Laughing While Your Brain is Eaten: a Review of Zombie Short Films

Just because I finished the ‘A to Z’ Series on Short Films, it doesn’t mean that I stopped watching them!   Often, we take life very seriously, sometimes, too seriously. Zombies spreading across the world has always been a worry and should be the cause of great concern. Or, should … Read More

Z: Our International Zombie Extravaganza! – A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series-The Finale

Every country seems to have a spin on the Zombie Apocalypse. But we don’t get a real chance to see many of them. Okay, Spain gave us the “[REC]” series and the UK gave us “28 Days Later” and “Shaun of the Dead,” but how many of you have seen … Read More

The Letter “Y”– A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Over the course of this series, I have already written 25 articles (for those counting, I did two articles for “R”). This is number 26. As with the last article, “Y” titles are not as numerous, but more so than “X”. For the most part, I can stay with the … Read More

The Letter X – X-Rated! An A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

  Lock Grandma in her room! Send the kids to a Pixar film! Draw the shades! Shut off the lights! We are gonna get raw! We have it all: Violence, Sex, Nudity, Genitalia. All in living color, except for one that is only in black and white. Yes, there are … Read More

W, Not Double You! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

So, now I have stooped to using a scene from a comedy film. Extra points to your House if you can name the film! Today, the film landscape is dotted with zombies, double features, more zombies and a surprise classic. Most are from the US, although France figures into the … Read More

V Vant to Suck Your Blood– A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Okay, just as no self-respecting Dracula would say “Blah, Blah, Blah,” (Thank you Adam Sandler in “Hotel Transylvania”), no Dracula ever said “I vant to suck your blood.” I did say that titles were hard to come by! Worse than that, there are no vampire films on this list. Here … Read More

U Ought to Be in Pictures, But Not in These! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

I would have thought that the Letter “U” would be tough. But I was wrong. There are quite a few with a “U” as a header. This time, we are going to both ends of the Millennium, with a couple of films by pioneers and then a view of what … Read More

T and Cyanide! No Sympathy! — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Sit down. Have something to drink. Would you like a scone with that? Maybe the antidote?   Here we are again, dear viewers. Another letter, another group of intriguing short films. As with “R” and “S”, the letter “T” has a good quantity of choices. To go along with this, … Read More

S-omewhere Under the Headstone – A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

You can tell that this series is winding down as the titles are getting less and less creative and more and more ridiculous. I had a vision of an undead Dorothy Gale, singing to a skeletal Toto in an alternate Kansas. Hence the title. Today, we travel to Canada, France, … Read More

R You Xperienced? Part Two of a Two Part Article on the Letter R — A to Z Short Horror Film Review Series

Two directors have really impressed me with their visions of horror. When coming up with this series, I felt that when I got to this letter, I had to give them their own article.   There are many good things that come from Canada. This filmmaker may be one of … Read More