James Wan to Build Amusement Park Based on his Movies!

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James Wan to build giant swirled themed amusement park with rides that play music box songs, and Annabelle doll mascots walking the streets.

We met up with Wan at his office in Bermuda, CA to discuss his amazing plans and this is what he had to say to us:


BW: So, looks like you’re pretty excited about this amusement park. What can you tell us about it?

Wan: Oh yeah! This is the best idea I’ve ever had! I woke up one morning and said, screw this! I’m done directing! All my life I’ve wanted to be like Walt Disney, and now I have all the money I need to make my dream a reality!

The Wanland Amusement Park and Supernatural Arcade Emporium© will be split up into four different sections, each based on a theme from one of my super amazing movies!

There’s Sawland Park (my personal favorite), Annabelle Land, Conjuring Town and Insidious Island!

Sawland Park has a Spiral Jigsaw Maze, where you are chased by midgets wearing the Jigsaw® doll costume riding on tricycles! If you don’t get out in time, you’ll be forced into a death trap and have to fight your way out. Adults only, and every participant has to sign a legal waver before entering the maze.


The Jigsaw Deathtrap Spiral Maze™ features realistic rusted metal staircases like this one for an authentic experience.


There’s several game themed rides and attractions, including “Why Did I Ever Want To Do This!” an interactive virtual reality game using the Oculus™ where you can select any main character from the Saw franchise and physically experience the pain and agony that they went through in the movies!

At the food court there will feature meals such as, broken glass salad topped with endive and balsamic vinaigrette dressing, fresh sawed BBQ ribs that the guest gets to hack off personally with a keepsake bone-saw, and used needle pudding that comes in a commemorative Jigsaw doll head cup. Three times a day, our performers hit the stage to bring “Saw, the Musical” to life! It’s outstanding! The third act is to die for!

Conjuring Town has street performers playing the Warrens from the movies walking around and exorcising people, and taking “haunted” items off of people and locking them up in their haunted “latched onto” items room in the town square. You have to pay to get your stuff out! It’s hilarious!

We’ve even imported 13 genuinely haunted houses from around the globe, complete with their own demonic Inhuman entities still attached to them for people to experience poltergeist and object possession first hand. It’s like a petting zoo for ghosts!



Survive all the haunted houses and win this commemorative possessed James Wan Big Top Circus music box! *real ghost not included


Insidious Island has a normal haunted house section, complete with real ghosts imported from New England, and a section in The Further, where people can journey by entering our “sleep pods” (top secret design) and following our native spirit guide as they astrally project themselves into the Nethersphere. You can even Tip Toe through the Tulips with the Insidious demon!

BW: Really? Is this for real?

Wan: This is the real deal! I’ve had scientists working on this for years. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret, the scenes in the movie where Patrick Wilson’s character travels to The Further to rescue his comatose son? It’s real footage taken directly from his mind via a patented brain wave reader helmet.

BW: Can we see it?

Wan: Well, I’d show you, but then I’d have to kill you in an elaborate death trap.

BW: We’ll pass, thanks. What about Annabelle Land, that sounds like something really special!

Wan: Annabelle Land has streets swarming with Annabelle mascots. You can even go and sit on the lap of a giant Annabelle Doll in a rocking chair statue in the center of the park to get your picture taken with it.

Annabelle land also has a special section where the ventriloquist puppets from Dead Silence live in a theater! They perform four times  a day, and some lucky victim from the audience is chosen to become one of them forever after the show!


dead silence

One of us! One of us!


BW: When is Wanland going to be open to the general public?

Wan: Once we work out some bugs with the Annabelle™ animatronics and genuine ghosts in Conjuring Land, we’ll get OSHA© approval and open her right up for people to come visit.

You heard it here first folks! The Wanland Amusement Park and Supernatural Arcade Emporium© is scheduled to open sometime in Summer of 2016.

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