Laughing While Your Brain is Eaten: a Review of Zombie Short Films

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Just because I finished the ‘A to Z’ Series on Short Films, it doesn’t mean that I stopped watching them!


Often, we take life very seriously, sometimes, too seriously. Zombies spreading across the world has always been a worry and should be the cause of great concern.

Or, should it?

As I am a big fan of anything zombie, and also like a good joke (or a bad joke), I thought, why not combine the two? I am offering you six short films showing the lighter side of the Zombie Apocalypse. I really hope you enjoy them and laugh as hard as I did when I first saw them.

Fat Zombie (2014, USA)


Love rears its flesh-eating head. But true love among the zombies does not always run smoothly, especially when you are overweight. Thank goodness you have a helpful non-zombie analyst. I think the homage to “Lady and the Tramp” is brilliant.


Office Zombies (2014, USA)


The zombies are making attempts to assimilate. This film brings new meaning to the words “Working Stiffs”, as a pair of zombies in blood-stained button-down shirt attempt to climb the corporate ladder without making “Cube Farm of the Living Dead.”

Brains? (2012, New Zealand)


A zombie dinner party is crashed by humans who have a cure for the virus. But who wants that when your friends are trying to fix you up? With English subtitles so you can understand the Zombies.


The Story of Ginger & Snapper (2016, USA)


A lonely little girl makes friends with a lonely zombie. An initially touching animated film. Later…well…spoilers!


The First Zombie (2011, UK)


You rise from the grave in hopes of joining the Zombie Uprising. Then, you find out you’ve been had and are the only one to rise from the grave. So, you try to get back with your surviving wife and child, while giving your un-life story to a documentary crew.


Night of the Not So Living Dead…Guy (2002, USA)


Fast zombies? Slow zombies? Definitely slow zombie. But not this slow! Well, at least they got their laundry done.

I hope you enjoyed this brief respite from the blood and biting terror of the zombie apocalypse and got a laugh or two. No matter how serious things get, there is always a lighter side. Explore it once in a while.

Thanks again to YouTube and Vimeo. If you don’t visit these sites for movies, you really are missing out!

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