv’s Maternal



There is a good deal of trouble to be shared in this episode. First, there is a reporter from the Seattle paper, who comes to the press conference with the police, asking why no one is looking for the missing kids at the skate park. The Lieutenant (angry zombie-in-charge) casts a withering glare Clive’s way. At that point, Clive wishes he could disappear through a crack in the ground.

Major has already been on Clive’s case about the missing youths and calls him again. Unknown to Babineaux, the reporter is sitting with Major and catches Clive on the record that his department is busy with the current case and does not have time to investigate the disappearance of skater kids. Of course, that quote appears in the morning paper and Clive is demoted to looking at properties owned by the deceased’s parents. Ha!

Still not satisfied with things the way they are, Major starts following Blaine’s henchman, Julian DuPont. After breaking the window to gain access to DuPont’s car, a search reveals the bloodied bag used for Brain Club. And inside the car in a Tupperware container, yes you guessed it, a brain.



Fun Fact: It is well-documented that Tupperware does keep brains 50% fresher than other leading plastic food containers.


Unfortunately for Major, he is caught by the police. DuPont, who is a great liar, tells the police that it’s a calf brain and he is delivering it to a customer. The police believe him and cart Major off to the slammer. How long do you think someone with the last name of Lilywhite will last in jail? That could be an interesting spin-off. But, I digress.

Liv, on the other hand, is making moves on Lowell, who then treats her like one would a sister. Here, we find out that the recent snuggle-fest (in the previous episode), was due to the brains that Lowell had eaten and that he is actually gay.

Is there no love for Liv?


Okay, they determine that the woman was held by an animal control officer and her husband, and that there are others being held. Liv and Clive stake the place out and are shot at. The police descend on the house. Alright, four policemen descend on the house. Clive and the Lieutenant are among them. The Lieutenant says he will go in alone and give a signal for the others to come in.

The Lieutenant takes a shotgun blast to the belly. All this does is get him mad. He goes into Full Zombie Mode (FZM), rips off a refrigerator door to use as a shield and blows the husband away. He then takes off after the wife, who heads upstairs.

As Liv is climbing to a tree house to get to the hostages, the wife shoots Live in the back of the leg from an upstairs window, sending Liv into FZM. she rips off the door, along with its lock and chain and sets the others free.

The Lieutenant gets the drop on the woman. Even though she is unarmed and has her hands in the air, he empties his pistol into her. The other police officers come up and he tells them that he signaled and wants to know where they were.


1. The Lieutenant notices Liv’s wound. She tells him that she got a stick stuck in there. He mentions the lack of blood. In the end, he looks at her knowingly. He knows she’s a zombie.


Liv in the field with police and some girls

“Oh, I’m a Zombie. You’re a Zombie. Wouldn’t you like to be a Zombie too?”


2. The bodies of the missing youths are found buried at the home of the two holding the women captive. They claim they formed a cult and that human sacrifice was part of their religion.

Is it possible that the Lieutenant is in Brain Club?

Why else would he make sure both the husband and the wife were dead? Their survival might bring about unwanted questions (and answers) about the exhumed bodies at the house. They needed to be silenced.


Dr. Ravi is trying to find a cure for zombie-ism. He has set up an experiment with five rats. One of the rats is the control, getting sugar and water. The other four are receiving combinations of Max Rager and the drug Utopium, to try to find the exact combination that causes people to become a zombie. At the end, we find that Rat “E” becomes the zombie. For you chemistry fans out there, that rat received 60% Max Rager and 40% Utopium.

Lab rats

And the winner is…


Liv’s brother is looking for a job. I’ll bet that delivery boy position at Meat Cute is still open.

Oh, yeah. Major knows about the existence of Meat Cute and that DuPont works there.

Originally, I was disappointed with this episode. Before I wrote this review, I thought there were only to be eight episodes and I felt that there was little to lead to a slam/bang season finale. Wrongo! I see by the online god, IMDb, that there are now 13 episodes, and by some of the titles, the situation could get a good deal worse, considering that Episode 13 is titled “Blaine’s World”. Yay.

Still no word on renewal, but Cancellation Bear predicts that the show is a shoe-in for renewal. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2015/04/28/cw-predictions-izombie-is-certain-to-be-renewed/392704/

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