Scream Queens Episode 6 “Seven Minutes In Hell”

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When last we saw the sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau, they were voting for sorority president. Would sitting prez Chanel Oberlin be dethroned by upstart Zayday Williams?

I’ll spare you the suspense.

It’s a tie and the two become co-presidents.

At first, Chanel is put off by the outcome and throws an epic tantrum. For the canceled Pumpkin Patch, the mayhem caused by the murders and Chanel’s failure to clinch the election, poor Chanel #5 takes the blame.

In the privacy of her considerable quarters, Chanel explains to 5 and 3 that she herself voted for Zayday as well. She explains that being the boss in times of extreme crisis is dangerous. You get a target on your back.

Chanel #5 is raked over the coals for her relationship with pledge Sam aka Predatory Lez.

Zayday is given the mythical golden key to the storage room containing the bloodstained bathtub as a symbolic gesture.

Grace suggests that the established sisters know more than they’re saying about the murders, so acting president Zayday comes up with a slumber party idea. The hope is that the girls will divulge secrets during the overnight party via a game of Truth Or Dare.

It is announced to the crew and 3 vehemently suggests playing Spin The Bottle, while glancing over at Sam. A vote is taken and the sleepover is ratified.

Let the pajama party begin!




At the frat house, the Dickie Dollar Scholars are busy cheering on Caulfield, the armless victim of the Red Devil, who is sucking up pasta from a bowl. He swallows 4 liters of canned pasta in 45 seconds.

The Scholars confront Chad Radwell about his penchant for sleeping with any woman in his vicinity. The boys know about Dean Munsch and security guard Denise Hemphill. Chad vows to sleep with only popular girls, focusing exclusively on Chanel. The gents plan to crash the Kappa slumber party.

During Spin the Bottle, Hester and Candleblogger kiss, and then Chanel #3 takes over. She says a silent prayer that she’ll get Sam. It takes two spins, but they get their kiss. We learn that a deranged former boyfriend of 3 was obsessed with her ears and threatened to cut them off, so she wears earmuffs to protect herself. Sam is interested, but Chanel #3 is worried that the Manson insanity in her blood will destroy Sam’s life.




The Chanels make chocolate covered peanuts for S’mores using actual styrofoam packing peanuts to cut calories. Sam and Candleblogger discover that the house is locked down. Windows and doors are sealed up. We learn that Chanel had a special security system installed and that the killer may have hacked into it.

The lights go out! Noooo!

Chanel phones Chad for a rescue, and he reveals his hookups with Hemphill and the Dean. Armed with a ladder, beer and baseball bats, the Scholars stage a rescue of the trapped KKT sisters. Chad breaks through a second story window, leaving his armless brother on the lawn.

Meanwhile, the Red Devil appears with a fire axe and decapitates Caulfield.

Grace suggests leaving school to avoid the Red Devil forever, but Zay won’t hear of it. She won’t be bullied by some crazed maniac.

Truth Or Dare begins.

Candleblogger and the awesomely stupid Chad have a debate over the effectiveness of the game. She claims that the killer would simply lie after choosing Truth, and he explains that the game is called Truth or Dare, rendering deceit impossible. Yikes.

During the game, 5 is accused of having a toothed vagina, Sam reveals that Charles Manson is #3’s father and is then dared to nap in the bloody bathtub in the storage room in the basement. She is handed the gleaming key.

Sam creeps through the dark and creepy basement and approaches the Death Tub. She is attacked by the Red Devil and thrown into the tub. After Sam begs to see the Devil’s true face, the costumed killer removes his or her mask.


“I knew it. I knew it was you. Please, you don’t have to do this… I could help you.”


The Devil has other plans, and Predatory Lez goes bye-bye.

Chad comments on the total lack of food in the house. He believes the Devil raided the fridge in an attempt to starve them until Hester explains that the girls only ingest wine coolers and laxatives. Radwell attempts to break up with Hester, but finds he may have gotten in hot water with the wrong kind of crazy.

Chanel wants to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with Chad and disappears with him into her bedroom. During a make out session, Chanel asks him to be exclusive, and he agrees to…. kind of. He even pinky pledges!

Roger and #5 take the next turn, failing to hear Hester’s bloodcurdling scream.

In the basement, the gang finds Sam sprawled out dead in the tub. It is pointed out that the house is locked, meaning that the killer is most likely among them. Upstairs, Roger and #5 make out as he describes the relief of finally being free of his twin, Dodger. The Red Devil rises up as Roger begins to teach #5 his secret clicking language he had with his dead brother, and it’s the nail gun to the head for ol’ Roger. Rather than killing our girl Chanel #5, the Devil flees.



Oberlin accuses #5, Hester and Pete of being involved after Chad explains that there are multiple killers.


Chad discovers a trap door leading to a secret tunnel system which opens into a closet in the KKT house. The co-presidents, Chanel and Zayday, decide to enter the tunnels to find a safe exit for the girls.




Down below, they find a series of memorial portraits to the past presidents of a Kappa in an elegantly tiled corridor. We learn of the hideous legacy of Kappa’s past before the Red Devil steps into view with two axes.



I’m here to “axe” you to some questions.

Chanel escapes and Zay falls, only to be attacked by the caped villain. All seems lost until Chanel shatters a lamp over the Devil’s noggin and the girls race out of harm’s way.

Cathy and the cops arrive the following morning. Police will be posted outside Kappa house until the killer is caught. The Dean is loving it, because the killer’s focus on one sorority means that the rest of the campus is perfectly safe. Wes tries to pull Grace out of KKT, but Zay stops him.

Chanels 5 and 3 exchange consolations over the deaths of Roger, Sam and Dodger. The two girls make a pact to outlive Chanel.

Miss Oberlin passes out gifts: pink nunchaku to defend themselves!




Now it’s Dance Party time! As the ladies get their groove on, a certain crimson enemy glares through a window.

Four episodes until the unmasking.

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