Serial Killers Prefer Nonfat Mochas In Scream Episode 2!

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Scream Season 2 Episode 2 “Psycho”



Emma flees the old Troy James house in terror as a hooded figure lurks within. She breathlessly tells Brooke about the collage of her childhood pics on the wall, and they take off in Brooke’s car. Back at the Duval residence, Maggie reveals that she knows all about the pig farm and Brandon’s brother, and that Emma has been there before as a very young child. After coming back to town with a new identity, Maggie remained close with Troy and visited him out on the farm. The James family became pariahs and were forced to move out-of-town after the murders, but Maggie refused to abandon them. Troy and his clan have long since left the farm behind and moved on, so who did Emma spy creeping about in the dark house?

Maggie wants to face that question head on, so they return to the farmhouse with flashlights, determined to get to the truth. Not surprisingly, the stalker shrine is gone and the place is empty of furniture.

The next morning, Maggie finds Emma’s bedroom equally deserted.

Em is hanging out with Kieran, relating the strange goings on of the night before. She considers the troubling possibility that she may have hallucinated the photos and the danger. As she drives home from the Wilcox house, a long blue Cadillac follows.

At George Washington High, a giddy Noah greets Audrey with the news that he is closing in on a new lead that may reveal Piper’s accomplice. After his podcast interview with Emma, a commenter named Eddie Krueger posted that Piper had help and he can prove it. Krueger is a night clerk at a local motel called the Crescent Palms, and saw Piper arguing with a woman during his shift.

Brooke thinks Emma imagined the stalker and his photo array, and then discovers that Jake has not been seen by anyone in two days. Her texts have gone unanswered.

Speaking of texts, Audrey gets one that reads:


“Afraid? You should be. Your friends will turn on you when they learn the truth.”


She scans her immediate surroundings and sees Prank Girl Haley Meyers nearby, glued to her smart phone. She casts Audrey a nasty glance, and winds up being violently confronted as Jensen goes a little psycho. She grabs the phone and discovers that Haley was just typing sweet nothings to her boyfriend. Whoops!

Emma realizes that she forgot the tutoring session she scheduled with Zoe that morning. After a bit of huffiness on Zoe’s part, they reconcile. In psych class, teacher Karen Lang discusses Threat Simulation Theory; how it is believed that animals train for survival through nightmares that simulate encounters with predators.

Brooke texts Jake, promising a boob pic if he replies. After class, Karen and Emma agree to meet and talk about what is going through.

Meanwhile, Noah discovers that Piper did in fact stay at the Crescent Palms, and that Eddie Krueger wishes to reveal what he knows of the mysterious accomplice on the podcast. Audrey pretends to be super enthused by this news. Noah doesn’t see her anxious expression as she turns away.


She’s got 99 problems, and getting rid of Mr. Krueger just became one.


As Emma gathers her books at her locker, she runs into a snarky fella named Eli who mocks the Lakewood Days activity board for its smalltownish charm. This newcomer knows her name due to media coverage, but he remains cagey about his own identity.

Mayor Maddox is facing a reelection campaign and wants Brooke by his side, and involved in activities around town to increase their chances for photo ops. Father and daughter meet for coffee, and after she departs, Maddox examines a texted conversation in which he orders Jake to head out to Wren Lake Estates on a mysterious errand. He then phones Jake and gets his voicemail.

Kieran finds Sheriff Acosta in his home after several noise complaints from neighbors. They are weary of Kieran’s constant partying. Acosta finds out that Kieran’s legal guardian Tina lives in Atlanta, and is basically collecting a check for doing nothing. She’s Kieran’s aunt and okay with letting him live on his own as long as she gets a stipend out of it.




Kieran calls Emma with bad news, he’s moving to Atlanta! No!

Now who will rise out of bed each morning with impossibly stylish hair while stoically brooding, but in a sensitive loner way?


Brooke heads to the police station to officially declare Jake Fitzgerald missing. She runs into Gustavo, stuck doing schoolwork at the station where his father works. Turns out Gustavo has created a ranking system for the Lakewood Six, and Jake is number 6. Brooke is 4. Noah is 3. As Brooke is called in see the sheriff, her phone beeps.

It’s Jake, texting:


“Hey babe, send pic?”


She turns and leaves the station, but not before telling Gustavo off.


“All you people who think you know the Lakewood Six or whatever you want to call us, you don’t know us. Not really.”


Karen and Emma chat at The Grind about the photos. Karen explains that hallucinations are a common symptom of PTSD, and not something to be worried about. As Emma picks up their coffee order at the counter, two things happen: Karen checks a recording device in her handbag and Emma sees a bespectacled brunette sitting in the same seat that friendly crime blogger Piper Shaw occupied nine months ago, when they first met.

Emma freaks and drops the steaming beverages. Afterwards we learn that Em has been avoiding the coffee joint for exactly this reason, and that the psychotic Miss Shaw’s drink of choice was a non-fat mocha. Insane!

Karen busts out some emotional support and tries to help Emma leave the darkness of her past.

Brooke finds a bouquet of roses and a note on her car, which simply reads,”I’m sorry.”

At Kieran’s, Emma again encounters Eli, who turns out to be Kieran’s cousin, and asks to go for a drive with Kieran. As they head off, the shady Eli and Aunt Tina discuss moving into the Wilcox residence. They live in a one room apartment with her boyfriend in Atlanta, and Eli wants to escape that situation.

Brooke applies cherry-red lip gloss and slips into a racy black dress in preparation to head out to the Fitzgerald place. Her father is horrified by her outfit, and furious that she is bowing out of a public photo-op. She reveals her secret relationship with Jake, and he strongly disapproves.


Noah arrives at the seedy Crescent Palms Motel without Audrey, though she promised she would accompany him to film the conversation with Krueger.


Kieran and Emma arrive at the dock at Wren Lake, for a kind of closure with the past. She walks the length of the dock alone, flashing back to that horrifying night. By the edge of the lake, she sees a hooded figure dressed in black and squeezes her eyes shut until it vanishes. Now it’s time for joyous sex with Kieran in his car! Yay!




At the motel, Eddie is about to describe the girl Piper had an argument with one night when his old-fashioned rotary phone rings and Ghostface delivers this cheerful message:


“Play it cool, scumbag, or housekeeping will be scraping your bone fragments off the ceiling. And don’t make any stupid faces to tip him off, either or I’ll strangle you with your own intestines. I can see you.”


In a series first, we see the face of a Ghostface caller as the call is being made. It’s Audrey speaking into an audio filter on her phone.

Eddie recants his story.

But during their unseen conversation, he told Noah about a storage unit owned by the motel where they keep unclaimed property from former tenants. Since the police are unaware that Shaw stayed at the Crescent, her untouched belongings are amongst the treasures hidden away in the unit. Noah makes a date with Audrey to open the storage unit the following morning.

Eli and Tina announce that they’re moving in with Kieran. More morally ambiguous people is just what Lakewood needs, right? There is some celebratory making-out before Emma decides to walk home alone. As she leaves, the blue Cadillac follows.

Emma notices the extremely noticeable car, which turns on its headlights and begins pursuing her down a dark street. The driver slows to a stop and gets out. It’s Steven, Emma’s long lost father! He wants to look out for her, but the ball is in her court. He also tells her he was trying to think of a good way to reintroduce himself to her. You know what ISN’T a good way? Driving slowly a few feet behind your recently traumatized daughter with your headlights off.

At the storage facility used by the Crescent Palms, Audrey goes full ninja with a jet black outfit and stealth moves. As Brooke waits outside Jake’s empty house in her sexy dress, Audrey discovers a storage unit full of dangling air fresheners and the butchered corpse of The Jake.




Written across his bloody chest is:


“See how I finished the job for you, Audrey?”



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