In The Blood! Scream Queens Episode 6!

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Scream Queens Episode 6 “Blood Drive”

Cathy Munsch discovers that the hospital’s blood supply is running so low that Chanel No. 3 has been mopping up blood from murder victims and bagging it, along with loose change and other flotsam.

C.U.R.E. Institute needs the red stuff!

Chanel suggests a blood drive to recoup their supply and Munsch resoundingly agrees.

In a voiceover, Nurse Hoffel reveals her maiden name is Bean, and that she is the sister of doomed Kappa housekeeper Agatha Bean.

Hoffel had been planning to avenge her dead sister all along by destroying the Chanels. She has just been waiting for the right moment. She continually calls the Green Meanie tip line and tells the police that the Chanels are the serial killers. Since Hoffel isn’t willing to run around in a costume and actually kill the girls, she comes up with a less direct idea. She offers the hospital staff a tropical vacation on the mysterious and deadly Blood Island if they collect the most blood donations.

Dr. Holt gives blood, but has his doubts about their destination when Chanel enthuses over Blood Island. Cathy raises doubt in Holt’s mind about how STD-free his young girlfriend is.

No. 5 gives bag after bag of blood to Zayday, but starts to feel weak. She’s Type 0 Negative, the universal donor, which leads Zayday to hatch a plan to catch the Green Meanie.

She wants to screen all the staff member’s blood and cross-reference it with Jane Hollis.

Chanel tries to seduce Brock, who pulls away. He wants her to take a series of STD tests before they sleep together. If she passes all 217, they’re good.

Hester scares Chanel by standing over her in the dark with a kitchen knife. The next day, Chanel confesses to Munsch that she had Hester move in to protect them from the Meanie. She wants Hester to be given something to do to occupy her mind. Cathy introduces Hester to Brandon, a patient dressed like Count Dracula who drinks blood. He immediately assesses that Cathy is sick based on her pale skin color. Hester’s job is to assess his condition and cure him.

Chanel No. 3 gives blood, while a weakened  No. 5 is still being drained of her plasma. Chanel Oberlin is determined to win the trip, which means that she goes after Chanel No. 9, 3 and 5 as donors to bolster her numbers. No. 9 runs away in terror at the sight of the needle.

After hours, Cathy searches through the blood surplus as the Green Meanie looks on. She finds a pint of Oberlin’s blood and removes it from refrigeration. The next morning, Brock and Chanel are told that Miss Oberlin has tested positive for STDs. All of them. Because this means that all the donations Chanel accrued are removed from contention. Hoffel is furious. Her hope was to exile Chanel to a war torn and diseased island to die.

Cue an insane, slo mo chase through the hospital that ends at the donation board, where Cathy rips Chanel’s name off the board and throws it at her.

Zayday approaches Jane Hollister at her home, looking for a blood sample. The mother of the Green Meanie is less-than-friendly and Zay walks away empty-handed.


Hester deduces what the mysterious vampirism disease affecting Brandon actually is, but it doesn’t cause a thirst for blood. She decides to overdose Brandon on blood to cure him of his strange addiction.



Chanel steals blood bags from a nearby blood drive mobile. At C.U.R.E., she finds that the bags she had already collected are gone and follows a trail of blood through the hospital. She finds Brandon in bed looking overwhelmed as Hester feeds him yummy plasma.

Zayday has a tense meeting with Chamberlain in the hallway. He knows that she suspects him of being the “Baby in the Belly,” and that she tried to acquire Jane’s blood type.

Chanel tries again to take blood from No. 9, who is terrified of needles. She finally agrees, and is strapped down to a gurney with restraints. Chanel leaves her alone as the blood is being drawn out to chat with Dr. Holt in the hallway. The Green Meanie enters the OR with a doctor’s bag and gags No. 9. He begins sticking needle after needle into the terrified girl.

Hoffel enters, unafraid of the killer. She wants to join up and asks that he remove his mask. The Meanie complies, revealing Dr. Cascade beneath the full head mask. Hoffel wants to help him get rid of Zayday’s investigation, and guide him in future plans as long as he agrees to not kill the Chanels. Hoffel assists him in draining No. 9 as they discuss the mysterious second Green Meanie. Cascade can’t figure out who it is, but he knows he didn’t kill everyone at the hospital.


Chanel discovers No. 9 dead, drained of all blood. Dozens of bags hang around her body, filled with dark red plasma. Oberlin realizes that by harvesting the bags, she has now won the trip to Blood Island. Hester exposes the fake STD results and declares Chanel clean. Hoffel enters with a large trophy and gives Oberlin her ticket to Blood Island.

It all falls apart when she looks at the seating on the ticket. Chanel only flies charter.

Chamberlain approaches Jane and offers her pie, then obtains her DNA from an unfinished bite. The “Baby in the Belly” is O positive. Cascade switches labels on the samples overnight. In the morning, Holt is confronted by Zayday and Munsch because his sample was flagged as being O positive.

He smashes a table, threatens their lives and storms off angrily.

Hoffel is working late when Cassidey enters with a huge box. It contains a brand new Green Meanie suit. She smiles.

“Green is my color.”

The twin costumed killers stalk the halls, looking for prey.

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