iZombie S3:E10 Return of the Dead Guy

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One of the hazards of being a reviewer is seeing what other reviewers point out about the show you are viewing, before you get to write your review. So, I saw this article that talked about too many plots in the show. Last week, there was an examination of each character and their story. There were quite a few. So, the concept seems to have some merit.

This week is a bit different. There is a little focus on several characters and several intersecting storylines.

In the gun range, Don E is trussed up like a figure on a crucifix. He is still under the influence of the blue brain of the WWII pilot. Although Ravi, who was now a “guest” of the Zombie Hunters. He plays dumb about what is happening to Don E. The drama of the zombie is playing on line. Bo Johns wants to use a cattle prod to make the show better. Harley stops him. They would wait until there were 100,000 viewers.

Don E


Ravi gets to Don E in one of the zombie’s more lucid moments and tells him that he’s going to try to help him. Don E says he has a burn phone that Blaine gave him. Originally, Ravi was told that it was between his butt cheeks. Although repulsed, Ravi makes an attempt to find it. Don E remembers that it was actually in his sock.

Let’s take a moment and go back to the Wexler case. Peyton has Wexler’s brain soak in Ravi’s blue juice, in hopes in finding out what really happened to Wexler. Peyton plays the Dominatrix and Liv, her subject. Honestly, if Peyton ever decided to leave the Law profession, she could make a mint as a Dominatrix. During this play, Liv had a vision. We don’t see it, but she tells Peyton that Wexler did, in fact, commit the murder.

Suddenly, the ghost of Drake shows up and starts talking to Liv. As a matter of fact, Drake shows up several times, once while Liv and Justin are in bed together. During another vision, Liv sees that Wexler was hanged, a murder rather than a suicide. Now, they had to find the murderer.

The Ghost of Boy Friend’s Past

As luck would have it, there was a witness. Unfortunately, it was the leader of the street gang that Liv beat up in the first season. He finally gives up the name of a guard that hanged Wexler. Clive and Liv go to the man’s home to question him…and found a wake. The guard fell overboard during a cruise and was never seen again.

But what about Stacy Boss, you ask? We see him sneak into his house while his wife bad-mouths him over the phone. Seems she couldn’t find his money and thinks that he is dead. But Mr. Boss knows where the money is, grabs it and leaves, without making a noise.

Mr. Boss and his pet gun

There’s a knock on the door at Shady Plots. Blaine yells for Candy to get the door, but she doesn’t come. Blaine answers it and finds Mr. Boss and large gun. He greets Blaine and shoots him twice in the chest. He is about to put a bullet in his head, when the zombified voice of Candy tells him to stop. Blaine gets up, with the look of Romero in his eyes and tells Mr. Boss how tired he is of being shot.

Mr. Boss is next seen in a coffin. Blaine, munching on a brain, has to explain the zombie thing to him. But killing Stacy is not on Blaine’s mind. He….

His cell phone rings. It’s Ravi telling Blaine the situation with Don E. Blaine explains that he is in the middle of a business deal and would get back to him.

Business Interuptus

Blaine is having problems with Bangladesh, his brain supplier. Mr. Boss has international connections and could be very useful. If he doesn’t want to do that, he offers to bury Mr. Boss alive. Mr. Boss shows interest. Blaine takes him downstairs and explains his role. Even though his hands are bound, Mr. Boss gets loose, grabs a large dagger and thrusts it though Blaine’s neck. This only pisses him off more. He threatens Stacy again, who decides to take the deal.

Quick bits…

Major and Shawna hit it off. Big Time!

Drake disappears when Liv overcomes the guilt that she feels about shooting him when was a “past the point of no return” zombie in the basement of the Max Rager building.

When Clive and Liv find Wexler’s daughter, they tell her that her father was murdered. She takes it in stride. After the two leave, the daughter is joined by her friend, who comments that it seems that now zombies work for the police. Each takes out a Fillmore Graves brain tube and eat.

There’s a banging at Liv’s door. She leaves Justin in bed and answers the door. It’s Blaine, who asks if she feels like kicking some ass. The two show up at the gun range. Liv is trying to come up with a plan. Blaine already has an idea and uses the cigarette lighter on Liv’s hand. She gets all red-eyed and mean and starts banging Blaine’s head on the dashboard. Now, there are two angry zombies, ready for a fight.

Inside the gun range, the viewers get to 100,000. Bo wants to head inside with the cattle prod. Ravi tries to intervene, explaining that these zombies are still people. Harley puts a gun to his head and gives to the count of five.

And that’s where it stops.

From the coming attractions, next week should be a hell of fight.


Yes, there is a lot going on this season. There is a measly three episodes left. A lot of things to tie up. The question will be can all the loose ends be tied up neatly and not rushed and arbitrary. Or will it end on Discovery Day, with many of the issues still unresolved?

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