iZombie S2:E14 Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind

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Follow the Bouncing Air Conditioner

Follow the Bouncing Air Conditioner


This is a tough episode to talk about. The murder runs a little longer than usual in this one. Granted, dropping an air conditioner on a person is one of the better murders in the series.


So, we end up in the morgue. Ravi is going over the spoils from finding the two buried drug dealers. “Spoiled” is the operative word, as most of the Utopium had been destroyed by stomach acid.  Well, almost all of it. Turns out, there was some stashed in another part of the body.

Oh, and Ravi has made some serum! And Major wants some! But, there has to be tests done. One of rats left after the death of New Hope is used. Major is a bit disappointed.

Major wants a shot.

Major wants a shot.


Of course, Major is impatient and shows up the next day, wondering if the test worked and he can get a shot. As you may remember from last week and prior, the cure was only temporary and now, death is in the near future of both Major and Blaine. A check of the rat finds it in full Romero mode! That was rather unexpected and very disappointing to all concerned.

Kenny, Mr. Boss’s collection agent, comes to visit Blaine.

Time to make this month’s payment.

Kenny looks at Blaine and realizes he knows him. He even remembers Blaine’s old nickname—Chinatown. Blaine looks less than pleased.

After this, Blaine is drinking bottle after bottle of wine. Candy is the supplier.

“This bottle tastes off. Did you store these in your car?” he asks. (Something to consider #1)

Mr. Boss is having a little meeting with Drake. He asks about the witness that Drake took care of in the last episode. He asks Drake how was his first murder.

“I remember my first. I went out for a steak. It’s a good tradition,” Mr.Boss says.

Exit Drake. Enter Kenny.

He reminds Mr. Boss about Blaine and his nickname. Seems Blaine was working a corner in Chinatown and paid two guys to dress like the Blue Dragons and slice a cop’s nose. The cops cracked down on the Blue Dragons. That made the cops work for him. Now, it looks like the DA’s office is working for him.

Kenny asks Mr. Boss what he should do about Blaine.

“Book me a table at American Angus,” Mr. Boss tells Kenny.

Back to the murder for a moment.

One of the suspects is the ex-husband of the victim. The two run the top two coffee shops in Seattle. Clive finds that he took 45 minutes to make a 15-minute drive.

The ex finally fesses up. He had to stop at a gas station for a “Code Brown.” Clive checks into the alibi. Turns out that the story checks.


The line of the night:

“No,” Clive says, “I don’t want to see the security footage.”


Spurred on by the wine, Blaine and Candy test out a double-wide casket for sex, rather than death. (Something to consider #2)

Meantime, Drake is taking his group out for a night on the town. But, the cops are waiting and begin to cart them all away.

Drake grabs the one detective, slugs him and runs off. His crowd cheers.

But later, we find that Drake still got caught. He is telling the detective about Mr. Boss’s organization.


Drake is an undercover cop!

Drake is an undercover cop!


One glitch though. When asked if he knows who the new player in the drug trade is, he says no. We know that Drake is working with Blaine. We know that Drake is helping Blaine.

The detective tells Drake that him coming back and forth to the morgue to see Liv could be a problem. He tells Drake to dump her.

Meanwhile, a car speeds through the night. Inside, Kenny holding a gun on Blaine. Mr. Boss in the front passenger seat. Of course, someone is driving. It isn’t Drake, so don’t get excited. Blaine tries to be charming and talk his way out of what he knows is coming. It isn’t working. Mr. Boss knows what he wants to do.


Mr. Boss – CPA, Drug Lord, Dungeon Master

Mr. Boss – CPA, Drug Lord, Dungeon Master


Mr. Boss mentions that at one time, he played “Dungeons and Dragons,” and was a heck of a dungeon master. He mentions that even when the other players were there, dying and bleeding, he always gave them a “God Call.” That one in a million shot that they could be saved. He recommends that Blaine make his God Call.

They take Blaine into the woods and show him a hole in the ground. Then, Mr. Boss slits his throat.

Looking up, Mr. Boss says:
“Well, God?” Nothing. “I think we’re good!”

Major comes to Liv to confess about being the Chaos Killer. In walks “Gilda.” Both Major and Gilda/Rita look like they are going to faint. Major decides not to say anything. Gilda says she’s going to get a shower. Major leaves, but as he leaves he calls out “Good Night Rita.”


Liv goes to Gilda’s room and find the outfit that she texted to Major that caused her to get further paranoid. She gets it!

After her shower, Gilda/Rita is showered with fists. Liv throws her out of the apartment.

Don E. goes down the basement looking for Blaine. He calls to Candy, who he finds eating brains. (Something to consider #3)

Cut to a group of Girl Scouts sitting around telling stories. In the background, something pushes its way out of the ground. It looks around and gets to the surface. Covered in dirt, it moves to the scouts and grabs one of the blankets and wraps it around itself. Moving through the stunned group, we see…

Blaine rises out of the shallow grave! Hope you added up all those “Somethings to Consider.”

Zombies can’t taste anything. Having sex with a zombie makes you a zombie.

So, to sum up:

  • Major is worried he is going to die before he can help the zombies in his freezer.
  • Blaire is no longer “loser alive Blaine” and back to “awesome zombie Blaine.”
  • Mr. Boss and his crew are in for a huge surprise.
  • Rita needs a new place to sleep.
  • Ravi doesn’t even have a Square One to go back to.
  • Clive and Bozzio are still working closely.
  • And Liv may always be a zombie.

Only a few more episodes until the season finale.

Still no word on Season 3…

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