Top Ten Halloween Party Movies

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Halloween is nearly upon us! It’s time to start preparing with our Top 10 List of Spooky Party Movies!

Whether you’re looking for outright frightful or totally absurd silliness that lampoons genre conventions, here’s a list of 10 horror films to liven up your Halloween celebration!




It seems the spandex clad customers at Rhonda’s Health Club are getting murdered by a crazed killer wielding a giant safety-pin. Can heroic detective Chuck Dawson put a stop to the madness?



This movie is pure magic for fans of unintentional hilarity. Along with “Iced,” it was one of the movies I showed at my very first annual Halloween party in 1999. It features the world’s dumbest cop and a fairly obvious suspect who actually turns out to be the killer. If you love the 1980’s, endless montages involving aerobics and boneheaded victims being menaced by huge safety pins, you’ll enjoy this obscure classic.





9. ICED (1988)



A group of friends gather at a new ski resort to check out the slopes, only to be hunted by a murderous enemy from the past. You better get off the slopes before you get iced!



If you like mullets, prosthetic legs, ski equipment used to kill, the most asinine motive for serial murder you’ve ever encountered, hazardous night skiing, mullets again, late ’80s cheesy rock music and lots of situations that could never realistically take place, you’ll have fun with this frosty slasher.’

This isn’t the actual trailer for the movie, but it’s the closest thing to one that we could find. Enjoy!



Not every great Halloween party flick has to actually feature Halloween itself, but featuring awful hairstyles with frosted tips is a must.




The elite students at snobby Crawford Academy are being sliced and diced by a mysterious killer. What madman is behind the murders and how does it connect to the near death of student Virginia Wainwright?

You say you crave creative killings and an atmosphere of dread? Cut yourself a slice of one of the finest slasher flicks that sprang up in the wake of Carpenter’s Halloween. It has some terrific cinematography, bloody practical effects and a tricky plot twist.



7. THE CONVENT (2000)



Adrienne Barbeau as a vengeful, shotgun toting badass fighting demons during a Halloween party in a cursed convent. Wannabe Satanists, demonic possession, a hot Goth girl and a lunkhead jock connecting…..did I mention shotguns?

This sharply written horror comedy features plenty of action, evil nuns, scares and laughs.






This unsettling, skin crawling, horror classic follows five friends on a relaxing vacation trip who run afoul of the deadly cannibalistic Sawyer clan in rural Texas. Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece has a raw edge that holds up to this day, particularly in the wake of bland remakes and cartoonish, lackluster sequels.

This is one saw that still has sharp teeth.



5. DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004)



Survivors of a zombie apocalypse meet in a shopping mall and barricade themselves in as the dead rise to devour and infect the living.

Shockingly effective remake of the George Romero zombie movie, this sequel combines stellar makeup effects, extremely frightening zombies, sympathetic characters and dynamic zombie fighting action, including an epic battle scene involving armored vehicles. Suspenseful, crowd pleasing survival horror that gets a bad rap because it’s a remake of a revered classic. Unlike Gus Van Sant’s hideous “Psycho” retread, Zack Snyder’s “Dawn Of The Dead” is a superior film to the source material.



4. THE DESCENT (2005)



A group of lady friends in their thirties go on an adventure each year. This time they picked the wrong one: a spelunking expedition into a cave system where a group of miners became trapped decades before, and slowly evolved into lethal humanoid critters who hunt by sound in the darkness.

In addition to hungry monsters, the women face their own personal demons and betrayals, as well as the unfamiliar cavernous terrain.

Awesomely suspenseful ride with twists and turns and creepy bastards crawling out of every rock crevice. And blood. Lots and lots of blood. The film is a triumph of incredible set design, as well.

Claustrophobes whom loathe tight spaces will remember “The Descent.”



3. TRICK R TREAT (2007)




Five creepy, funny tales that take place in the same neighborhood one Halloween night. A couple faces dark consequences when the wife blows out the candle in a jack o’ lantern before the stroke of midnight, a local high school principal kills students every Halloween, a seemingly innocent girl dressed as Red Riding Hood meets a mysterious and handsome stranger, a group of nasty kids play a dangerous game and a man who despises the holiday meets the pint-sized personification of it.

Made as a cinematic love letter to Halloween, this beautifully shot and perfectly cast anthology rocks! It gave us the horror icon Sam, who will return in the upcoming sequel “Trick r Treat 2.”







A creepy old funeral home packed with monstrous evil waiting to be unleashed by a group of over-sexed friends having a Halloween party with kegs of beer, mystical seances and questionable fashion choices. Here we have some nifty demonic special effects, trashy scares and sexy Scream Queen Linnea Quigley. Followed by two sequels and a remake.

A guilty pleasure classic of ’80s horror!


1. HALLOWEEN (1978)



The defining statement on the holiday horror film, and one of the highest grossing independent films ever made, John Carpenter’s visceral masterpiece gave us the imperiled but courageous babysitter, the coldly implacable killer stalking the placid streets of suburban America, and the most effective use of music in a horror film EVER.

Halloween rejects blood and gore for psychological suspense and introduced the film world’s most terrifying stalker, Michael Myers.

Incredibly clever cinematography, the palpable sense of regular people caught up in a nightmare beyond their control, a likable heroine and perfect holiday atmosphere.




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  1. I’m trying to find a b horror movie. Opening scence is 1775 in north carolina. Farmer n his wife n daughter near a pumkin patch. Celebrating halloween. Then the father said you always give back what you take. A protector monster kills the parents. Then it fades to the future. Or present day n it goes on

    • Hmmm…that’s a tough one. Do you remember what year it came out? Or any other details, like character names or what the monster looked like?

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