Ash Vs. Evil Dead: The Camp, The Mayhem, The Main Man Ash Williams is Back!

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Ash vs. Evil Dead


Fans of the “Evil Dead” series rejoice! Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is back, and grooming a new generation to fight the evil deadites in the Starz original series, “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” It preserves all of the splatterpunk goodness of “The Evil Dead” and “The Evil Dead II,” while paying tribute to the wonderful campy humor of “Army of Darkness.”

This is some seriously groovy shit! Check it out!




“Ash vs. Evil Dead” Premieres October 31,  2015 on Starz.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea this was a reality! And it actually looks really funny! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

    • Oh yes, it is very much indeed real! It looks great! And I’m so excited that Lucy Lawless is in it! She’s such a good actress.

      Reminds me of “Prince of Darkness”: “This is not a dream… not a dream. We are using your brain’s electrical system as a receiver. We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year one, nine, nine, nine. You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing. Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your conscious state of awareness, but this is not a dream. You are seeing what is actually occurring for the purpose of causality violation.” 😀

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