iZombie S3:E7 Dirt Nap Time

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I Think We Knew This Was Coming

The episode begins with Major revealing that he gave a dose of the cure to Natalie when he found her. Liv is upset, but she is angrier at Blaine, who she blames for the theft of the cure. She threatens to rip out his throat when she finds him.


Sad Songs Say So Much


Blaine is sad. He really hoped to make a go at a new life. He plays a series of downbeat songs at the bar where he is a lounge singer. As he leaves out the back, he is socked in the eye by a zombie-biting-mad Liv, who proceeds to start to strangle him. Finally, calmed by Ravi, she lets Blaine up. He claims to be innocent of the theft of the cure from the morgue.

Things just begin to get worse for Blaine. It seems that Brain Club is still in business (another deception). He and zombie Candy are continuing to make box lunches for the undead. She asks Blaine if she should pack up the rest of the deliveries. Blaine, in his saddened state, tells her he doesn’t care what she does.

After coming back from deliveries, he finds that Don E and two of his Father’s zombie thugs have come by for a visit and to help him with Brain Club’s Going Out of Business Sale. Don E gives him some money and he and the others head down the basement to get the other brains. Candy gives Blaine a parting shot by asking if he cares now.

Speaking of parting shots, one of the thugs turns to Blaine and said that his Father wanted to give him something and shoots him in the chest, just below his heart. He tells Blaine that he wanted him to suffer for a few moments. The thug picks up the money and prepares to end Blaine. Blaine, however, tells him that he has a lot more money. The thug hesitates.

And that’s is mostly the end of the episode.

Okay, there are some other issues.

First, Major being human is figured out by Justin, his friend in the Fillmore Graves squad. He, too, would love a cure, but Major tells him that there were only 15 vials and that it cannot be replicated, as Ravi has no more tainted Utopium.

The Scratching Post becomes a center of the storyline.

The Squad goes there on a night out. Now, you have to be a zombie to get in. How can they tell? One must eat a raw ghost pepper without ill effect to enter the club. Easy if you are a zombie. Major knows that his cover may be blown and he could be fired from Fillmore Graves. He is about to eat one when Don E shows up and vouches for Major, allowing him to enter the club without the test.

Later, Liv goes in to question Don E about the theft of the cure. Don E denies having stolen it.

Still later, Liv returns with Justin on a date. The two seem to hit it off well.

Something is wrong with the Dominatrix murder case from a couple of episodes ago. The confession by James Weckler is thin. He has a digital video card that he refuses to hand over. He reveals that if he does, he will be killed. Another lawyer comes in, takes Weckler from the assigned public defender and agrees to the “without the video card” plea, which adds 10 years to Weckler’s sentence. Weckler is soon found hanging in his cell. Peyton is suspicious, but unsure what to do.


The Lawyers


Major and Justin are trying to protect Floyd Baracus, who could become the first zombie mayor in Seattle. Two zombie hunters are spotted coming down the road to Baracus’ house. Major and Justin chase them off, but not before the two get a picture of Justin in full “Romero” state.

So, now we are all caught up. Except for one thing:

If both Blaine and Don E are innocent of the theft of the cure, who is the guilty culprit?

Maybe things are not what they seem.

If my suspicions are correct, the next question would be “Why?”.

I’ll let that roll around in your heads.


Next week: Liv becomes a daredevil (no relation to the Netflix show of the same title)

Spoiler Photo from Next Week!

Oh, I Like This Picture!

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