iZombie S3:E4 “Wag the Tongue Slowly”

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[Yes, I know that this is late. I’m late in getting it to my editor.]

I love an episode with a theme. In this episode, we look at relationships.

Let’s start with the murder.

Clive questions. Liv rats out.

First is relationships at the office. We have the ultimate office gossip, who turns up dead after a fire drill at the office. Hated by nearly everyone, she has caused more people to lose promotions, broken up a number of marriages and created a suspect list that rivals the Seattle phone book! And, yes, they still make phone books!

As Liv eats some of her brains, visions are few and far between, But who needs visions when you have… innuendo? Between what she remembers of the gossip’s co-workers and what she stirs up with Clive, there is enough kindling to set the Space Needle on fire. This takes us to the next relationship.

Clive was once partners with Lieutenant DeVore. Now, she is his ever-yelling boss. And, she is buddying up to Detective Callahan, who is one of those people that scum would scrape off the bottom of their shoes. Liv makes note of things like DeVore wearing a padded bra when she meets Callahan. Clive is finding Liv’s revelations disturbing. Add to it that DeVore has begun to pull the shades in her office when Callahan is there, and Clive looks like a deer in the headlights. Callahan is currently working the murder case that ended Wally’s life…or unlife.

Time is running out for Blaine’s memory return. He asks Peyton to stay with him until 6am on Saturday morning. If he hasn’t gotten his memory back by that time, it means that Ravi’s antidote for the zombie cure side effects does not work.

Peyton and Blaine continue to bond. Peyton wants to get physical with Blaine. He stops her and tells her to wait until after 6am. If he still doesn’t remember, he’ll be more than happy to be with her. If it works, she isn’t going to want to be with him. The alarm goes off. Blaine doesn’t remember his past life. Peyton leads Blaine to the bedroom.

And what about Ravi…

Ravi is depressed. He knows that he has blown it with Peyton. When asked to do help with a situation, his standard response is something to the order of “I have nothing better to do with my life.” It’s during one of these times of wallowing in his own self-pity that Major tells him that he has a lead on the location of Natalie!

Since you have nothing to do and your life is meaningless, let’s get beat up!


They pick up the trail of her old “John” with the intent to slip a GPS tracker on his car. All that does is get Major beaten up by the man’s bodyguard. They are warned to stay away or they will each receive the prize of a bullet in the head. After he leaves, Major gets the giggles. It seems that he was able to slip the tracker into the pocket of the bruiser while being used as a punching bag.

Now alone, Major finds Natalie. While the others are out, Major tells Natalie that he is here to rescue her. She can’t run. She knows that they will find her. Further, Major has to get out before the bodyguard returns, which he has. Before he leaves, he gives Natalie a hypo with a dose the cure. He tells her of the side effects of memory loss. Major leaves. Natalie stares at the hypo.

Each element of a bigger story is being presented to us in each episode. We have seen…

  • Clive come to terms with Zombies and mourn the loss of people (who were Zombies) that he loved.
  • Ravi’s jealousy has gotten the best of him.
  • Major is trying to keep a promise.
  • Peyton has fallen for Blaine.
  • Blaine may still be faking.
  • Blaine’s Dad is out for brains.
  • Donnie may be conflicted.
  • Liv is still becoming everyone.

What’s next?

How about Dominatrix Liv!

Does anyone on Walking Dead carry a whip? NO!

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