Progeny: A Parasite, A Human Impostor and Its Offspring?

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“Progeny” (2015) Starring Brigid Macaulay, directed by Jeremiah Kipp. Director of Photography Leya Taylor and special effects by Arthur Cullipher from “Headless.” A woman goes on the hunt for sexual partners that will incubate her offspring.


progeny 1


Brigid Macaulay does an incredible job with what could be a very difficult role for some people. Everything she says is done with body language, from concerned frowns to uncomprehending head-tilts, she tells a tale of an alien mother impatient to make more of her kind. It’s amazing.

Everyone once in a while I come across a film that says so much, without using a single spoken word. “Progeny” is one of those films.




Jeremiah Kipp’s “Progeny” is quite simply, some of the best body horror I have ever seen. This short film is a new take on the classic Body Snatchers theme. The twist is unique and very creative, which is much appreciated considering all the remakes and rehashing of old stories we’ve been seeing the horror films lately.

While it is only 10 minutes in length, it is so engrossing that it feels like watching an entire feature-length film, a difficult task to be sure, and one that Kipp handles with style and grace.




I’ve been following this Indie horror director for five years now, and all I can say is that he is one to watch out for, as I have a really good feeling that he is going to be a household name in the future. Talents like his are rare, and he can make any horrific scenario morbidly beautiful.

One thing I have noticed about his directing style is that he loves to tell stories with the use of fantastic lighting, strong body language, and a solid musical score.



That look. Oh my.


While at first it looks like the main character is a vampire, she’s more like a parasite that lays eggs in victim’s bodies, and once the eggs hatch, they use the body for a meal. It’s terrifying.




There is a subtle use of the colors yellow, red and blue in every scene brings to mind a butterfly freshly emerged from its cocoon.




Some of the visuals are done with special effects by Arthur Cullipher, and boy are they impressive!



The infection is spreading, the “eggs” have been implanted.



The infection turns blue and the spots balloon out of the skin.


The transformation begins.



The Cocoon!


“Progeny” is a gem that I think every fan of horror should see. It has style, grace and some kick ass body horror scenes in it. The “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” ending is chilling.





I highly recommend that you see this as soon as it’s out.

I can’t wait to see what Kipp and Co. comes up with next!


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