I Got STUNG, but I’m Feeling No Pain with this Gooey Monsterfest!

  “Stung” (2015) A garden party is swarmed by giant mutant killer wasps that are hellbent on stinging people and turning them into human/wasp hybrid monsters. Hilarity ensues. Directed by Benni Diez and starring Clifton Collins Jr., Toney de Maeyer and Jessica Cook.   Have you ever seen someone killed … Read More

THE BOOGENS Slithers into Your Heart with its Simple Charms

  “The Boogens” is a 1981 monster movie directed by James Conway, featuring fanged turtles with tentacles that are viciously guarding an abandoned silver mine. When the mine is bought and reopened, the Boogens go on a killing spree in an attempt to keep people out of the mine.   … Read More