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I think the word that best describes this episode is fragility.

This all starts six months after Chase Graves is killed by his own device.

It begins with a scene in a convenience store. The owner is spewing anti-Zombie rhetoric to a young female customer. All the while, the camera is leading your attention to the computer screen behind him. The screen is showing the feeds from four security cameras. One shows a car at a stop sign that is tapped by the driver pulling up behind.

The driver of the second car, a woman, gets out and walks to the side of the car at the stop sign, possibly finding out if she has done any damage to their car. Instead, hands grab her and pull her into the car. Her legs kick. Blood spews out of the open window as the woman is pulled completely inside.

The car speeds off.

This one incident is a tipping point for the episode.

Liv and Clive set out to find the woman in question. In the meantime, the video goes viral. Anti-Zombie sentiment, which was rather high to begin with, gets worse. Dolly Durkins, an anti-Zombie activist for Dead Enders, and Peyton, the Chief of Staff for whoever happens to be Mayor (since Floyd Baracus was killed last season), square off in a war of words on the Johnny Frost show. The exchange gets very heated. Dolly wants the head-smashing guillotine to come back into use and wipe out the Zombies.

Blaine gets a visit from Major Lilywhite. As a reminder, Major is now the head of Fillmore Graves, in charge of policing Seattle. Blaine is in charge of smuggling brains into the city to feed its Zombie population. The brain supply has run low. Someone is constricting the flow of brains into the city.


Major vs Blaine


Blaine narrows it down to five border guards, who he has been paying off, but are now not doing their job. He confronts them. They all stopped letting brains in illegally because they were swayed to stop helping the undead population because of the video. Blaine threatens them and their families. All but one of the five agree to go back to accepting bribes and turning the blind eye to it all. All but one returns to work the next day. The brain supply goes back up.

Liv and Clive are getting nowhere.

They are going through missing person reports and may have a lead. They talk to the woman’s boyfriend, who seems very distraught by her absence. They pinpoint the missing woman’s cell phone. Arriving at the location, they find the phone, her clothes, and the boyfriend. There is no body.


Dolly vs. Peyton


Dolly Durkins has decided to take things in her own hands. She is now the leader of a terrorist group that recruits suicide bombers to take out Zombie targets. In this case, a checkpoint that Major and his group are headed to. They watch as everything explodes.

There seems to be two possibilities here. One is that more and more hungry Zombies are going rogue and preying on the human inhabitants of Seattle. This unlucky woman may have been the latest victim. The second lies in Major’s daily chore of looking through requests of people to leave Seattle. One rejected application was from a woman, originally from Chicago, who got stuck in Seattle when the walls went up. She wants to go back home to her husband and four children. Is there an underground group helping humans leave Seattle? We already know that there is an underground group, led by Liv as Renegade, helping terminal patients to come into Seattle to become Zombies.

Speaking of Renegade, the most recent pick up is a young man with terminal cancer who is being abused by his foster father. The pickup meets the youth to find that he has two girls with him. They are also being abused by the same man. The youth doesn’t go without the two girls.

Plans do not go as well as the two girls are found stowing away on the bus by Federal Border Guards. Things look bleak.

Ravi has his own problems with the CDC. A new employee, Dr. Collier, has stumbled onto the same thing that Ravi found. A protein in the brain of certain young people can cure the Zombies. We saw this with Isodore last season. Her brain was originally for Liv. She gave it to Bozio to cure her after Clive and she married. Bozio, now human, is in fact pregnant.

Ravi pleads with Dr. Collier. He knows that if she tells of her findings, those that have this protein will be hunted down and killed. She finally relents and said she was wrong on how much was needed. Ravi is grateful and feels that there is a friendship to be found here.

The season starts well, picking up from where it left off. The show continues to be fast-paced and well written. Rahul Kohli’s performance as a tough guy is amazing and hilarious. It was nice to see that he got to be the character this time.

Ravi Vs The World


I will be curious to see where this all goes because Rob Thomas, who created and writes the show, has promised some big deaths this season. There could be some gut-wrenching moments to come. Stay tuned. I know I will.


Oh yeah….

Where is Liv’s family?


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