iZombie S1:E10 Mr. Berzerk

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iZombie Episode 10

Sadness in Zombie Town


Lowell is dead. I mean really dead this time. Shot in the head by Blaine at the end of episode #9, his body has found its way to Ravi’s morgue. Liv was brought in for questioning, as she was found at the apartment after the murder. While questioning is going on, Lieutenant (Zombie) Suzuki comes in and tells the questioning officer and Liv that the scene is consistent with a suicide and everyone can go home. Case closed.

Liv surfaces at the morgue where she and Dr. Ravi discuss the “suicide” case. Ravi, who doesn’t believe Lowell’s death to be a suicide, is told about the rooftop scenes. They now realize that the Lieutenant is working for Blaine. The problem is what to do. To call it a murder and pin it on Blaine will cause a world of problems. Anyone who goes on Blaine’s trail is in danger and there is the “Zombie in Prison” issue.

Proof of the “Blaine’s Trail” danger hits home when tonight’s guest brain donor is none other than Rebecca, the reporter who had teamed up with Major regarding the disappearing youths at the skate park. This reporter is also a “raging alcoholic”, which, sadly, may just be the medicine that Liv needs to cope with Lowell’s death.






Rebecca was on the trail of Max Rager. She was following the line of bodies that sprung up due to Max Rager fans who went “psycho” after drinking too much of the product. This, of course, is the reason she was killed. There is a good deal of silencing going on in this show. Thank goodness Seattle is a big city, lots of potential cast members there.

Liv is now following Rebecca’s notebook trying to find out more about Max Rager and looking for the magic memo that says that there are ingredients in the drink that cause “psychotic outbursts.” She is approached by Rebecca’s source that knows of the memo but doesn’t have it. He says there is another source, closer on the inside that has a copy of the memo. She needs to ferret that source out. Liv soon finds that it is the Head of Max Rager’s secretary that has the memo.


For now, let’s put Liv on hold and talk about Major!


When discussing the prospect of agreeing that the cause of death is suicide, Ravi floats the idea of telling Major about Blaine and the zombies. He tells her that Major thinks he is crazy and has set himself up to be committed for a few weeks. It is obvious to Major that his cheese has slipped off his cracker. It doesn’t help when Clive goes to the gym to find a supposedly shot-to-death Julian DuPont pumping iron. Clive shows Major a picture of the “living” DuPont. This pushes Major over the edge into a huge pool of self-doubt.

Liv does not want to say anything to Major. Her reasoning is sound.



“He lost his job. He breaks into cars. He’s shooting people. He’s doing all this when he thinks the Candyman was killing kids. What’s his move when he finds out he’s eating them?”


Liv says to let him go. At least there, he’ll be safe.

Meantime, Liv corners the secretary at her gym. Wow, zombies hang out at gyms a lot! Did anyone tell George Romero about this? Pilates of the Living Dead could be his next film. Well, the secretary ducks out a back window. Liv goes looking for her in the underground parking lot. Who does she find? The first source, who says “Hi,” then slugs Liv with a fist full of brass knuckles.

When Liv comes to, she’s on a boat out on a lake. The secretary is dead. A rope attached to a cinder block is tied around her legs. The first source is a hit man. He killed Rebecca, now it’s other’s turns. He thought that Liv was dead. Well, she is, but he didn’t know that. He explains things to her. He is so enamored by Liv that he runs his finger over her open wound and tastes her blood. He excuses himself, picks up the secretary’s corpse and throws it off the side of the boat, into the lake.

Liv has gone into Full Zombie Mode, and is swinging the cinder block around like it’s a yoyo. She scores a direct hit, sending the hit man over the side. She runs to the controls to get the boat started. Meanwhile, the hit man surfaces and tries to get back on board. Liv gets the boat started and the propeller does the rest, leaving a cloud of blood in the water that a great white shark would appreciate.

Back at the morgue, she tells Ravi to sign that the cause of Lowell’s death was suicide. She also vows that the next time she gets Blaine in her sights, she will pull the trigger.

Back at Group Therapy, Major tells some of his story about his encounter with DuPont and what he considers his delusions. At the end, as everyone is putting back their chairs, he is approached by a fellow patient, named Scott E. It seems that Scott also ran afoul of the Candyman. But Scott makes an interesting statement to Major: “The city has a zombie problem.”



Scott E. is the bald guy on the right.


By the moonlit shores of the lake, on a night when there would be romance in the air, a body washes up. It’s our hit man. His hand twitches. He rolls over and faces the camera; well, what’s left of his face, anyway. He is now a zombie. For those of you who may have missed it, he consumed some of Liv’s blood on the boat.



Some skin conditions cannot be solved with Oil of Olay.


Fun Fact: It might interest some of you geography fans to note that there really is a Lake Washington in Seattle. That is the place where Liv became a zombie. If you are looking for it, it is in Denny Blaine Park.


I have been a fan of zombie movies for a long time. I am generally a traditionalist. Zombies should shamble, not run. They spend their time gnawing on human flesh, not brains. You all know the argument. The development of a zombie sub-culture is being handled beautifully by “iZombie.” The plans of Blaine are so well thought out that it is causing a kind of claustrophobia and helplessness that “Night of the Living Dead” achieved, although differently. Here, all channels to thwart Blaine are blocked. He has free reign to create a world in his own zombie image. And is doing so with great success!

I look forward to his increasing villainy.

Three episodes left for this season. The networks are in re-runs. Watch this show!

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