ThanksKilling the Musical

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ThanksKilling. A Thanksgiving movie to end all thanksgiving movies. A killer fowl mouthed Turkie and a ton of Thanksgiving puns, what more could you want? Wait. What’s that? You want a musical? You got it!



Yep. That’s right. ThanksKilling is now a musical. Be still my beating heart.


We here at Bloodywhisper love high quality horror, as much as we love the “so bad it’s good” B-movies of the genre. ThanksKilling is no exception. So imagine our delight when we discovered that the cult classic is now a musical! Oh the joy! The never-ending possibilities, the horrible songs about boobs that never end!


This has NSFW language, but boy is it fun!


Unfortunately, these are only previews but, they do give you a good idea as to what to expect!


You can download ThanksKilling the Musical on iTunes and Amazon. If you’re super interested, you can even purchase the license rights to bring the musical to your local theater group. Don’t axe them any questions, just make the hacks cut it up (On stage. With fake blood. And a singing Turkie.)


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