Terror Trumps All! Scream Queens Episode 4!

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Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 4 “Halloween Blues”


We open on Chanel screaming her heart out as she lays next to the recently deceased Chad Radwell on the slab at a morgue. For some reason, she is dressed like Jackie O. The Chanels, Cathy, Zayday and Dr. Holt enter, sporting varying degrees of concern. No. 3 seems to be kind of bored by it all.

Munsch points out that their working theory that the killer is the baby born to the wife in 1985 may not be viable anymore, because that baby would grow up despising the hospital. Chad Radwell had no association or employment with the C.U.R.E Institute, so why kill him? Also, on a side note, who slaughtered the hospital staff in Halloween of 1986? The baby would’ve been one year old at that point, and the killer was far too hulking and tall to be the mother.

Chanel chastises her friends for their lack of grief over Chad. Special Agent Denise Hempfield shoos everyone out of the morgue so she can examine Chad’s body using “FBI techniques.”


When they’re gone, she mourns him and recalls role-playing sessions where she and Chad acted out the plots of movies like “Brokeback Mountain,” complete with elaborate costumes. Denise promises to dress as Chad’s wife for Halloween and solve his murder.


It’s Halloween.

Cathy and Denise visit Hester’s basement cell beneath the hospital. Hester warns them of an oncoming massacre, and advises them to throw a huge Halloween bash to draw the killer out. Absolutely terrible idea, but Denise and Cathy love it. Hester begs to attend, so she can help catch the killer. During the conversation, Munsch is summoned to her office.

Chad’s will is about to be read. It turns out that the entire Radwell family was killed in a freak accident, and Chad left all his money to….Cathy Munsch! The executor explains that the day he died, Chad called him and took Chanel’s name off his will. Oberlin is floored, and then brutally attacks the man.

Hmmm, very suspicious. Why would the killer want to fund the hospital this way?

So how will Chanel, now left with no boyfriend or ticket to a wealthy lifestyle, cope? By reviving the ancient tradition of Chanel-O-Ween, of course! And this time, she’s really going to drive home the point that she despises her fans by raiding the hospital morgue and biohazard bins for organs and blood bags to give as gifts. Awww, she shouldn’t have!

Dr. Holt diagnoses Chanel with anxiety rashes after she starts getting sick. He gives her a solution of colloidal silver to clear up the rashes, and also asks her about progress in the Green Meanie case. Is he fishing for inside intel for a dark purpose? She is instructed to take the solution and get some rest. Her rashes should vanish overnight.

In the morning, Chanel is blue. Not sad or depressed, but literally Smurfette blue. Wha!


Denise decorates the hospital with hanging body parts and lights. The power fails. She searches the corridors until the Green Meanie leaps out and thunks his machete into the wall where her head just was seconds before. Denise knees him in the crotch and tackles him. She ain’t afraid of no Green! At close range, Hempfield fires several shots from a pistol, and the killer flees, seemingly unharmed by the bullets. Afterwards, it’s back down to the basement for another chat with Hester.

The FBI has granted Hester 24 hours of limited freedom with an ankle monitor to attend the party. She may not leave the hospital grounds and at midnight, she must tell Denise who the killer is.

Also, she has to dress like Jason Voorhees and not remove her hockey mask all night so that no one realizes she’s been set free.

Oberlin confronts Denise about wearing Chanel’s wedding dress. They fight over who Chad loved more. Chanel accuses Denise of killing Chad, and they decide to settle it by bring out the ol’ Oujia board and asking Chad who he truly cared for.

First, Chanel must solve the blue skin issue. She bursts into Cathy’s office to find Dr. Holt sitting in her lap like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

“Chanel, I was looking all over for you. I mean, not literally, but in my mind I was.”

She’s furious over her new hue. Holt says the bottle was sabotaged and that he is not to blame. She then accuses Holt and his hand of murdering Chad, but Cathy was having sex with Brock the day of the wedding. He has an airtight alibi.

Chanel quits in a rage, and on her way out, encounters an eerie figure dressed as Ivanka Trump, who attacks her. After a brief chase with Ivanka carrying a sharp metal IV stand, Chanel falls,then tosses her high heel at her attacker before fleeing.

As she runs, Hester peels off her Ivanka mask.

Zayday and the Chanels discuss the attack. It turns out that Chanel No. 5 decided to dress as Ivanka for Halloween. All eyes go to her, and she opens the closet where her costume was hanging earlier. It’s gone. DUN DUN DUH! They immediately brand her the killer and ban her from the Halloween party.

It’s party time and the costumes are awesome!

Zayday is the Egyptian goddess Isis, Dr. Cascade is Ryan Lochte, No. 3 is Death, Cathy is Hamilton, Chamberlain is Mario from Mario Bro’s, Dr. Holt is a bloody mess as the script of “Batman v Superman.” And of course, Chanel is Smurfette. As they party, Ivanka enters.

And then Ivana enters.

What the heck!?

Ivanka is Chanel No. 5, chattering away with no clue who she’s even dressed as. They turn to ask Ivanka who she really is beneath the mask, when an elevator door opens. Dozens of sick partygoers stumble out, many of them dressed as Hamilton. They begin vomiting everywhere and hallucinating wildly. They were bobbing for apples when they fell ill, one helpful Snow White tells Zayday. She ate one of the apples and felt fine, and then watched a man in a green monster suit change out the water in the bobbing pail. Zayday realizes that the sudden influx of patients is a distraction created by the killer…but why?

Meanwhile, Chanel and Denise are summoning Chad from beyond. It works, and he admits that he loves Denise more. He also asks that Chanel kill his pet goat Rammy so they can be together in the Afterlife. He is friends with Jesus in Heaven. Chanel asks him who killed him, and as he’s about to answer, Zayday interrupts them. Nooooo!

No. 5 is on her way through a dark hallway carrying IV bags when she hears footsteps. She is approached by a masked Hester, who produces a huge knife. As Libby Putney prattles on about the costume, the Green Meanie stalks her from the shadows. Hester, one of the Red Devil killers, is about to come masked face to masked face with this season’s bad boy.

Behind the chattering Chanel, the Green Meanie raises his machete as Hester lowers her knife. Libby is stabbed deeply in the back and falls to the floor in shock and pain. His machete is still buried in her flesh as Hester walks away.

Denise hears No. 5’s cries in the hallway. The Green Meanie emerges to battle Denise once again. He throws punches on her, then electrifies her with defibrillator paddles. After three hits, Special Agent Denise Hempfield dies.

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