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Bloody Whisper is a horror website full of snark and panache. Our posts are 115% funnier than any other horror websites on the planet. We can verify the authenticity of this statement with 225% of the population. (Math isn’t our strong suit!)

Our Mission:

To bring you the best horror information, in a way that is engaging and entertaining. We aim to make talking about horror fun again. There are a lot of horror review websites out there, but nothing like us. We’re one of a kind, like a peanut butter and pickle on rye sandwich. Although if we were a sandwich, we’d be something that tasted much better than that metaphor, like turkey with mango chutney on white bread or something.

Bloody Whisper is the brainchild of Cassie Carnage. Any questions, concerns, comments or awesome fan mail can be emailed to cassie@bloodywhisper.com.

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