Scream Queens Episode 8 “Mommy Dearest”

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We open on Grace and Cathy meeting to discuss the Kappa baby after the Dean’s promise to trade information for the dirt on poor Feather McCarthy. Cathy claims that being high on Klonipin caused her to say all sorts of wacky things she didn’t mean, and now that Feather is incarcerated and labeled the Red Devil, she doesn’t have the motivation to help out. She also claims that the Kappa baby and the death of its mother in 1995 never had anything to do with the recent murders.

Grace ain’t havin’ none of it.

Back at her place, Cathy gets ready for a shower and a lovely tribute to Jamie Lee Curtis’s mother Janet Leigh’s unforgettable scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece PSYCHO.





There’s nothing cooler than seeing a legendary Scream Queen like Jamie Lee paying homage to another legend. Classic!


The Red Devil appears and finds the water running. He tears back the shower curtain to find no one under the spray. Mystified, he is attacked from behind by the Dean, who cracks his head into the tiles and says: “I saw that movie fifty times!”

She calls the police and finds an idiotic automated menu urging callers not to call, as the Devil rises up in the bathroom. Armed with a fireplace poker, she does battle and once again knocks her attacker down. As Cathy attempts to flee, she comes face to face with the second Devil and a third figure dressed as Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.




The Dean reveals to her would be killers that she once had an affair with a Eurasian man who taught her incredible martial arts skills. She then proceeds to lay waste to the two Devils and Justice Scalia. During the Scalia beat down, Munsch criticizes the masked assailant for Scalia’s statements and decisions. Hilarious!

The killers flee in terror. So if you’ve wondered why the Red Devils or Gigi, who despise Dean Munsch, haven’t just disposed of her right away, now you know.

At Kappa house, Chanel assembles her team of girl detectives and asks for a briefing. Hester announces that she found Zayday and Grace’s birth control pills and thinks there’s a connection between their menstrual cycles and the murders.

“Those who pill together, kill together.”

Chanel is understandably unconvinced. Chanel #5 is up next. She thinks Zayday Williams is the Red Devil because if you rearrange the letters in her name you get:

“I may slay Liz Dall.”

“What? Who is Liz Dall?”

“I don’t know, but Zayday is clearly contemplating slaying her.”

After being dressed down by Chanel, #3 runs into Denise Hemphill in the kitchen, frying mozzarella sticks in the deep fryer where Ms. Bean lost her face weeks before. Denise has moved in to keep the girls safe. In flashback, we see Denise ask Dean Munsch if she can move into Chanel #2’s empty room.

Number 3 offers Denise $3 million dollars to prove that Zayday is the killer. She accepts.

Cathy and Grace meet again in the Dean’s office. Munsch explains that her position in all this is rather strange. She can’t offer information to the authorities relating to the 1995 death of a Kappa sister and the birth of two children who are now busy murdering people on campus left and right because said info would surely reveal her role in disposing of the body. So she’s been waiting around for someone to hopefully shoot the Red Devil.

Cathy gives Grace the name of the dead girl in the tub—Sophia Doyle–and explains that she has no idea what became of the other sisters or the babies. Grace learns that she is not the Kappa baby because she knows her mother’s name.

Back at the house, Jennifer discovers that the cashier at Candle Junction failed to give her the 22 for  $20 deal she paid for. When she threatens to “kill that bitch” for ruining her year, Denise pops up, suddenly interested. After trying to foist her Killer Zayday theory on the Candleblogger, Denise is frustrated to learn that Jennifer trusts Zay…until the Kappa sister relates a tale Zayday told her about her high school days.

A group of popular girls called The Peacocks ask the younger version of Zayday to wear her best clothes one day of the week to school. She shows up and they mock the cheapness of her clothes, and in her desperation to fit in, she laughed with them.

“It was that day I decided I was going to get revenge on entitled little rich girls everywhere.”

Denise is elated to hear this until Zay pops out of the bathroom and questions Candle Blogger’s loyalty. She warns Hemphill to either prove something real or stay away from her for good.

That night, Jennifer is video blogging about her Candle Junction ordeal. As she is describing wick quality and how even the burn is, the Red Devil enters in all his caped glory and snuffs out the Candle Blogger for good.





Hemphill asks the Chanels for an advance payment on the $3 million. Chanel grants her 10 percent and then runs off to enjoy a Night Of a Thousand Compliments, during which Chad Radwell sits across from her and sings her praises that inevitably end with him complimenting himself somehow.

As Chanel prepares to leave, she makes a horrifying discovery. Jennifer has been transformed into a wax sheathed human candle and positioned on the kitchen table.

Pete and Grace hit a dead end in researching Sophia Doyle. Grace describes sensing the kind spirit of her mother as a child, but that the presence was tinged with sadness and unfinished business. Grace believes that finding her mother will stop the killings on campus.

Pete believes they should focus on the Hag Of Shady Lane. Because she stole from milk trucks and ate out of garbage cans and wailed a lot, he theorizes that she may have spent time in a mental institution. The pair head to the hospital where Cathy was recently held to talk to the artist who paints the patients and guests. She pulls out an old painting of the Hag and Grace is shocked to see that it’s Gigi. A second painting shows Gigi cradling not one but TWO Kappa babies! A boy and a girl.

Cathy talks to the press, suspending all operations at Wallace University after Jennifer’s murder. There is a candle lit vigil for the fallen champion of wicks everywhere.

Chanel is horrified. She wants Zay and Grace to go down for the crimes so that campus can reopen and Kappa Kappa Tau can continue to exist. She brings in two Scotland Yard detectives in full uniform and sets them to their task, though they explain that they have no jurisdiction in America. She threatens to kill the Duchess of Cambridge unless they comply.

Grace confronts Gigi with the paintings. Gigi thinks Grace is on drugs, though she admits the portrait does resemble her. We learn that Gigi was a Wallace University sophomore who dropped out due to medical reasons around the time of the bath tub death.

We also find out that Gigi and Wes are engaged!

Scotland Yard reports back with info on the murderous intentions of one Libby Putney, or as we know her, Chanel #5. It turns out Libby surfs the Deep Web, where she hosts several chat rooms with names like “Does Anyone Want To Help Me Poison Chanel Oberlin?”

Chanel ignores Libby’s dark plans and gets angry because Scotland Yard found nothing on Grace or Zayday. But they did dig up an extensive criminal record for Grace’s mother.

Grace shows up at Wes’ place. He is not even sure how he got engaged. Gigi bought two rings at the mall along with stylish lamps for Wes’s apartment. Wes laughs and claims that Gigi is crazy.

Grace points out that Gigi attended Wallace and was a Kappa sister during the time that Grace’s mother and Wes first met. He must have known Gigi then, which could link him to the present day killings.

Back at the KKT house, Chanel busts out the Scotland Yard file and demands that Grace turn herself into the authorities. Grace’s mom was Kappa president in 1995 and obsessed with the TLC hit “Waterfalls.” In flashback, we see the blonde Kappa from the first episode leaving her
sister to languish in the tub because “Waterfalls” had come on. After the songs, she spies a drunk Wes checking her out. It’s true love!

That girl, Bethany Stevens, had baby Grace nine months later and changed her own name to Mary Mulligan in an attempt to escape the sins of her past. After the birth, Mary racks up a series of crimes; drunk driving; shoplifting; possession of meth. Wes sued for custody and won, and Mary died shortly after in a drunk driving accident.

After Chanel calls Mary a “drunk, degenerate slut”, Grace slaps her and stalks away angrily.

Denise shows up at breakfast wearing fancy clothes and hands out charity assignments such as picking up trash and working at the old folks home. Denise thinks she’s the House Mother now, and Mama Denise takes Chanel into the bathroom for a little chat. Denise trashes Chanel for insulting Mary and demands that she apologize to Grace or Chad Radwell will become Denise’s full time lover. It’s time for Chanel to change how she treats her sisters.

Chanel reluctantly agrees.

Grace pulls a burned photograph of Bethany/Mary from her memento box and takes it to Wes, who points Bethany out from a group of girls. It turns out mommy wasn’t such a great person after all, and that Wes has fought to protect Grace from the truth her whole life.

“Can’t you see that I’ve been trying to protect you?”

“And now you see that you can’t. I am my mother’s daughter, after all.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you should stay far away from me if you want to protect yourself.”

After Grace storms out, Gigi appears and tries to comfort a distraught Wes by suggesting that he commit Grace to a mental hospital. Her grades are slipping and the arrival of the killers on campus has caused her mind to crumble, sayeth Gigi.

Grace and Chanel meet at the Grind for coffee. Chanel apologizes and explains that her mother Happy Oberlin is also a monster. We are treated to a hilarious flashback to Chanel’s youth, and the introduction of her siblings Harvard and Muffett. After disowning her son for a birth defect and frowning on her daughter Muffett for joining the Peace Corps, Happy instilled in Chanel the ability to destroy the confidence of others. Chanel claims she thinks of Kappa Kappa Tau as the mother she and the other sisters never had. Grace corrects her.

“No. Kappa is like the mom you DID have.”

The apology is quasi accepted.

At a gym, a bearded man wearing a t-shirt which reads “Everyday I’m Mustling” lays back on a weight bench to work out. His face is revealed. It’s Boone! Other weightlifters mistake him for Joaquin Phoenix due to the rather large fake beard glued to his face. Boone’s cell vibrates.

“Look, I can’t live like this. All I do is work out and kill people,” Boone tells the caller.

He expresses his anger towards Gigi, who got them in this mess and then showed up as Justice Scalia instead of a third Red Devil to kill Cathy. Gigi is ruining their brand. Boone pauses in the conversation to sign a fan’s autograph as Joaquin while others snap photos.

As he walks out of the gym, Boone makes one thing clear over the phone.

Gigi has to die.

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