iZombie S2:E9 Cape Town

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The Mid-Season Finale is upon us!


First, the title. It has nothing to do with South Africa. It has everything to do with the murder victim, a shop teacher by day, a crime-fighting vigilante, named The Fog, by night. His catch phrase is a thing of beauty.

“Tonight, I am thick with justice!”

The Fog ends up being thick with blunt force trauma.

Meanwhile, Liv and Major have been up arguing all night. The text that Rita/Gilda sent did the trick. Liv still has some of the remnants of Stalker Brain in her, which makes it hard to be coherent. Major cannot say anything right at the moment. Fortunately, (fortunately?) the body of The Fog calls both combatants to their corners.

Liv eats the brain of The Fog in, what else, a hero sandwich. Ravi wonders which part of the brain will take over Liv. Will she try to fly and be a hero? Will she build him a decorative spice rack? Her reaction to Det. Babineaux’s entrance and his information answers the question. Liv starts talking in her “Super Hero” voice.

“So, no spice rack then?” Ravi quips.


Even drug lords can play Santa

Even drug lords can play Santa


While investigating the scene of the crime, Clive notes that our favorite drug kingpin, Mr. Boss, is playing Santa Claus for the kiddies in the area. Although Liv met him before, she didn’t know who he was, until now. And with “Super Hero Brain” in her, she has her sights set on him.
Meantime, Scott E brings a gunshot victim to Blaine.

“I’m a brain dealer, not a doctor.” But one look at the victim, Blaine changes his tune. “Do you know who he is? Why did you bring him here?”

Next, Scott E, Blaine and a body bag rush into the morgue where Liv and Ravi are working. The gunshot victim is near death. Blaine explains the situation. The man in the body bag can lead them to more tainted Utopium. He asks Liv to scratch him and turn him into a zombie. Ravi points up that there is no more tainted Utopium. He needs it to find a cure. Against everything she is about, Liv scratches the dying man. He revives and is now a charter member of the undead. As the next shift is coming in, Blaine and Scott E put the new zombie back into the body bag and flee the scene.

Back at the funeral home, Blaine explains the man’s new state of being.

“Did you see Dawn of the Dead? When the people were holed up in the mall? Well, you’re what’s outside!” He seems pretty cool with his new status. Liv and Ravi drop by the funeral home to meet the man and get the info. According to this new source, two men who worked for Mr. Boss went missing. In their stomachs were balloons filled with the tainted Utopium powder. Both are dead and buried in a shallow grave near a water tower. He knows that Mr. Boss doesn’t have it, because he’s still looking for it. However, he doesn’t know exactly where they are buried. Find the bodies, get the Utopium, and work on a cure.

Major goes to the bar and sees a woman alone at the other end. She’s young and she’s pretty. It makes the hair on his arm stand on end. Oh, wait, that means she’s a zombie and Major’s next victim. He spends his time in her garage, waiting for the right moment to do his work for Vaughn.

To kill time, he goes through some of her boxes and sees all her mementos. Finally, he goes into her house, only to find her looking at the Christmas tree she just decorated and putting a gun to her head. She is about to blow out her own zombie brains.

Major jumps in and knocks the gun out of her hand. She goes Full Zombie with the likelihood of killing Major. He quickly explains that he has to kill zombies or Vaughn will kill his girlfriend, who is also a zombie. She relents and the two have a long discussion. To add to it, Major is a phantom among the other zombie and referred to as “The Boogie Man.”

Let’s see…hot zombie girlfriend – check, high paying job killing zombies – check, cool nickname – check.


The Girl, The Gun, The Cup of Coffee

The Girl, The Gun, The Cup of Coffee


Seems she was a prostitute. Although not named, she had sex with Zombie Blaine, and now is under his thumb at Brain Club to provide sex for other zombies. She was about to kill herself because she can’t stand what she had to do now.

“I was either being controlled by a pimp or controlled by a brain.”

Major takes her to his storage locker. Now, here’s the part that I should have gotten a while ago. In an earlier episode in Season One, Blaine kept zombies frozen in the meat locker until he needed them. Major is doing the same thing. He has killed a couple, but others are frozen in the freezer he keeps in the storage locker. He convinces the woman to allow him to sedate her and put her in the freezer until the cure is ready. She agrees.

There is a stipulation.

If there is no cure, Major agreed that he will end her afterlife. Right now, we don’t know who else is in the freezer. Is Blaine’s Father dead, or just on ice?


Super Zombie? The Blonde Avenger? The Fog-Part 2?

Super Zombie? The Blonde Avenger? The Fog-Part 2?



Liv finds out that Mr. Boss is getting in a shipment of guns to sell. The Fog had found out about this and was going to stop them. Dressed in her own version of a super hero costume, she goes to the warehouse. She manages to break up the sale and free the woman, who was saved by The Fog at the beginning of the show. Turns out, she’s the one who killed The Fog.

She gets the drop on Liv and is about to shoot her when Mr. Boss steps in and shoots the woman. Liv passes out as Mr. Boss says, “You’re Welcome.”

At the station, Clive is questioning Mr. Boss. Liv comes in. There were no guns, no money, only Liv in a costume, Mr. Boss and the dead girl. Of course, Mr. Boss skates. But leaving with him is our new zombie! He appears to be Mr. Boss’ right hand man! What a break for Blaine.

Liv, on the other hand is not so lucky. Clive is tired of her changes and her antics. He blames himself because he brought her along even though she wasn’t a police officer. He tells her that he will doesn’t want to work with her anymore.

It only gets worse, as she and Major have a talk. She explains that things are not working between them. After talking with the woman from the bar, he understands things a little better. But Liv doesn’t buy it.

“You loved the woman I was. You tolerate the woman I am.”

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?”

“We belong with our own herds,” she says.


Goodbye Major, it’s been nice. Rejoin your herd.

Goodbye Major, it’s been nice. Rejoin your herd.


Although Major leaves, he doesn’t look like he is giving up.

But that’s not all.

Dr. Ravi is still in the morgue. He hears a squeaking. He looks in the cage to find that the cured rat is now completely white with red eyes! The cure has worn off! Ravi’s voice is heard, taping his observations, as we watch Scott E with a metal detector going over the grounds by the water tower. Blaine watches over him from the roof of a nearby building.

So, the cure is only temporary. This means Blaine and Major will soon revert to zombie status. This may spell trouble for Vaughn. Major is looking for a way to beat Vaughn. Being a zombie could be the answer.

Blaine can go back to being Zombie Blaine, who was really cool and not a loser like Human Blaine. And with a Brain Club Zombie right next to Mr. Boss, things are coming up roses. Well, maybe tulips.

iZombie will return on January 12, 2016.


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  1. Liv as a superhero? I already have a huge crush on her and I love comics, and she goes and does this. What’s next….Sexy Librarian Liv?

    (I have a thing for librarians. Don’t judge.)

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