iZombie S2E17 Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be.

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I swear, that’s not in the script.

I swear, that’s not in the script.


We pick up the story with Major coming to after being drugged by Ravi.

Major explains the Max Rager situation to Ravi. Ravi thinks they should tell Liv. Major believes that if she finds out it will change her to something more than the crusader for justice that she is and possibly get her killed. Ravi reluctantly agrees. He also points out that Major saying that all he did was to protect Liv was exactly what Liv had said to him that caused him to flip out.

Ravi tells Major about the problems with the cure and the memory problems Blaine is having. The prospects do not look good.

Meanwhile, Liv wants to find Drake and heads to Mr. Boss’s office. A big man follows her in. A fight ensues and Liv walks out without a scratch to Coven’s “One Tin Soldier.”

Ravi tells Liv about Major. She expected Major to be down about it, but Ravi gave him the last of positivity brain to make him feel better. Needless to say, Major is practically singing and has decided to go shopping.


Happy, happy, joy, joy

Happy, happy, joy, joy



“Can we play hooky and follow him around all day?” Ravi asks.


Too late, a body is coming in. In this case, it’s an over-achieving college student that was very much like Liv. And the suspect is the Fraternity President from Episode Two of this season. He spends his time wondering where Liv has been and wants her to come to the Fraternity House for some beer.

At Max Rager…

Vaughn shows the new Super Max commercial, with jingle by singer Rob Thomas to zombie Rita, who is in the basement in a glass case.


Easter Egg—Rob Thomas is also the name of iZombie’s showrunner.


“Oh, get over it!” he tells her to her frowning face.

“Let me out!” she says.

“I can’t. You’re a threat to human existence, and to me.”

Vaughn tells her he wants to find a cure for her.

The Fraternity President doesn’t pan out as a murderer. Clive and Liv find out that Drake’s partner, Benadetto, is using students to help bust drug dealers. Interviewing him, the two find that one of cop’s contacts was “nuts” saying that he was working for zombies.

Peyton visits the funeral home and tells Blaine that she thinks this is all a ploy. Remember Vincent “The Chin” Gigante? He spent 30 years in a bathrobe and slippers muttering to himself to make the FBI think he was insane. It didn’t work. What about it, Blaine?


Vincent Gigante

Vincent Gigante


He goes down stairs after she leaves and finds Chief and Don E. are getting the Utopium ready for sale. Both are keeping Blaine out of the loop. (I have been getting confused between Don E. and Scott E…I think.) Blaine is reminded that he works upstairs and they work downstairs. He agrees and goes back upstairs.

Bozzio wants Clive to come to the FBI, saying that he is “Frank Drebin” and they treat him like “Nordberg.” Police Squad reference…nice.


Police Squad

Police Squad


Later, Bozzio will find that Clive has filled out authorization for the FBI to do a background check, the first step in becoming an agent.


Blaine enters the scene, looking for the morgue, not recognizing Clive or Bozzio.


Kristen Bell is doing a Neutrogena commercial during the break. Is this another Easter Egg?


Ravi is asked about Blaine and lies to Clive about Blaine having a head trauma. Clive thinks he faking. After he leaves, Ravi gives Blaine the rundown on all the bad he’s done. Major comes in. Ravi mentions Major is the one Blaine killed and made it so he had to become a zombie. Blaine states that he “thought that the worst part was forgetting those he loved and who he loved. Now, maybe no one loves me.” And he leaves, despondent.

Major hatches a plot with Ravi and suggests scratching Vaughn, making him a zombie. Then giving him the cure to see if he loses his memory, like Blaine. Although Ravi does not like the idea, he changes his tune when Major mentions that he and Liv will likely be killed after the list was finished.





Benadetto figures out the murderer is one of his contacts, but he’s dealing with Chief for Utopium. The kid gets him to go the kitchen where Chief lays him out. He tells Chief to get him out of the cuffs before more cops show up. Chief kills the kid. Benadetto has a lot to answer for, according to Clive.

The smoking gun has reared its ugly head again. The dog groomer shows up at Bozzio’s desk and ID’s Major Lilywhite as the man who brought Minor to her.

Major is at Vaughn’s  about to get things rolling. He has a hypo of the cure. But Vaughn’s lackey comes in and whispers to him. They have to cut the meeting short. Major leaves and finds Bozzio and a SWAT team. Major is arrested as the Chaos Killer.

The two-hour season finale is next week. Looks like we have a prison filled with zombies is coming our way!


  • Clive will learn about zombies and take a job with the FBI.
  • Liv will revive all of Major’s frozen zombies to free him.
  • Blaine is faking and will have Mr. Boss right where he wants him.
  • Don E. (or is it Scott E.?) and Chief will be dead for good.
  • Ravi and Peyton will get back together.
  • Rita is gonna raise hell on Vaughn.


Side note:
Steve Weber, who plays Vaughn, made a cameo reprise of his role on “2 Broke Girls” this week. I don’t know if that means anything.


Ummm…aaa…I think I…well…you see…never mind

Ummm…aaahh…I think I…Well…You see…Never mind


Or is it…no…can’t be…can it?

Or is it…No…Can’t be…Can it?

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