iZombie: Pre-“Two Part Season Finale” Recap

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A look at the past eleven episodes and an attempt to try to figure out where this season is going.

It has been a season of twists, turns, deaths and conspiracy theories. This season is like an onion. There are plots, subplots and subplots inside subplots. Sometimes, they are enough to put a donkey on the edge. So, in attempt to make sense of everything before the Fit Hits the Shan, I will try to go through where we are after the first eleven episodes to bring everyone up to speed.

Step up for the Zombie Tour of Seattle! First stop: The Wham Bam Shooting Range    Proprietors: Harley and Bo Johns

iZombie: Enter the Fist

Harley and Bo held their Zombie Hunter’s meeting at this place, which they own. After attempting to get a hold of Mayoral Candidate Floyd Baracas, who they think is a zombie, they know that zombies really exist. This is thanks to Justin turning Romero in defense of Baracus.


Originally, they were going to catch a zombie and put it on display.


Undercover Ravi lies about finding a vaccine to keep humans from becoming a zombie, which stalls things. However, WWII-Visioning Don E falls into their hands and is put on social media.

Ravi, along with Rachel, one of the others at the meeting, are “guests” of the group. Ravi manages to talk to Don E and get a message to Blaine, who is now a zombie. Liv and Blaine show up and the battle starts. Blaine is about to get shot in the head, but Harley’s gun is out of bullets. Harley gets away just as the force from Fillmore Graves shows up and a fire fight begins. In the end, Harley is on the run, his two friends are dead and Bo has become a snack for Don E, Liv, Blaine and one of Fillmore Graves’ soldiers.

The hunt for Harley Johns is on!

Pressing the Undead Flesh


Also, while there, Blaine puts in a plug for the Scratching Post, his Zombie Speakeasy, to Chase Graves.

Next stop: Peyton’s Office

As we have seen, there is something very wrong with the Wexler Case. After eating some of Wexler’s brain, Liv finds that Wexler did, in fact, kill the Dominatrix and was murdered by a guard, who is lost at sea, likely dead. The hunt is on for a video card that everyone seems to be looking for. Having Wexler’s personal effects sent to her office, she examines them and finds a key to a safety deposit box. Peyton brings along Wexler’s daughter, who the viewers know is a zombie. Later, Peyton will find out that she is a zombie, but not right away. In the safety deposit box, they find the video card. Playing it, they see Wexler on the phone telling someone that he killed the Dominatrix and that things got out of hand. But we still don’t know who he was talking to.

Presenting: The Girlfriends

Shawna and Major have hit it off. That is until Liv, under the influence of Bo Johns’ conspiracy theory brain, does some digging and finds Shawna’s website. Seems many of the bedroom photos and videos that she and Major made are there. Major is horrified. He thought those things were personal and that Shawna was looking to make herself famous on the Internet. She claims that she is trying to help re-invent him. He still kicks her to the curb. He really can’t catch a break when it comes to the ladies.

Major, Shawna and Ice Cream

Rachel attaches herself to Ravi. He gives her the full story about zombies. Unfortunately, Rachel works for a questionable Seattle tabloid. Ravi finds Liv’s zombie photo on the front page. He is mortified. He really can’t catch a break when it comes to the ladies.

Discovery Day is upon us!


Next stop: The Mayor’s Office

It is now occupied by Floyd Baracus, Seattle’s first Zombie Mayor.

Final stop: The Johns Family Compound

In its search for Harley Johns, Fillmore Graves finds out where Harley might be holed up. Liv has a vision that Harley booby trapped his compound, which takes out two of Graves’ troopers, as Liv’s message to Major arrives a little late to save everyone.

Clive and Liv go to the compound later, which looks like no one has been there for months. In spite of this, they search and find a tunnel down to a newly-built underground bunker. In the bunker, in the dark, they find Harley. It looks like a gun is being raised and Clive fires, hitting Harley. As this happens, Liv has a vision that shows that Harley and Bo were outside Wally’s house when the family was shot.

Clive believes that he has killed an innocent man.

But Harley begins to move again! Harley is an innocent Zombie!

So now, we face a two-part season finale. How does this all pan out? Am I afraid that the show will sum up too fast, as “Burn Notice” did in its final season? (Yes) Do I think that Fillmore Graves is dirty? (Ummm) Will Ravi and Major ever find love? (No) Who was on the phone with Wexler? (Mayor-elect Baracus? Chase Graves? Someone Else?) Is this there a plot by the zombies to take over Seattle, instead of living together? Is Mr. Boss completely under Blaine’s control? How much of this will not be decided until next season?

And…What about Naomi?

For the answer to these and other questions (What would be the first thing you would do if you had a time machine?), tune in on Tuesday for the beginning of the end of Season Three!

Strange Grave-Fellows

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