iZombie S3:E9 Twenty-Sided, Die

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Characters are like Bullets! Subplots are everywhere!


I am Chase Grave


This is the “Jumping Bean” of episodes. There are numerous little bits and pieces of plotlines that are given out through this one. In order to give you a better idea of what’s going on, this review will be done in a bullet format (of a kind). Let’s start at the top.


No folks, not Harley Quinn, but our outspoken Zombie Hunter, who’s secret meeting is being attended by Ravi in order to find out just what the folks on the Zombie Bulletin Board intend to do. That becomes clear quite quickly. He had compiled files on many of the Chaos Killer “Victims” who were at the Super Max Massacre. He hands them around to those gathered. The plan is simple. Capture a zombie, put it on line and starve it until it becomes the monster that it is!


Harley Johns and brother, Bo, in the background


He, of course, can’t let this happen. He stands and identifies himself. He tells them all about the Washington Lake Massacre (S1:E1), and points out that a scratch from a zombie will turn a person into a zombie. He suggests that people keep an eye on the zombie they have been assigned and wait several weeks for a vaccine that his is working on that will allow humans to remain human, even if scratched. We all know that this is a lie, but it buys Ravi some time.


He is holding a staff meeting, letting everyone know that he is in charge of the business, namely the Scratching Post. If he is not there, Don E is the man in charge. He tells everyone to go out and make money. But he calls Don E over. The bartender, Tanner, stays behind. He’s Don E’s man. Blaine has a brain soaking in Ravi’s “Blue Juice”. He explains that the blue brain will give a more intense and longer visions than just a normal brain. With a cheese slicer, he gives Don E a piece to try. Don E says no, but Tanner says yes. He gets the brain of a WWII fighter pilot.

The visions for Tanner started about five minutes after ingestion, and lasted two hours, including visions of a dog fight and a game of “hide the baguette” with a French Woman. Blaine heads to Shady Plots to find more perspective brains, Tanner heads out to do some chores and Don E takes a scoop of the blue brains. The effects seem instantaneous.


Ravi finds Major reading piles of hate mail for the man accused of being the Chaos Killer. Ravi has been hiding it. Major seems to be taking it in stride, but Ravi is not happy that he found it. Most of the letters spew lots of venom. Except a letter from Shawna, who says she knows how he feels and would be willing to listen to him if he ever felt like talking. This has possibilities as Major points out that he will likely never fall in love or have sex again because of this. He says the only girls he knows are at Fillmore Graves and they are all zombies. No help there. Ravi keeps the letter from Shawna around.


She is continuing her look into the Wexler case, with an interview with the psychiatrist who talked to Wexler before he hung himself in his cell. She tells Peyton that Wexler saw the ghost of his late wife and that it was impossible that he was seeing a Dominatrix, as he had no interest in sex since his wife died.


Our murder victim is a long-time dungeon master. As a life-narrating, dice-wielding moderator, she has become very annoying, especially to an uninitiated Clive. In order to generate another vision, Ravi, Major, Peyton and Clive play a quest with Liv as the DM. Ravi still continues his Nerd assault, but Clive gets into it.


I think the picture speaks for itself


At the end, there is a vision of a secret room where the deceased DM plays online poker. When Clive and Liv enter, they find, on the screen, a blueprint of a Russian power plant.


As they are questioning the next suspect, DeVore, Clive’s boss, comes in and shuts down the case. The FBI is taking over. They believe that it is a cybercrime. And who is the lead agent from the FBI? None other than Bozzio, the woman that Clive loved but had to undermine during the Chaos Killer investigation.

He manages to catch up to her. The two talk but Bozzio is still angry and really doesn’t sound like she is in a forgiving mood. She leaves and Clive looks back in frustration.


Justin arrives at Liv’s apartment. They are headed to a fundraiser for candidate Baracus, who is down about ten points in the polls. Justin is on guard duty and Liv is his date. At the event, Liv gets to meet Chase Graves, the new head of Fillmore Graves. She finds out what a hard ass the man is, especially after Justin tells her about the Super Max theft punishment he got (being shot in the chest).


The candidate has arrived with his wife and his young son. As they make their way around the room, a sniper from a staircase opens fire. Baracus does what any father would do and shields his son. Chase returns fire. Looks like no one was hit. The newspapers show Baracus’ heroism in protecting his kid. You can’t buy publicity like that. Or can you? Baracus begins to go Romero. Liv calms him down.


The Dog Whisperer couldn’t have done better


Too big a bite of blue brains and he is all over the place, shooting down Nazi fighters and jumping from planes. He finally runs out the door of the Club.


Too Much Brains, Too Little Ammo


Harley show up at the police morgue with his brother in tow. They have something want to show Ravi. They lead him out to their van and open the back doors. There, in a cage, is the Romero stage Don E. Now what?


After another lonely night, he calls Shawna, who comes over to the apartment.


He’s over at the well, visiting his Dad. He discussed how Baracus protected his son, something his Father never did. He asks if he is hungry and proceeds to through a slice of brains down the well.

“That’s from an impotent proctologist, by the way. Enjoy!”

With him in charge of the brains in Seattle and Baracus now having better poll numbers, Blaine observes: “It’s like all my wishes are coming true.”

Hey, what’s with that car? Who is the guy getting out and opening the trunk?

Closing the trunk door, we see a familiar face. The driver hands him a gun.

“Welcome back to the United States,” says the driver. “How long will you be in Seattle?”

“Just long enough to get my money and settle a few old debts.”

Welcome back, MR. BOSS!

Four episodes left. So much to happen, so little time.

And Season 4 waits in the wings.

The acting, the plots, the banter…What more could you ask for?


Next week: Drake’s ghost returns.

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