iZombie S1:E6 Virtual Reality Bites

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Warning: This article is being written while I am consuming Herr’s Red Hot Potato Chips. It should not be assumed that I have been scratched or bitten by a zombie. I also do not imbibe in any form of energy drink, least of all Max Rager. I’m a Craft Beer Guy. Okay, I am washing the chips down with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. What else would you drink right now?

When we last left iZombie…

  • Liv met Lowell, another zombie, and had fallen into infatuation.
  • Clive read all the missing persons posters at the skate park.
  • Major saw Jerome’s shoes and got his ass kicked for it.
  • The police lieutenant likes hot sauce in his coffee.
  • And, Max Rager turns every thousandth drinker into a zombie.

Whew! That’s a lot to spit out in one breath. And nowhere in that list are Blaine and Brain Club! Uh oh!

We start with one of the members of Brain Club, impatiently waiting for her delivery from Meat Cute. When the order is delivered, the brain portion is missing. The delivery boy makes the offer to go back and get it, but the diner states that she can’t wait that long, and the world becomes short one delivery boy. It should be mentioned that now there are some free brains for her to dine on. There goes the profit margin. We’ll get back to this at the end.

The death, which becomes murder, of a “cyber troll” is really a sidebar to the whole episode. Not that this isn’t interesting, but it really plays a triangle to the rest of the orchestra. We do get an interesting moment when Liv, after drinking the liquefied brains of the victim, says “Must have donuts. Great. I ate Homer Simpson’s brain.”


izombie head wound

Major wakes up in the morgue finding Dr. Ravi sewing him up. Liv, who does better with the living than the dead (and the undead, as we will see), finishes the job. Major tells Liv of his encounter with “The Candyman” (Blaine’s henchman) and how he has to continue to look for Jerome. Liv is sure that this will get him into trouble, but the new brain in her wants to play RPG online.

Major returns to the halfway house and quizzes some of the residents about the skate park. He finds that there is a good deal of content about tricks performed at the skate park on the Internet and begins to try to find the Candyman on YouTube. Well, he has a hobby for now. We’ll get back to him at the end.

In the meantime, Lowell wants to spend more time with Liv. He reveals that he too was scratched and became a zombie. I am hoping that my theory about Max Rager holds up. There was nothing to confirm or deny my belief that it is at the bottom of all of this.



Liv poses the foreshadowing question, “Just how many of us are there out there?”


They are supposed to meet for a date, but Liv backs out at the last-minute, as her ingested brains carry agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces. She has a panic attack leaving her apartment. We’ll get back to her at the end. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Like all badly disposed of bodies, the delivery boy’s remains are found. Well, most of him is, anyway. The head is missing. The autopsy shows that his stomach contents are a gourmet’s delight, with truffles and expensive meats in there. Clive realizes that the kid had something to do with gourmet food and starts checking around gourmet shops with his picture, hoping someone will know him. We’ll see how that goes at the end. (You could have guessed I would say that, right?)

After numerous commercial breaks, Major has a breakthrough; finding footage of the Candyman and someone who seems to hang out with him. He gets a picture of them off the Internet and is about to head off to Liv’s apartment when he runs into Dr. Ravi. Ravi stops Major and admits to him that Liv is not alone. Major thanks him and gives the picture to the good Doctor to give to Liv. The doc goes wide-eyed. (You already know what I’m going to say, so let’s move on.)

Liv and Lowell have a nice visit and a nice kiss. It looks like they may see a lot of each other in the future. You can take that any way you want to.

Liv figures out who the murderer is, but…

Clive is making the rounds with the delivery boy’s picture and ends up at Meat Cute, questioning Blaine, who is as charming and glib as ever. Although he has told Clive he is alone, a noise in the back has Clive questioning who is back there. Blaine asks him if he’d like to take a look. As we see the camera panning, inside the back room is the lovely owner of Meat Cute, poised to have Clive meet her meat cleaver or is that meat her meet cleaver… um, well you get it.

As he is about to go into the room– which by the way has several bodies on tables being cut up either for disposal or for sale– his phone rings. It’s Liv with the solution to the murder. Great timing. I wonder if Blaine has considered going into meat pies. Hey, it worked for Sweeney Todd!


Dr. Ravi arrives back at the morgue to find Liv. He tells her about Major’s findings and shows her a picture of Blaine and his henchmen that Major took off YouTube.



“So, Blaine is no longer grave robbing. He’s a murderer.”


Where is all this going?

Let’s see, Liv and Ravi are aware of Blaine’s activities. Oh, by the way, Blaine takes a power drill to his Brain Club client who killed the delivery boy, pointing the police in his direction. Major is on the trail of the Candyman; several steps ahead of Clive, whom could end up as the Blue Plate Special at Meat Cute in the future.

And somewhere, out there, zombies wait for thee. (Cue Fievel the Mouse)

So far, I have to say the iZombie has been entertaining. The humor and the bloodshed make a great combination. And I am not alone, as the show has been averaging an audience of about 1.8 million viewers, some of which I’m sure are zombies. There is still no word on renewal for next season, but I like its chances.

Two episodes to go for the season and they could be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping.

izombie cast

The Cast


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