iZombie S3:E6 Some Like It Hot Mess

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This and the next article on iZombie are very late. The Good Lady Wife and I took a much-needed and well-deserved birding trip to lovely Corpus Christi, Texas. If you are so inclined, CC is a place for birders that rivals Cape May, New Jersey (where they hold the World Series of Birding every May). I can vouch for both places.

This episode has some momentous moments and an issue that I’d also like to discuss. First, let’s look at what happens.

The Envelope Please…


As you all know, Major has taken the cure. When Episode 5 ended, he was preparing to lose his memory, as Blaine has, and become someone different, but human. In the beginning, we see he and Ravi keeping track of his memories with a set of flashcards. On Day One, he remembers everyone. He even remembers the “smoking gun dog,” Minor the Basset Hound. But, the memories start to slip. He forgets how to play his and Ravi’s favorite video game. Then, he forgets Minor. It has begun. He writes final messages to his friends, sealing them in envelopes with their names on them. One in particular is addressed to Sue and Dahlia in Walla Walla.

Old Slogan—Walla Walla: A Place So Nice They Named It Twice!

For those fans of the show, present company included, these are new characters. Liv knows who they are, but doesn’t say.

As his memory continues to fade, we see Major on a bus, headed to Walla Walla. Next, we see a woman and the inside of an unfamiliar house. A knock at the door shows a second woman, who opens the door to find a police officer. He explains that he got a report of a man at the bus station with no ID and no memory of who he was. Then, he says “Look who I found.” Yes, it’s Major. The woman brightens and hugs him.

Turns out Sue is his Mother. I don’t know Dahlia’s relationship. I either missed it or it wasn’t yet made clear, although I somehow get that they may be a couple. It certainly was shown that Major had been estranged from his Mother for a long time.

Anyway, Major has found that his memory has come back.

This brings us to Don E.

Don E is working the bar at the Scratching Post. A young zombie, who’s trust fund has just kicked in, is willing to pay one million dollars for a cure for being undead. Don E listens and you can see the wheels turning. He pays a visit to the morgue and asks Ravi about a cure. Ravi says there is one, but there are few and has no intention of selling any. In true form, Don E tells Ravi he has an offer for a cure, $100,000, which he will gladly split with Ravi, fifty-fifty. That’s a whole $50,000 that Ravi would get while our lying barkeep would keep $950,000. Nice work if you can get it.

I should also mention that Don E lets Ravi know that Blaine is faking. He makes a credible case that causes Ravi to tell Peyton when she makes a visit to the morgue to get an autopsy report.

This leads us to a little dinner at the funeral home between Peyton and Blaine. There is a discussion about the things that Don E said. Peyton tells him that it really wouldn’t matter if he was faking as she likes the Blaine that is there now. Blaine owns up. He tells her that Major will lose his memory for a couple of days then it will all come back to him, clear as a bell. Blaine felt it was the best time to become a different person and start over.

Yes folks, Blaine was faking.

Of course, being a lawyer, Peyton was baiting Blaine into telling the truth. She, of course, gives him a few choice words and mentions that Liv could have been a human for the last few months if he wasn’t so deceitful. She storms out.

Major talks to Liv over the phone, telling her that the cure works. Peyton comes over and tells Liv that the cure works and that Blaine was faking. Liv tells Clive that there is a cure and this will likely be their last case together.

When Ravi and Liv get back to the morgue, they find that the 15 doses of the cure have been stolen!

Liv is sure that it was Blaine. Ravi mentions Don E’s visit. Then, Ravi remembers the one dose that he gave to Major that he hasn’t used yet. But, we all remember what happened to that dose and who has it, don’t we?

The episode ends without that revealed.

I want to say a few words about acting here.

When I was a kid, I was introduced to the concept that if you really hated a villain in a film, that meant that the acting job was excellent. To elicit that type of emotion from a viewer takes talent. In this episode, Rose McIver plays a self-centered party girl, who has no sense of anyone but herself. It is likely to be the most annoying character that she has ever played on the show. She not only forgets to get Ravi some needed ingredients to counteract the blue “mad scientist” liquid, but she also sews up her cell phone in a body that was being autopsied.

Liv Selfie

I really despised that character. I wanted to give her a good shake. Amazing job, Rose McIver! Bravo!

I still contend that this season’s acting is the best it’s been.

On May 10, iZombie was renewed for a fourth season, which means I still may have a job here at Bloody Whisper into 2018.

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