N is for Night of the Living Bread! A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

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I couldn’t come up with a decent title to save my life. So, there you have it. I really don’t want to steal from Sue Grafton (N is for Noose). There is a fan base and respect for her work within the family (Mom and me). Often, the playlist of films is easier to come up with. After all, I keep track of every film I have ever seen. It’s on an Excel sheet. Currently, I have seen just over 4700 short and feature films. It really isn’t as many as it sounds. But I am happy with the number.

All of this times films are either in English or are silent. Most are from the US.

9 (2005)


You can watch 9 here

Last time, I showed “Mama” in regards to the policy of having to make a short film treatment of an idea for a film before a feature was made.  Here, it appears that the short was seen, awarded, then later turned into a feature. In this case, I’ve actually seen the feature. It’s good, but not as good as the short. Shane Acker wrote and directed both. The short was nominated for a Best Animated Short Oscar in 2006, and won prizes at three other animation festivals.

A Patrick Rea Double Feature!

Once again, we visit my favorite short film maker.

Next Caller (2008)


You can watch Next Caller here

So, you have a radio call-in show. You argue with and prod your callers. But what happens when your personal demons get on the phone and give you a ring?

Now That You’re Dead (2009)


We’ve all seen this plot before. Unfaithful husband, beautiful mistress, victimized wife, vampirism, revenge…Well, maybe we haven’t seen this before.

Night of the Living Bread (1990)


Probably the best parody of the Zombie Apocalypse around. Yes, murderous slices of bread are attacking and killing people throughout the world. Spot on and hilarious. Kevin S. O’Brien directs this classic (yes, classic!). The only parody that comes close to this is from the short-lived ABC show “Fridays.”


From “Fridays”, ABC’s answer to Saturday Night Live, here’s
Diner of the Living Dead


This isn’t a short film, but it is funny.


Not So Fast (2014)


The team of David Sandberg & Lotta Losten, from Sweden, bring you another dark corridor and another menacing shadow. These two make a number of very short and very effective scares that tend to show how vulnerable you are.

A Nightmare (1895)


Georges Melies presents a night that his character would rather forget. Between the demons and the giant full moon, sleep is the last thing that anyone can get. Do I need to mention that this is from France?

And so ends the Letter “N”.

Once again, Vimeo and YouTube rule the bandwidth. IMDB rules the mind. I am grateful for their support and help. The letter “O” is on the horizon!

I want to take a moment to say Goodbye to Bob, Luis and Gordon, the last of the originals from “Sesame Street,” who were recently cut from the show. Thank you for the memories; mine and my kid’s.


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