iZombie S3:E8 Eat a Knievel

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Okay, Blaine’s a fake with a belly wound, begging for his life. He and Don E have denied stealing the 15 doses of the cure. Dose #16 is in the hands of Natalie. Major is human again. Liv is still with Medical Examiner’s office.

The fallout from Justin’s photo as a full Romero zombie has made the Internet and gotten the attention of Vivian Stoll at Fillmore Graves. In a meeting with Liv, Clive, Justin, Major and Graves’ Head of Security, survey the situation. There is chatter about the photo, but not enough to warrant a full take out of the two zombie hunters who got the picture. It also is time for Stoll and her security head to go to a meeting. The helicopter is waiting.

But before she goes, Vivian realizes Major is no longer a zombie. She finds that he has a pulse and wants to know how. But, as much as she’d like to know, she has to leave. She goes without answers.

Here’s where things get murky.

In the last article, I posed the issue that a third party may have stolen the cure. My bet was on Vivian Stoll and the folks at Fillmore Graves. That became a much tougher point to prove as the helicopter carrying Vivian, her Head of Security and the pilot blew up in midair, killing all three.

I am now at a loss as to the cure thief.

Back at the Scratching Post, Blaine’s Father is trying to work financing. The meeting leaves out Don E, who is becoming more and more angry with his lack of control of the club. We all know how bad Blaine’s Father can be. Treating Don E like dirt is just par for the course.

When we see Blaine again, he looks surprisingly fit and healthy. I believe that I saw a scar of some kind on his neck but it was very quick. Is Blaine a zombie again? (Lots of nodding!!) We don’t see him for very long though.

The Scratching Post receives its delivery of brains from Bangladesh. The crate is heavy and wrestled into the Club by two henchmen. While inside, Don E gets a phone call. It’s Blaine. He tells him that he is going to get everyone and that includes him! Blaine’s Father sends Don E and all but two of his henchmen to find Blaine and kill him!

The other henchman opens the crate. No brains!

“Did you order cement?” he asks.

A shot rings out from the crate and the first henchman is down. Blaine stands up from inside the crate and dispatches the other henchman. Daddy is stunned. He tries to strike a deal. But Blaine has other plans. Cement shoes figure into it.

Well, well, well….


Daddy offers Blaine a slice of the business. Blaine explains that he wants nothing except to get rid of his Father. The scene above has him suspended over a well at the family property. Blaine often visited the well as a child, dropping a penny in it, wishing for his Father to be dead. He drops Daddy in the well, rope and all. He calls down that there is about $1.40 in change at the bottom.

Don E returns to the Scratching Post to find Blaine behind the desk. In many ways, Blaine likes Don E and tells him that he can have the Club. He can run it his way and keep all the money. He’s about to explain things further when Don E stops him.

“You had me at “money”,” he says.

Blaine’s house appears to be in order.

At Fillmore Graves, an Irish Wake is going on for the late Head of Security. It is interrupted by the new Head. He is a hard ass. He not only stops the Wake, but mentions that there are six cans of Super Max missing. Justin took them on a date with Liv. He admits to the theft and is shot in the stomach as punishment. Being a zombie, this just causes pain, not death. But Major watches this and realizes he has even more trouble.

I should mention that this week’s murder is of an Internet “Daredevil” doing things even the Jackass crew wouldn’t do. There are scenes of people stapling their hands and arms, or, in Liv’s case, their forehead. Liv and Justin play yard darts under the influence of the brain and Super Max, with the expected result.


The red ones are more accurate.

Toward the end of the episode, Liv and Ravi are trying to attend an anti-Zombie meeting, held by the guys who got the picture of Justin in Romero mode. Ravi realizes that they are checking blood pressure of those who want to attend. Liv, having an almost negligible heart beat would have no reading on a sphygmomanometer. She leaves, but Ravi presses on, alone.

So, where does everything stand?

Blaine is back in charge.

Major is in a situation that could be very dangerous now that he is human again.

Ravi is undercover.

Don E is happy again.

Daddy is down looking up.

15 vials of the cure are still missing with no idea who has them.

Liv is enjoying Justin’s company more, and could be looking for a larger stapler.

There are five episodes left in the season.

Discovery Day, the day when the world knows that there are zombies living among us, is coming, sooner than you think.

I can’t wait!

Blaine DeBeers. Where do you stand?

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