Into and Out of the Void of Death

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I was in a deep slumber when I stepped out from a void, the sight of it was of a beautiful surrounding energy that it emerged from, no words could describe the colors. They aren’t known to us.

Logically I went on a journey to explore this place. The buildings or houses were made from the very roots that sprouted from the ground itself. They were immense. The sky had a peach color tone and the breeze smelled of lavender.

Such beauty.

But beauty has a monstrous, hideous and terrifying side, that is yet unknown to me at this point.

I thought, “Hey, I’ll walk inside that house and see how it is inside.”

Once inside, there was a great silence. The only thing to be heard were my slight footsteps as I cautiously walked around, and a fire in a fireplace. The furniture was beautifully crafted with an unknown hard wood. I slid my fingertips on a shelf the contained strange figurines. One of them caught my attention. Its appearance was odd, I found its origin to be of a very creative, yet disturbing mind.

It was a body with no head. Its arms and legs rested on the shelf in a spider pose.

Many hours passed. Nobody or nothing else had come into this house. I was getting hungry and I started thinking of taking a look and finding what would be a fridge in this world.

I heard a thump as I tried to get up from this chair I was resting on. My heartbeat started racing and I was thinking, “The owner might be here and I don’t know who or what it could be. I don’t know anything of this world.”

The thumping sounds kept increasing as my head spun.



Slowly falling onto ground.

I opened my eyes but everything was completely dark. I still heard the thumping sounds, but this time there was a faint prayer of many voices and sobbing.

Now I felt more scared than ever, because I realized I had been buried alive.

I start screaming and kicking the coffin from inside. Nobody can hear me, and if they did, they would think their minds are imagining my desperate screams for help because they are grieving for me.

All I could think was, “I must keep fighting, hitting, kicking and screaming until my last breath, even though I know I am already a dead man.”

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About Alyzbeth Vierand

Alyzbeth Vierand is a painter/ actress/writer/ gamer who studied criminal justice, thanatology and embalming. She grew up watching horror movies. The first movie she ever watched was "Warlock:Armaggedon" when she was 7. Since then she became very curious and passionate about the dark side of the world. Scary things are beautiful to her, and she likes to express it in her art.
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  1. Lovely dark story!

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