iZombie S2:E11 Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

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Get out your cold showers! Liv has eaten the brain of a murdered librarian, who has written a novel about the sexy adventures of a slutty flight attendant. The book’s title: “The Upright Position.”

Here is a sample of the dialog from the book:

“I’ll show you why they call it a cockpit!”

We’ll find out later that the book is actually the true life of her neighbor, whom is a real slutty flight attendant.


Liv showing off her assets (I’m Sorry)

Liv showing off her assets. (I’m Sorry!)


Disclaimer: BloodyWhisper neither wishes to state or to imply that flight attendants have loose morals or an insatiable sex drive. We feel that flight attendants are the unappreciated front line of the airline industry and deserve more credit for their service to the traveling public than they receive.

So, let’s start with the jokes.

The book, “The Upright Position”, is available on talking books. It is read by Kristen Bell. “I’ve always felt a special connection to her,” Liv says. Of course, Kristen Bell was Veronica Mars, creator Rob Thomas’s other show. Many of the reviewers have mentioned that there are many parallels between “iZombie” and “Veronica Mars.” Finally, the issue has been addressed.

Our victim was killed by poisoning by hemlock. In a discussion about the history of hemlock, Dr. Ravi breaks out the old chestnut about Socrates’ last words, “I drank what?”

Discussing their lack of luck finding the bodies with the tainted Utopium in them, Major poses the questions;

“Why do people bury license plates? Do they think a car will grow? Can’t find the Utopium but I have plates from thirty states!”

And the line of the night…

Bozzio, after finding that Clive used the last K-Cup, has to drink tea. Clive rubs it in.

“I’d throw this tea in your lap if I weren’t going to use it later,” she growled.


The stories, other than the murders, center around the men this time.


Major Luck

The “smoking gun”, namely Minor, the Basset Hound, is about to pay off. Bozzio has found the code to activate the GPS in the dog collar. They are finally going to catch the Chaos Killer. Or so they think.

Liv and Ravi are having dinner with Major and the discussion turns to the Killer. Liv mentions that the missing dog of one of the victims has a GPS and that it is going to be turned on tonight. Major had dropped off Minor at the groomers and was going to pick him up later. Upon hearing this, he excuses himself.

First stop, the trunk of his car. He downs a can of Max Rager, and quicker than you can say “The Flash” (shameless plug), he tears across town to get Minor. He beats Clive and Bozzio to the place and leaves the GPS part of the leash in the bushes for them to find. They are not happy with the discovery.

Meanwhile, Major and Minor are on a bus. Major is saying a sad farewell to the dog. In the end, we see the dog staring out the back window of the bus. Major sadly watches it travel further down the street.

He is going to miss that dog.

Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose

While protecting Blaine from his cronies, who were just ripped off of their Utopium by Mr. Boss’s crooked men, Drake goes into Full-On Zombie Mode and throws around several toughs like they were ragdolls. This is his first time. He seeks out Liv to get an answer about what happened to him.

During the heart-to-heart, he explains his dissatisfaction with having to act like a trained seal for Blaine in order to get brains. He asks Liv for some of the brains she collects at the morgue. She says no. He’s cool about it and says he’ll try to make the Blaine thing work.


BZFFs – Best Zombie Friends Forever

BZFFs – Best Zombie Friends Forever


The two find some common ground and Drake is a dinner guest at Liv’s. Now, Liv is still under the influence of the Erotic Writer Brain, and slips Drake some of the same brain. The two begin to find more than common ground. But before it gets really serious, Liv confesses slipping Drake the brain. She says that they should wait until after the brain wears off to see if they really feel this way. He agrees and the two part company.

Blaine, Blaine, Go Away

We find Blaine and Peyton, in her office, discussing Mr. Boss’s organization again. They are dining. Peyton has become infatuated with Blaine. She warmly thanks him for all his help. Blaine, of course, is as charming as ever. He finds that the Mayor has sent a bottle of fine whiskey to Peyton as a token of her appreciation for all her work. The cork is popped and the two begin to enjoy its contents. Soon enough, both are tipsy. Inhibitions drop. Blaine and Peyton are on the couch enjoying more than just the dinner.

Clive and Bozzio have decided to pick up Blaine. We find him chained to a table in the interrogation room, being linked to the Chaos Killings and the Meat Cute Massacre. Clive and Bozzio think they have him dead to rights. But before they can make enough of a case, Peyton swoops in and gets him released. He’s her Star Witness in the case against Mr. Boss. Even though Clive explains everything to her, Peyton gets him released. But Peyton looks like she is not sure she has done the right thing.


“Whatever happens next is on you,” Clive says to Peyton.


In the final moments of the episode, we see Peyton come to Liv’s apartment, where she is filled in on all of Blaine’s doings. Peyton looks like she is going to be sick. She admits that she has slept with Blaine. Liv tells her to stay away from him.

Before she leaves, she gives Liv some advice, “When you sleep with someone, you never really know them.”


Regrets…I’ve Had a Few….

Regrets… I’ve Had a Few…


Liv now looks upset. She closes the door and heads back to her bedroom…

Where Drake is waiting for her on the bed!

With three more episodes left, the season is speeding to a conclusion. It seems that they aren’t going to wimp out on a finale. Will it be as earth-shattering as Meat Cute blowing up? Or will it be as subtle as Det. Babineaux finding out that Liv is a Zombie and that Zombies are real?

So many things can happen in the next three weeks. The whole Third Season is hanging in the balance.




Hey! Wait a minute! That’s not Blaine! That’s Bernie Sanders! Well, it must have some relevance to the show, or he wouldn’t have come up in my Google Search for pictures.

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