Mirror of the Soul

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A filthy mother’s trash growing in her womb
Like a wasted parasite, now dumped
Time to watch the little mistake.

Look at it
Growing up

Becoming a rotting scum.

I’ve looked at it, met her at the mirror’s glass.

Never seen such precious sin
With the speech of sweet hate
Body made for non-deserving lust
Eyes made for painful tears
And carrying her absent soul.

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About Alyzbeth Vierand

Alyzbeth Vierand is a painter/ actress/writer/ gamer who studied criminal justice, thanatology and embalming. She grew up watching horror movies. The first movie she ever watched was "Warlock:Armaggedon" when she was 7. Since then she became very curious and passionate about the dark side of the world. Scary things are beautiful to her, and she likes to express it in her art.
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