iZombie S2:E16 Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

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Scott E. sees Blaine at his desk. His eyes are closed. He isn’t moving. Given that last week he told Scott and Chief that he was dying and he took the experimental cure, there was a collective holding of breaths within the viewership.

Scott yells at him. He shakes him. Finally, Blaine comes to. He claims he was sleeping. Then, he calls Scott, Don E. Something is wrong with Blaine.

Meanwhile, Liv is headed to the shower. She enters the bathroom. Unbeknownst to her, the lock clicks at the apartment door. In comes Rita, bearing the white hair stripe often seen on apprentice Zombies. She heads to Liv’s fridge. Rita is hungry. Liv should have some brains in there.
As she looks through the fridge, we find there is another person in Liv’s apartment. Rita is unaware. She seems to have found something in the freezer. As she closes things up, a hand grabs her from behind.

It’s Vaughn’s lackey!

He injects her neck with the “Chaos Killer” sedative. She crumples and is carried off, but loses the scarf covering her head, leaving it on the floor.

Liv comes out of the shower and finds it, pondering its presence. The lock giggles again. Enter Peyton, moving back in with Liv.

“We should change the locks,” she said.


This episode continues to lead us to what could be an epic finale. Let’s look at what happens.


Our murder is of a stripper and possible witness against Mr. Boss. Liv is not interested in eating the brain, as it looks like an open and shut case. But Peyton wants her to eat the brain so she can get info on a Mr. Boss stash house. So, Liv has a BLT – Brain, Lettuce and Tomato on toast.


Lunch is served

Lunch is served


As David Anders was stealing the show last week, Rose McIver was the standout this time. She spends her time being everything one thinks of when they consider an exotic dancer with an attitude. She gives Peyton a lap dance while at a strip club. It is one of a number of moments where the characters are uncomfortable with what they have to do.


“Twenty Dollars. Just like Downtown.”

“Twenty Dollars. Just like Downtown.”


Liv even talks the talk. She calls Blaine a dick. She dresses down scumbag weather forecaster Johnny Frost (welcome back. The show has suffered from a lack of polyester.). I am almost sure that she also dropped the “F-bomb” during the interrogation of another dancer, who is crying so much that it is like “interviewing a puddle.”

In another scene, Scott E. brings Blaine to the morgue for Ravi to look at, as Blaine is not only forgetful, but he is also nice. He is human again, as well.

“It’s the cure,” Ravi says.

“The cure for what?” Blaine asks.

Liv explains it to him.

“The cure for being an undead psychopath. Now, you’re just a psychopath. You may have to change your business cards.”

But Dr. Ravi realizes that Blaine is not faking and soon Liv understands that as well. There is some sympathy for Blaine.

A good portion of the show finally goes to Dr. Ravi, who has spent a lot of time being the butt of Blaine’s jokes, or the unappreciated comic to Clive’s straight man.

Ravi catches Major with his safe. Major, of course, won’t open up to what is in it. In the kitchen, Major complains that the milk has gone bad. He dumps it in the sink. Ravi informs him that he just bought it yesterday. What does that mean? If you’ve been watching the show, you know.
At the table, Ravi opens the paper to see a timeline of the Chaos Killer. He sees Minor, matches the time the dog was found by Major and the time he was returned to owner, according to Major. Ravi is not sure of what is going on.

At police headquarters, he is placing an autopsy report on Clive’s desk when Bozzio asks him to look at a picture that they took of Blaine and someone else at the funeral home. Asked if he recognized the other person. Ravi sees that it is Major, but lies and says he doesn’t know who it is.
Ravi can take no more. He figures out how to open Major’s safe. In it, he finds Major’s journal, two cans of spray paint, a ski mask and a sedative gun. He has begun to put two and two together.

The television blares the finding of a major drug stash house belonging to Mr. Boss. Scott E and Chief are watching this while Blaine is cleaning up in the back. They decide to take on Mr. Boss now that he is down. Scott E. has Chief scratch him. Two zombies are better than one.





Liv goes to see Drake’s mom. Mom is distraught thinking Drake is dead. She hasn’t heard from him in four days. She shows Liv her photo album, when they come across Drake’s graduation photo. Liv finds out that Drake is an undercover cop.

Major returns to the apartment. Ravi is waiting.

He confronts Major about him being the Chaos killer. But before he can explain, he gets angry and begins to go into full zombie mode. Ravi sedates him.

So, many secrets are coming to the surface. Will Major get a chance to explain? Will Blaine remember who he is? Will Liv find Drake? Will Mr. Boss be taken down? Will Scott E. and Chief take over the Utopium trade in Seattle? Will Rita end up in the freezer? Will Vaughn be upset that Major is no longer killing zombies? Will Peyton find that lap dances help her deal with the stress of her job?

Not long until the season finale. Most of these questions will be answered then. I think the “lap dance” issue is likely to be the most devastating of the season!

For those who missed it, there will be a Season Three! Thank you CW!


A Class Act!

A Class Act!

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