The Cloverfield 2 Trailer is Here!

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10 cloverfield lane


If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Wait. What? There’s a sequel coming out in March and nobody told me about it?”

Yep. It’s true. You heard it here first.

“Cloverfield 2” is here, and it’s title is actually “10 Cloverfield Lane.” JJ Abrams kept it in the dark, with the working title of “The Cellar”


Well, for the very same reason why he did a super awesome and cryptic viral video marketing campaign for the first movie in the series.  To drum up interest and excitement at just the right time.


Just watch the trailer. It’s completely different in tone than the first Cloverfield movie, but damn does it look good!




J.J. Abrams describes it as a blood relative to the first Cloverfield movie. So you know that there’s going to be monsters in it. But just who are the real monsters? The people hiding out in the cellar or the aliens lurking outside the basement door? (You can read the entire interview here.)

“10 Cloverfield Lane” stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr.

It will be out in theaters March 11, 2016.


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  1. Do we get to see the monster this time?

  2. Nice scoop! Eat that, other sites. I was wondering if it would set some time in the future when the monster (or more likely, monsters) that survived the original film was now busy destroying the rest of the nation and people had to live in tunnels and bomb shelters.

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