iZombie S3:E5 Spanking the Zombie

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Where do we start with this one? Let’s go with Liv!

A dominatrix is murdered. Actually, she was murdered a couple of weeks ago and the case gets thrown to Clive. Ravi has the brain stored in the usual “mad scientist” blue preservative. For some reason, this chemical causes the visions to be stronger and more frequent. As a result, Liv is able to give descriptions of at least ten suspects. She also remembers some high-ranking officials within the city government who visited the whip handler.

You will answer the questions!

Rose McIver plans the role to the hilt. She dresses the part. The dialog is absolutely perfect and delivered with all the sass and flair that a high-priced discipline artist would have. She was great. An incredibly fun and believable performance. It might be her best of the year, so far. “Fifty Shades of Gray” wasn’t this good. (And, yes, I did see it.)

Watching Liv be a dominatrix would normally be the highlight of the show, if it weren’t for the performance given by Robert Buckley, who portrays Major Lilywhite.

We begin with a mission. Fillmore Graves has sent their Zombie Task Force to free hostages in a foreign country. After taking a can of Super Max, Major and his crew start shooting up the baddies. Major makes it to the roof and starts taking out the rest of the shooters. One grabs him from behind and starts stabbing him in the abdomen. His friend saves him. When asked how he is, Major replies that “it’s just a flesh wound. 35 flesh wounds.”

Back at Fillmore Graves, Major begins to cough uncontrollably. He tells his friend to take him to the police morgue. Ravi and Liv look over him. His time is nearly at an end. If the cure is not administered soon, Major will die. For real.

But the stab wounds have not healed enough for him to become human again. Liv uses her doctor knowledge to help Major heal quickly. Ravi, once again, goes through the concept of a complete memory wipe by the cure. This is the heart-tugging part of the episode.

So many choices, so little to remember.

He asks Liv that when he comes to and finds all his memories gone that she gives him a new name. He wants something less silly than Major Lilywhite. The two spend the night together. In the morning, Ravi administers the cure. He tells Liv how lucky he is. Liv will have the chance to knock him out all over again. The two cuddle and the scene fade to black.

Honestly, this season is filled with great character studies and great performances. Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka have all had a chance to shine and have all made the most of it. I continue to be impressed.

A point to ponder.

If Major does not have memory loss, that would mean that Blaine is faking.

It is interesting that the preview of next week’s episode shows nothing of Major, at all. What are they hiding?

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