iZombie S3:E3 “Eat, Pray, Liv”

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We have reached the third episode in the new season and a theme has appeared. It looks like the writers are focusing on each character and giving you, the viewer, a chance to get to know these people better. Last week, we got into the inner pain of Det. Clive Babineaux.

This week, our favorite morgue doctor, Ravi Chakrabarti, portrayed by Rahul Kohli, is showcased.

To say that Ravi has a crush on Peyton (Aly Michalka) is an understatement. He wants to be her “one and only.” But after Blaine shoots Mr. Boss’s henchmen and saves her, while Ravi sits in the car, his confidence is shot. He is all consumed by the fact that Blaine has Peyton’s attention. Even though Peyton knows Blaine’s past, his loss of memory has made him a subject for sympathy, rather than hatred.

In a meeting in the morgue, Ravi rolls out a possible cure for the memory loss. He angrily suggests that Blaine takes the drug, as he’s killed people for their brains and was an all-round “bad apple.” Okay, that’s my words. No one calls a person a “bad apple” anymore.

The venom that Ravi has for Blaine is more than evident.

Blaine wants to pass. An earlier meeting with his Father, thought to be dead via the Chaos Killer, was another reminder of what Blaine had done prior to his memory loss. He is really not interesting in remembering how bad a person he had been.

Major agrees to take the cure, as we find that his time is running out. He may only have a month before the old cure wears off and he dies. So, he says he will take the new cure and then the memory drug to get his memory back.

Finally, Blaine says he’ll take the drug. The look on Ravi’s face still shows the contempt he has for Blaine.

In the end, Peyton comes to confront Ravi at the apartment. She asks how much of this anger that he is harboring and the desire to get back together is about him, and not the two of them. He admits that much has been about him, but he wants to get past that and concentrate on the two of them together. But this is hard to do when you are a bit drunk. Even harder to do when you have another woman in the house. Exit Peyton.

Rahul Kohli beautifully exhibits all the symptoms of jealousy and selfishness that puts a huge wall between him and Peyton. He also shows the sadness that comes along with his self-destructive behavior. Another excellent performance by an excellent actor. Also note that Kohli is making a guest appearance on “Supergirl.”

Let’s look at another relationship.

Donnie is attempting to bond with Blaine’s Zombie Father, Angus. Angus, of course, is one of the nastiest characters in the show. Everything that Donnie says or does is met with ridicule by Angus. Donnie is the one came up with the idea to put Blaine’s Brain Club out of business. Angus has decided to open a club for zombies, where they can get brains on demand. The brains, by the way, are being supplied by a hospital in Bangladesh, which has the highest mortality rate of any country in the world.

Angus McDonough, Blaine’s Father. Not a “Father of the Year” Candidate.


Donnie’s idea for a name for the place, “The Scratching Post”, is agreed upon by Angus, with the closing line from “Babe” (That’ll do pig). But instead of gratitude, he is sent out for coffee by Angus and his new second in command.

Coming back, in the rain, with the coffee order, Donnie passes the bar where Blaine now plays piano and sings. He watches as Peyton enters after the mess with Ravi. She and Liv embrace and walk over to where Major is sitting. The three sit and watch Blaine play.

Okay, so that’s not from the bar. Sue me.


The question becomes, is “What is Donnie thinking?” Does he realize that he could be more accepted by Blaine and his crew? Does he, too, have jealousy about the people that care about Blaine, when no one cares about him? Will he act accordingly?

There is still a lot to like about this series, even in its third season, when some shows begin to mail it in. There is a freshness in the attempt to explore the characters and look at the zombie world from a new angle.

Next week: The Zombie Version of Gossip Girl

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