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When we last left our Zombie-Darling, Olivia Moore, her whole world was falling apart. Detective Babineaux took her off the investigative team after she donned a superhero outfit to solve a case. She had to side with “Team Blaine” in order to find a couple of bodies that were mules for Mr. Boss and had tainted Utopium in their stomachs.

And she dumped Major.

Worse yet, unbeknownst to Liv, their ex-Zombie rat, “New Hope”, is now a zombie rat again. Dr. Ravi now sees that the cure is only temporary!

I should warn you, this is one of the best episodes of the season. For all the slow development of eight of the last nine episodes, this one runs at lightspeed! And some of the best one liners and Easter Eggs are also here.

And I’m about to spoil the whole thing for you.

We pick up the story just before Christmas.


Good News, Bad News, No Hot Zombie Sex

Good News, Bad News, No Hot Zombie Sex


Dr. Ravi has brought together Liv and Major at the apartment. He tells them that there is good news and bad news about New Hope the rat. The bad news is that Major could become a zombie again. The good news is that they could engage in some hot Zombie Sex now. Liv tells him that the two are no longer together.

Major mouths that she dumped him to Ravi.

Ravi cannot even tell Major when he may revert to Zombie form.

Major tells him, “You really need to work on the whole good news thing.”

Next, the group shows up at Blaine’s funeral home to tell him the same thing.

Blaine, without a scar on his face says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

Christmas Hits!

Major gives Liv the DVDs for both seasons of Zombie High as a gift.

Ravi asks, “What’s my gift?”

Major says in a low voice, “You don’t have to watch it.”


By the way, iZombie is in its second season.


The morgue takes in a victim dressed as Santa.

There’s gonna be a lot of disappointed kiddies this year

There’s gonna be a lot of disappointed kiddies this year


Ravi quips, “Yes, Olivia, there is a Santa Claus brain.”

Liv brings a Christmas dinner of traditional Peking Duck (ala “A Christmas Story”).

Meanwhile, in the basement of the funeral home, the elves are packaging up brains for Zombie Club. Blaine appears and gives everyone their Christmas presents, Benjamins! Don E. mentions that some of the customers are asking about Natalie, their Zombie prostitute that Major put on ice in episode nine.


Blaine’s response: “A new zombie hooker is not going to show up under the tree.”


Chief also shows up, with a lovely eyepatch to cover the eye was shot out by Mr. Boss’s flunky. Chief is carrying a paper bag and reveals that it contains the head of said flunky.

New Year’s Day

Liv trying to get back with Clive. She slips him a piece of paper with the solution to the Santa Claus murder. He tells her that her return will be one day at a time.

Don E. brings news that one of Blaine’s bodyguard scratched someone in a fight. Blaine is not as concerned about that. Someone is still picking off his customers. The papers now have named him the “Chaos Killer.”

It’s gonna be a great New Year’s Eve, unless you are running around the field where Mr. Boss’s mules were buried and, like Ravi and Major, you find less than nothing.




The new murder takes place on the set of Zombie High, while filming an episode of the third season.

Liv is over-the-top while visiting the set. Seems a real gun was substituted for a prop gun, and the current lead is now on permanent hiatus. Liv’s excitement spills over and Detective Babineaux looks to Dr. Ravi.


“She’s watched every episode…on purpose.”


Peking Duck and Zombie High

Peking Duck and Zombie High


Clive relents and asks for Liv’s help. The dead actor’s name is Jordan Mason Marsh.


For those my age, Jordan Marsh was an old department store chain.


While this is going on, we see Vaughn is working out under the watchful eye of Major. He is very satisfied with his physical results and Major’s success working through the Zombie Death List. Major seems happy with the praise and gives Vaughn a Fit Band, to help him keep track of his progress.

While on the set, Clive and Liv are allowed to partake of the catered food. They meet two extras, made up as Zombies, who give them some valuable clues. One of the extras makes an interesting suggestion.

“You know what would be fun? A zombie show where a zombie is the star.”

Clive bristles as the idea.

“That’s dumb,” he says.

Personally, I have to agree. A show like that would never make it on television.

On the way out, Liv asks Clive, “Why are you all twitchy?”

“Zombies freak me out,” Clive answers.

Gilda is still out for Major’s blood. She tells Vaughn that Major is playing him, reminding him that his ego sometimes blinds him. Vaughn gives it some consideration.

Liv finds Ravi watching her discs of Zombie High. She is about to mention something about the season two end with Ravi stops her.
“No spoilers, I’m only half way through season two.”

“I thought you hated the show.”

“It’s like mental pork rinds.”

I will have to use that line soon!

Doin’ the Robot, with a robot

Doin’ the Robot, with a robot


The current head of Research for Max Rager is Dr. Lockett. He approaches Major and says he’s going public about Max Rager. He wants him to tell the world if he disappears (like his predecessors) and hands him a flash drive. Major goes to Vaughn and tells him about Dr. Lockett. The two go to the sub-basement lab where he seals Dr. Lockett in the Zombie chamber with real Zombies. But before they dine on the good Doctor, Vaughn releases him and reveals that it was all a test of Major’s loyalty. He passed with flying colors.

Did Major see through the deception?

No. The Fit Band was bugged and he has been listening in on everything that Vaughn had been saying!

Turns out that the actor who shot Marsh was the next to be written off the show, and he knew it. To further incriminate him, he had read for the part of the Blue Ranger in a new “Power Rangers “Movie and he didn’t get it. Remember, Rose McIver had been a Power Ranger. Ravi is excited by the prospect of a new “Power Rangers” Movie.

Agent Bozzia visits Blaine, who is going by the name of John Deaux (pronounce Doe). Turns out, two victims of the Chaos Killer had his phone number on their cell phone. Her presence is an unhappy coincidence, as Don E. brought up a brain for Brain Club in a yellow cooler, which was identified in an FBI report. Blaine manages to get a message to Don E. and they get the cooler out before Bozzio is any the wiser.

Back at Babineaux’s desk, after a little verbal foreplay, she notices an artist’s sketch on his desk. It’s Blaine. He tells her that he’s wanted in connection with the Meat Cute Massacre. Bozzio says she just talked to him.


And I won’t even mention that discussion of my favorite smoking gun, the basset hound that Major is taking care of. Not a word about it.


So, there are three episodes left.


Who will turn back to a Zombie first? Blaine or Major?

Who will get arrested first? Blaine or Major?

What will Major do about Natalie?

What will Clive do if he finds out that Zombies are real?

Will he be all skeeved out when he finds out that Liv is one?

Will there be Hot Zombie Sex between Major and Liv?

Is Vaughn no longer suspicious of Major?

What will Gilda do next?

Will they find Mr. Boss’s mules before Valentine’s Day, or will we have to wait until Easter?

Will Minor, the basset hound, publish a tell-all book?

Next episode is February 2. The title is Fifty Shades of Grey Matter! Be there.

OY: (That means Oh Yeah. Better than P.S.)

There is a belief out there that the numbers are good enough for iZombie to go to Season Three! Stay tuned!

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