Alibis, Lies And Juicy Secrets! Scream Episode 6!

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Scream Episode 6 “Jeepers Creepers”

Noah podcasts about the effects of grief in the wake of Jake’s body being revealed at the school. Brooke stabs her pillows with a pair of scissors and Audrey ferociously works out with a punching bag.


Emma gets a call at home from Ghostface, who is looking for a decent hollandaise recipe. Actually, he wants to shake her confidence and find out why she didn’t tell everyone about their meeting while she was locked in Lang’s office.

Kieran shows up to apologize for handing over Jake’s phone to Acosta. She tells him about the visit in the office and the phone calls. Emma goes to Noah, ready to believe his accomplice theory. She sees Audrey’s photo on the Murder Board and is dumbfounded.

She flatly refuses to believe it.

Emma comforts Brooke and casts doubt on the Branson as Ghostface theory.


“It could be anyone this time, Emma.”


Downstairs at the Maddox house, Acosta tells the Mayor that he was unable to open Jake’s encrypted phone. In his car outside, the Sheriff reads the texts between Maddox and Jake.

Noah stalks Audrey around town until she catches on. He stealthily replaces her phone in her courier bag. Noah realizes that Eddie Krueger from the Crescent Palms Motel has never seen Audrey. If he does, he will be able to clear her name by saying she did not meet with Piper.

Noah attempts to contact the clerk by texting him a photo of Audrey. The killer replies from Eddie’s phone, instructing Noah to meet him at the Funhouse in the town fairgrounds that night.

Sounds safe, right?

The Mayor and the elusive Aunt Tina meet at a restaurant bar. He buys her a drink and they talk about the lock-down at the school and his very Mayorly haircut.

Brooke and Stavo meet for coffee. She wants him to bring her police information about Seth Branson from his father’s office. He’s down with the plan. And he succeeds, while Kieran and Acosta fight over the lack of information sharing between the survivors and the police.

Turns out Branson has an alibi for the time Jake was murdered. He was with Miss Lang, learning about psychology. I mean, screwing. They’re dating. What the hell!


“That makes absolutely no sense.”

“I know. She’s his age.”


Stavo encourages Brooke to kick some ass, while Audrey discovers that her phone has mystically reappeared. Noah puts together bolt cutters and a flashlight for the evening’s adventure, while Maggie forbids Em from leaving the house after dark.

Stavo shows Audrey why he is drawing all the bloody images of her pals. He’s making an awesome looking comic book based around the murders. He also tells her that while she may think him a crazed murderer who picked up Piper’s knife, he believes the same of her.

Miss Lang and Brooke meet, and the high school student tells her teacher that SHE slept with Seth Branson the night of Jake’s death, which means that someone is lying. Lang is stone faced, and then privately phones Seth in fury.

He doesn’t pick up because he’s busy chatting with Brooke about hooking up for some hot loving later on that night at a swanky hotel room.


Lakewood may only have one place to eat and drink coffee, but they are absolutely drowning in fancy hotels.


Maddox brings Tina back to his fantastically huge house and shoves her into a freezer. Just kidding. He pours her some cognac and she tries to put the sexy moves on him. The Mayor rebuffs her kiss but reveals a darker agenda. He wants her to pick up where Jake left off.

When Jake was attacked, he was entering Wren Lake Estates with a can of gasoline. Could it be that he was sent to burn down houses in the community? Why does Maddox hate the WLE project so much?

Though Emma was told not to go out after dark, she jumps in the family car anyway and promptly gets a flat tire.

At the fairgrounds, Noah searches for Eddie. He enters a hall of mirrors through a clown’s open mouth, before finally realizing he’s in a horror show.


“No. Uh uh. No. No way.”


He wisely gets the heck outta there. In his car, he gets drugged by Ghostface.

At the posh hotel, Brooke meets the Brans. He’s all ready for a night of kinky fun. Even his shirt looks sleazy. Brooke cuffs him to the headboard, blindfolds him and ties his feet. With a pair of scissors, she interrogates him about Jake, cutting his face. Branson reveals that he was meant to meet Jake the night of the murder to accept a payment to leave Lakewood and Brooke forever. Jake never showed.


After tormenting him, she leaves him cuffed and bound. Kieran changes Emma’s tire and tries to convince her not to go meet Eddie. She pinky swears and then does it anyway.

You can’t trust a Duval.

In his bedroom, Stavo is photographing himself shirtless wearing the mask. (As one does.) Brooke shows up just as he’s hiding it. She admires his physique and he comforts her in her Jake-less grief.

Noah wakes up tied to a carnival ride with a mysterious bag-headed figure behind him. It’s Audrey, who apparently was also kidnapped and tied up. Noah starts babbling about torture porn and Eli Roth before he finally tells Audrey that he saw everything on her phone.

Emma arrives late and searches the silent fairgrounds.

Noah begins confessing all his rather odd secrets in the face of impending death. They are hilarious. He basically also tells Audrey that he loves her in a way that goes beyond friendship.

When they hear Emma’s voice calling out, Noah tells Audrey about the meeting with Eddie at the fairgrounds. Horrified, Audrey explains that Eddie is already dead and the killer is posing as him, sending texts.

It’s a trap!

To Noah’s amazement, Audrey easily casts off her ropes and is magically free because she kidnapped the two of them. She did it to provide an alibi for herself by seeming to be in danger along with him.

Emma is chased by Ghostface through the midway, until she runs into Audrey, Noah and Kieran, who followed her. He’s pretty upset about her lie. She explains that she has to figure this out no matter what.

Acosta finally gets the FBI report back on the IP Address from whence the emails to Steve Duval from the dead Riley Marra came. It’s Emma’s computer!


Mystery solved at last. Season Two’s killer is Emma’s laptop wearing a hooded poncho. Did not even see that twist coming.


Kieran shows up to drop more info on his girlfriend. Her computer is going to be effing furious!

In the final moments, Audrey confesses to Noah about bringing Piper to Lakewood. She says she met the serial killer by asking her to collaborate on a documentary about Brandon James. Audrey feels connected to Brandon, who was shunned and mistreated by his peers. Like him, she harbors resentment towards the town. Piper told Audrey that she wasn’t killing anyone during the murders. She asks for his confidence in not telling Emma, as he secretly records the conversation on his computer.

Branson struggles away in the hotel room and Ghostface enters. The killer heats up an iron, then gruesomely saws off Seth’s right hand with the knife. As Branson lies there in shock, the iron is used to cauterize the wound and save his life.





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