M is for Midpoint – A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

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One of my favorite sayings is “Math is Life.” I do firmly believe that. DuPont once used the slogan “Without Chemicals, There Would Be No Life.” I feel that way about Mathematics (yes, capital M).

So, we have reach point M on the line segment whose endpoints are A and Z, with point M being equidistant from each endpoint. It doesn’t matter the length of the segment; we are in the middle.

In the Venn Diagram of Life, each of these films are not mutually exclusive events. They all share the characteristic of having been produced in the 2000’s. Some are as recent as 2013.

venn diagram of death

The Venn Diagram of Death

So, get out your slide rule and calculate the number of screams and shivers that some of these films will give you. Feel free to plot them on a graph and do a regression analysis.



Many studios in Europe want to see a short film treatment of a proposed feature before they fund it. “Mama” is just such a treatment. I haven’t seen the feature, but the short is very scary, very intense and very enjoyable. I believe that some of the critics of the full movie didn’t use some of those words. From Spain, 2008, written and directed by Andres Muschietti, who did the same for the 2013 feature. Muschietti is currently at the helm of the retelling of Stephen King’s “It”.



Is it a music video? Is it a short film? Creative genius animator Cyriak would have you believe that it is both. I believe. From 2009, the Zombie Apocalypse never looked so cute or sounded so good.



Just a girl and her doll, and an intruder. From 2013, directed by Ray Sullivan. This little delight is from Ireland.

Mother Died


Our friends, or perhaps fiends, at UK’s Bloody Cuts, brings us another view of the Zombie Apocalypse. Not as cute or as musical, it becomes the last ditch effort of a daughter after her mother dies and she is left alone. From 2012, Neill Gorton is the director. Mr. Gorton is better known for his special effects that can be seen in “Dr. Who,” “Torchwood,” and “The Sarah Jane Adventures.” Makes me an instant fan!



What is the horror that chases him? The animation seems crude and clunky. But it fits the overall tone of this 2013 short. From Elisabet Yr Atladottir from Denmark.

Monster Job Hunter

MONSTER JOB HUNTER (short film) from Yehudi Mercado on Vimeo.


Some interviews are harder than others. This 2007 short was directed by Yehudi Mercado and has a huge budget of $50,000. Sorry, I don’t think they spent that much!

Mr. Hublot


Winner of the 2013 Oscar for best Animated Short. Sometimes, the kind gesture you do grows to an unwieldy monster. What do you do then? One of the best short films out there. Comical, endearing and creative, it deserves every accolade it obtains. Directed by Alexandre Espigares and Laurent Witz, who wrote the story. Mr. Espigares can also be found attached to such films as “9” and “Happy Feet 2”, along with series “Star Wars-The Clone Wars”.

Well, that ought to keep you all exponentially happy for the time being. Once again, Vimeo and YouTube supplies the shorts, and IMDB supplies the interesting facts and the correct spelling of everyone’s names.

N is next!

You can count on it!

Non-Horror Bonus

“Multiplication Rock – Figure Eight” sung by the immortal Blossom Dearie.

Math is Life!

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