Sex! Murder! Raves! Scream Episode 9!

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 Scream Episode 9 “The Orphanage”

The morning after Kieran was forced to dress up like Ghostface at the carnival, Emma comes downstairs to find Noah, Kieran and Audrey. They are  worried about her and want to have a nice, long talk. She runs from them and they pursue her into the kitchen, where a hunting knife gleams on the counter. She mumbles “No more talking” and stabs Audrey, Noah and Kieran to death.




Staring down at her blood-stained hand and the knife, she is suddenly awakened by Maggie in the Duval kitchen, waving around an ordinary steak knife.

It’s the middle of the night, and she’s having a recurring nightmare.

The next morning, Emma describes her sleepy time troubles to Kieran. He thinks she’s being too hard on herself after everything they’ve been through. A few scary dreams are to be expected.

Kieran is no longer a huge fan of Audrey, after Emma shared the news that her best friend was once in league with murderous evil. Meanwhile, at the Jensen residence, Audrey flips through digital photos of her friendship with Emma and broods.

Miguel looks in on Stavo and finds his bedroom empty, so he calls him. In Brooke’s bedroom, the cell rings but Stavo doesn’t pick up. He’s too busy lying around mostly naked with Miss Maddox.


“Do you think I’m creepy?”

“Yes, but you say nice things to me and you smell kind of good.”

“Who’s creepy now?”

“Still you.”


She rubs her aching, hung over head and the pair eventually kiss and embrace, and not in a “just friends” kinda way. Not like you and your Aunt Hilda at Easter dinner. She pulls away, citing her lack of moving past Jake. She can’t be with someone else until the case is solved. He’s cool with that, for now. As he prepares to leave he gets an angry text from his father. Think Stavo cares?

He careth not!

While Brooke is out of the room, he picks up and sniffs a tube of her lipstick before stealing it.

At school, Brooke is let in on the latest news by Emma and Kieran.




She can’t believe that Audrey was a part of what happened to them last year. As they walk the halls angrily, Haley Myers pops up.


“Hey guys. Really enjoyed your freak show at the carnival last night.”


She is told to stuff it. The Three Angry Amigos confront Noah, demanding answers. He’s Audrey’s confidant and an obsessed follower of the investigation. Plus, it was his recording that was emailed to Emma. He is shocked to learn this, and sets about tracing the dummy email address that sent it.


“Audrey is just destroyed…”

“Audrey is destroyed? Our friends are being killed and she said nothing to anyone, including you, Noah.”


Emma has a point.

Audrey appears at the wrong moment, and faces hostility. Emma won’t accept that she wasn’t completely aware of Piper’s guilt, and slams her former friend into a row of lockers.

In her locker, Emma finds a lock of hair and an audio cassette marked “Emma 4.” Written on the locker mirror in lipstick is “Play Me.”

Meanwhile, Audrey and Noah argue over how the secret came out, the accidental recording and the rejection Audrey is going through. She mentions experiencing Emma’s rejection once before. Hmmm…




Audrey points out that Noah’s computer is virtually unhackable, so whoever sent the recording had to do so from his room. They both come to the same conclusion: Zoe Vaughn.

At the Duval house, Emma plays the tape. It’s a recording of her conversation with Miss Lang at the Grindhouse, in which she sounds a little unhinged. After the chat ends, Lang discusses Emma as being aggressive, violent and delusional.


“But I need her, so I’ll find a way to break through.”


Zoe, Audrey and Noah meet in his room. It’s a bit awkward. Noah checks his “Sent” folder to see if the recording was sent to Zoe’s email address.


Zoe claims that she took the file because of her obsession with “The Morgue.”




Noah begins hacking into the ISP of the person who emailed Emma.

Maggie identifies the second body burned in the fire with Seth Branson. It’s Eddie Hayes (Krueger was an alias he used), a clerk at the good ol’ Crescent Palms Motel.

Miguel, looking down at a beautiful drawing of Miss Lang bleeding out, tells Maggie that back in Phoenix, Stavo and his friend Kyle were fooling around with Miguel’s gun and Kyle was shot “accidentally.”

As the boy bled out, Stavo calmly sketched his death throes.

He shows Maggie the drawings.

Kieran and Emma go to the local hospital to see Lang, hoping to ask her questions. The injured teacher wakes up and starts screaming in terror at the sight of Emma, and two students are kicked out.

Emma is totally baffled. While talking about it at the nurse’s station, flowers for Miss Lang arrive. They’re daisies, just like the name Brandon James used to call Maggie. So who are they from?

The attached note reads:


“Krissy, Feel better. Love, Piper”


That’s not good.

Kieran slips back into Lang’s room and steals her house keys from an envelope of her belongings. At the police station, Stavo enters his father’s office to root through case files. He finds detailed photos of Jake’s bloody body, and the texts between Mayor Maddox and Jake. He snaps pics with his phone.

The faster he solves Jake’s murder, the faster he gets back into Brooke’s bed. Men!

He also finds a file on himself, with his drawings and a photo of the James mask.

Noah finally hacks the dummy email account. It came from Zoe Vaughn, but Zoe is adamant that she wasn’t involved. Audrey storms out, determined to make things right with Emma.

After she’s gone, Zoe and Noah put their names together to make “Zoah.” I’m kidding. Actually they have sex in multiple positions all around the room. Goodbye, virginity. As Noah is busting out his love moves, he tears down a movie poster for the fictional slasher film “The Virgin Stabbing.” There’s sweat and moaning as action figures are swept off tables to make room for the partners.

After Zoe is blown away his skills, Noah credits the sex scene in “Phantasm 2” as his education.

Kieran and Emma break into Miss Lang’s house, looking for something suspicious. In the teacher’s bedroom, they discover an upside down black and white photograph of children at an orphanage called Blessed Sisters Children’s Home. Two of the children are named Piper Shaw and Kristin Lang. And no, it’s not a coincidence. Lang is the childhood friend of Emma’s psychotic half-sister.

But who turned the photo upside down to catch their eye?

Noah and Zoe canoodle in a sheet fort they made. He can’t figure out how the killer knew to frame Zoe, or knew about the recording.

Then it hits him.

The camera in the storage unit where Jake was deposited, the one Noah brought back to upload footage from, also contains a microphone. The killer has been listening to every word they’ve been saying for weeks.

Noah gets a call from Emma, asking about Blessed Sisters. It was a notorious former insane asylum turned orphanage that eventually closed due to an abuse scandal involving children and an instructor in the attic. And it’s pretty close to Lakewood.

Stavo shows Brooke the texts between her father and her dead boyfriend. She immediately confronts Quinn, because the errand Jake was sent on—burning down the failed Wren Lake Estates development– ultimately killed him.

Audrey types an apology letter to her best friend, until her phone rings.


“I’m sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin, but unfortunately that means he has to die. If you want to pick up the pieces, here’s the address.”


She gets an e-Vite for “Face The Mask,” a rave being held in some old abandoned orphanage. Blessed Sisters. Yeah, that was the name.

At the orphanage, Noah, Zoe, Kieran and Emma find the place packed with party-goers all wearing Brandon James masks. A girl they meet thanks Emma for throwing the party and then shows her the e-Vite. It lists Audrey and Emma as the masterminds behind the celebration.

Zoe decides to turn off the power and kill the music so they can figure out what’s going on without massive distractions. Kieran calls Acosta as Emma spots Haley Myers handing out masks.

Haley says her “special friend” asked her to throw the party and put Emma and Audrey on the e-Vite to attract their attention. He prefers to remain anonymous. It’s someone she’s seeing romantically. Haley carries a box of masks upstairs, hearing doors opening and closing behind her. Someone else is here.

As Kieran searches the party floor to find his group of friends, Stavo watches him from the shadows as dancers writhe around them.

Audrey shows up, and Emma is at least civil. They look out for Noah, who has been threatened by the killer. In a storage room on the second floor, the unmasked killer approaches Haley wearing the black hood. She leans in to kiss him and he flips down the mask resting on the top of his head.

Haley drops to her knees.


“I guess I’ll just have to find somewhere else to put my lips.”


Her masked friend has other ideas, and produces a knife.

There’s something about this particular death that makes an impact.

She is slashed across the chest, leaving an open bloody swath, then stabbed in the gut as she tries to flee. Once Haley falls, she is butchered with the knife while screaming. The wet crunchy sound effects of the blade piercing her are excellent.Because I love you, loyal Bloody Whisper readers, I counted the exact number of times poor Haley gets stabbed. Counting the chest slash, it’s 12.



It’s surprisingly brutal for television. I liked Haley, too. But if you’re a costumed super secret killer, you can’t have your girlfriend walking around town telling everyone about who is beneath the mask.


Zoe and Noah turn off the power. Emma and Audrey get a group text:

“Better get upstairs before your better half rots.”


In a darkened room, the two girls find dozens of photos of Piper Shaw and a woman seated in a chair staring at them. Her back is to them. As they shine a smart phone light on her, we see that it is the rotting, freezer preserved body of Piper Shaw. She’s looked better.

The cops arrive and in the aftermath, Audrey and Emma discuss the killer’s tactics with Miguel, until he is called away to look at something.

Brooke and Stavo meet at Brooke’s hotel room, where he asks her if they are “special friends.” She doesn’t want to be alone, and he can’t sleep over with her dad in the house.

On the main floor of the now evacuated party, Acosta and his team find Haley strung up between two support beams, displayed as if she were a slaughtered pig.

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