Scream: The Series Episode 5 “Exposed”

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The fifth episode of “Scream” marks a turning point for our heroine Emma Duvall, as she moves away from her popular friends Will and Brooke and grows closer to two outsiders; Kieran and Piper Shaw, whom is the true crime blogger that was drawn to the Lakewood murders.

Emma is having a pretty surreal morning. Illicitly shot footage of her and Will having sex for the first time has leaked in a majorly public way, and she’s suddenly the center of attention. Plus, her old pal Ghostface leaves her a photo of herself in bed with Will with “Just Like Your Mother” written on it.




Audrey provides support, but also points out that Emma was complicit in Nina’s video of Rachel and Audrey making out, “There is a little bit of cosmic justice at play here.”



“You said that you turned that damn camera off!”


Emma confronts Will, who explains that he never recorded anyone having sex and doesn’t know where the video came from. Meanwhile, Sheriff Hudson meets Mayor Quinn Maddox at the abandoned Lakewood General Hospital (now crawling with CSI techs and cops) and is dismissed from the case in favor of State Police Detective Lorraine Brock, who has a dark past with Hudson. Brock quickly takes charge.

Mr. Branson acknowledges Riley’s empty seat and introduces the class to Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter.” During class, a meme appears on everyone’s phones showing Will being intimate with Emma and the words: “Fastest Gun In Lakewood.” Will is taunted about his “three minute” performance by a classmate. Afterwards, Kieran meets Emma in the hall and tells her he did not watch the sex video.

“I like anticipation.” he remarks creepily. Yikes.

Then we learn that Jake and Will are keeping a secret from Emma involving freshman year.

During a candlelight vigil for Riley and Rachel, Piper reveals to Emma that Rachel’s parents see Audrey as a bully who forced their daughter into a sexual relationship. Brock and Hudson continue to bicker before Brock asks Emma to do an interview at the police station the next morning. Emma sees the Brandon James mask in the far reaches of the crowd, and then gets this adorable text message: “Tell that cop about me and you’ll get your mom’s heart in a box.”

During the interview with Lorraine, Emma lies about the calls and texts from Ghostface, calling them a prank she blew out of proportion. Brock immediately deduces that Rachel’s staged suicide was a message to the medical examiner.

Jake and Brooke loudly discuss the Freshman year Will/Emma secret at the coffee shop, barely three feet from where Emma is waiting tables. D’oh!

It is revealed that Nina challenged Will to sleep with the innocent Emma in 30 days, which is how Will first talked to her. Emma comes to the realization that her acceptance by the circle of wealthy and popular folks she called friends was based on a bet. She reaches the conclusion that Ghostface was right… her life is a lie and her friends are holding back sinister secrets.

Noah discovers a program buried in high school’s language arts server that allows a user to hack smart phone, webcams and security cameras. He and Audrey theorize that Nina and teacher Mr. Branson were recording blackmail footage using this malware.



They wanted these Halloween masks to be the one that Ghostface used, but the concept was turned down when the PR department got a hold of the new character design.


Mayor Maddox turns over $10 grand to the masked Jake, who silently shows him the offending footage. We see a cluttered room on the phone screen, but not much else. Lakewood’s top politician gets his nose broken by Jake and agrees to pay the remaining $90 grand. Afterwards, Will backs out of the blackmail plot.



“So then I said, we’re going to dump it all in the rear. Get it? Rear? Rear end? The butt? No? Then let me show you. We’ll use your body.”


Piper gives Emma liquor and explains that her father was murdered when she was very young and that the case remains unsolved, which is what got her into investigative journalism. A bond begins to form between the two women. Awwww, how sweet!

Gosh, I sure hope Piper’s dead father wasn’t named Brandon James.


Will turns up and is blasted into pieces by Emma’s fury. Not literally, but how cool would that be? She’s not too happy about being his lay bet.

After Brooke can’t locate her absent mom, who is apparently on a holistic retreat overseas, her dad comes clean. He checked her into rehab, and there will be no communication for 60 days. Because, you know, reasons.

During a self-defense class in school, Audrey easily flips Will and slams him into the mat. She leans down and whispers: “How does it feel to take it in front of everyone?”

Class ends, and Kieran and Emma kiss in the hallway. Awwww!




Audrey and Noah, still in their gym clothes, enter Branson’s empty classroom and hack his laptop. They discover the spy program and three usernames: Tyler O’Neil, Seth Branson and Riley Marra.




So did Riley know that Seth was a peeping tom? Is that what killed her?

Emma gets a phone call from Ghostface, which begins as a recording of her blasting Will to pieces verbally while Piper stood by earlier. Ghostface praises the “new Emma” who is seeing things differently now that secrets are being exposed.

“This game is just too damn fun!”

“My life is not a game.”

“Yes, it is. And when I say it’s over, you lose.”

Hudson explains to Maggie/Daisy about his past drug use and unhealthy relationship with Brock years before. The two finally hook up on the kitchen counter. Everybody is kissing everybody else in this episode. Kisses for EVERYONE! WOOO!!!

Jake brings Brooke pizza. We learn that Brooke’s house is packed full of security cameras. Jake informs her that Nina and Will were secretly blackmailing her father over a video recording. He says that Will has taken up where Nina left off, and then shows her the video. It’s security camera footage showing the Mayor removing a dead body wrapped in sheets from his trunk and hauling it inside.

Watching this via laptop security camera feed, the Mayor circles the name Will on a notepad. *gasp*

In the woods outside of town, Kieran teaches Emma to shoot with a handgun and they use coffee cans as targets.




Afterwards, they make love in the grass. Yay!


Clearly, the Mayor is not the killer. I think it’s far more likely that he was cleaning up a murder committed by someone close to him, like his wife. If he had the capacity for violence required of a cold-blooded killer, he would’ve simply stabbed Jake to death during the payoff. He seems fearful, as if being held hostage by some factor we haven’t seen yet. Plus Brooke has been miraculously spared the killer’s wrath so far, but three students involved in the blackmail videos are now dead. And Brooke’s mother would be the right age to have been a teenager during the Brandon James Massacre.



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