iZombie S2:E1 Grumpy Old Liv

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Time heals all wounds……

That seems to be Liv Moore’s mantra. Three months have passed. Evan, her brother, is still in the hospital. He is having his third operation in those three months. Liv has texted him, called him and e-mailed him. No answer. She finally goes in to see him to meet her angry Mother. She still doesn’t know why Liv would not donate her blood to save her brother. She tells Liv to leave. Evan stirs and calls for Liv. She goes to him hopefully. He tells her to leave and not to come back.

Liv’s mantra changes

Harden yourself, Liv. You’re a monster, act like one.


So, where are we?

Evan and Mom don’t want anything to do with Liv. Dr. Ravi is upset because Liv used the only two doses of the anti-zombie serum on Blaine and Major. Peyton, Liv’s best friend and ex-roommate, is nowhere to be found. She has a new roommate, who works for the IRS. Major Lilywhite, her ex-fiancé, is jobless and avoiding Liv, who is his alibi for the Meat Cute Massacre. Blaine has found a new line of work. Detective Babineaux is also suspicious of Major’s alibi.

To add to it, the current test rat, New Hope, is very antsy around Liv.



Grumpy old dead man!


The murder case is nothing spectacular, as a cantankerous old man with a temper is killed. The highlight is Liv acting like Archie Bunker and doing everything but shaking a cane at people. Rose McIver, once again, hits the nail on the head with her portrayal as a grumpy old man.


Upon reflection though, the ability for Liv to make rude and inappropriate comments is somewhat cathartic for the character, as she must be a wellspring of frustration with those around her.


Dr. Ravi needs more of the tainted Utopium to try to make more of the antidote. There is only one place that Liv can go. She seeks out Blaine.

Blaine, now cured, is a clean-cut funeral director.

Blaine’s spiel to a couple in the market to bury a loved one, “No one has more experience with death than me,” is classically funny.

Liv’s entrance causes the hair on Blaine’s neck to stand on end. There is a wonderful exchange between Liv and Blaine, in which he does a Jimmy Stewart impression, “She’s a crime solving zombie. She’s a credit to her species.” He’s now harvesting brains from the dead who come in through the front door and selling them to other zombies. Once again, David Anders is funny and menacing at the same time. I want to grow up and be a zombie like him!

He is not very helpful about Liv’s needs until she tells him that the cure may not be permanent. That changes everything. He tells Liv that he can find out what the drug was cut with and then shoos her out the door as a delivery comes in. In the basement, we find that the delivery is a coffin full of little vials of Utopium. Blaine is diversifying.



Major, unemployed


Major can’t find real work. As a result, he is taking jobs as a personal trainer. The current client causes the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. His client must be a zombie.

Meanwhile, at Max Rager headquarters…

The Board of Directors is giving Vaughn a hard time.

“Tell me again why we can’t load them all into a plane and crash it into a volcano,” quips Vaughn.

“We need their money,” says his assistant, Gilda. “Besides, after Super Max, you’ll be untouchable.”

More importantly, there still is a zombie problem. However, she claims that she has found “the instrument of their (zombies) destruction.”



Vaughn still likes the volcano idea.


Ravi and Major are still roommates. Major tells Ravi about the hair standing on end thing. He passes the info on to Liv, saying it may be a side effect of the cure.

Blaine tracks down the man who likely cut the Utopium. He turns out to be Don E, Scott E’s twin brother. Scott was Major’s bud at the therapy center, who met an untimely end. Don says he didn’t cut the drug, but he knows who did.

Vaughn meets with his zombie killer.

“Zombies don’t deserve our mercy.”

We find that Major Lilywhite is the man.

Vaugn bugged the morgue. He has also bugged Liv’s apartment and got Liv on tape telling Major about the suspicions that Detective Babineaux has, and about his guilt in the Meat Cute Massacre. In other words, he has Major by the balls. He also suggests he kills Liv first.

Instead of killing Liv, though, Major kills his current client, who he knows is a zombie, and one that seems to love and be loved by his family. The dumping of the body is witnessed by Gilda…

…who, we find out at the end…

…is Liv’s new roommate.

Spies. Drugs. Twists. Turns. Death. Super Max.

And Blaine combed his hair!



Blaine’s part is even straight


The show is pulling out all the stops for the second season!


Watch iZombie, or they’ll drop a car on you, too!

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