iZombie S2E12 Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

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Brain Sushi

Brain Sushi


So we pick up right from when Peyton leaves. Drake is waiting and Liv gets into bed. She asks about a scar she sees on Drake’s forehead. He tells her that it’s a story for another time. (She gets what Peyton said about sleeping with someone.)

And that’s just the start of some very bad days for several of the characters.

First, Peyton is upset about finding out about Blaine. Ravi is now on the rebound, and he wants to get back with Peyton. The two begin to drink to their sadness. Sadly, Peyton is in a class by herself and Ravi ends up with a nasty hangover.


There should be a fourth headless body.

There should be a fourth headless body.


Next, the inevitable murder. In this case, a triple murder. Unfortunately for Liv, no heads on the corpses.


“Looks like a no brainer, Liv,” Ravi quips through the pain.


Clive hopes for some of Liv’s visions but without the brains, there is nothing but zombie hunger.

Bad Times for Blaine

Blaine comes to Peyton at her office to explain himself. He tries to say it meant something, but before he can, Liv comes by to help Peyton give Blaine the brush off. His face shows some disappointment that he is being sent off.


I felt sorry for him. I really think that he likes Peyton.


Bye, bye, Blaine

Bye, bye, Blaine


Liv looks at Peyton’s board and finds the three headless victims. One of them is Mr. Boss’s nephew. Guess where the funeral is? Right! At Blaine’s funeral home. As he is mingling among the mourners, he runs into Mr. Boss.

Escaping to the basement, Mr. Boss comes down the stairs. He remembers Blaine. He supplied the Utopium for the Lake Washington party that became a massacre. He tells Blaine that he gave him $4000 in product and now wants his money, with interest. Mr. Boss tells him that $80,000 should cover it, at $5000 a month.

He exits and Blaine has a fit.

Bye, bye, Blaine

Bye, bye, Blaine


Meantime, in an attempt to get some more info about the murders, Clive pulls in an old snitch. He tells Clive and Liv that there is a new player in the drug business.

We all know it’s Blaine, but they don’t.

Major Trouble

Okay, Major survived the time with Minor. But suddenly, Major is called to Vaughn’s office. It seems that District Attorney Baracus gives all the impressions of being killed by the Chaos Killer. But Major didn’t kill him.

As a matter of fact, Major told Vaughn that the list was wrong and he wasn’t a zombie. Vaughn tells him that all the behavioral qualities are there.

Major fesses up. This was the guy he was about to get when his son ran up to him calling him Daddy. He just couldn’t go through with it.

Vaughn brings up a list of internet trolls who make bad comments about Max Rager. The post from Indonesia says “Max Rager tastes like the ass of a turtle swimming in dirty water.” Even though Max Rager has three million followers, Vaughn wants these people gone.

“No troll left behind,” he says.

He wants this zombie gone.

Vaughn will show Major the extent of his reach. The next visit, he shows a news report that the troll was killed in a traffic accident. He’ll kill another troll for every day Baracus is till walking.

But where is Baracus?

Liv finds him at this cabin outside of town. Of course, the heads of the three bodies are found in the fridge. Liv knows that he is hiding in the house and the police don’t find him. She shows up after the police have searched and has a zombie-to-zombie talk with him. Seems the three were sent to kill him, but zombies don’t go down too easy. He faked his death to throw everyone off the track.

We will get back to him.

Drake finally comes clean about his scar. He tells Liv that is mother’s boyfriend beat her up. Drake went after him. He ended up in jail because the prosecutor said he went overboard on the guy, as he still can’t walk, or feed himself.

After the talk, Drake gets a call. He says it’s from his mother. Her sink is backed up. Still not trusting him, she insists on tagging along. Instead of lies, Liv gets to meet Drake’s mom and gets a free makeover.

In the end…

Peyton tries to resign. Mayor will not accept it. As there is now a void left by Baracus, he needs Peyton more than ever. She decides to keep her job, but move out of Ravi and Major’s apartment.

Major shows up at Baracus’ cabin and gets the jump on him. We next see the two talking at the freezer. Baracus is listening to Major, then signs a paper and give him his boots. Then it’s into the freezer.

Major fakes the man’s suicide.

Don E. shows up at Liv’s door for Drake. Liv has a vision, thanks to one of the victim’s brain, that tells her that Blaine is the new player in the Utopium war.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess.

Not really.

In the coming attractions, we find that Blaine has acquired Major and starts punching his lights out.

Two episodes left.

At the moment, there is no word on renewal for Season 3. No word on a cancellation, as well.

Tick, tick, tick.

Take a picture, it will last longer.

Take a picture, it will last longer.

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