The Seattle Brain Shortage: An iZombie Season 4 Catch Up Review

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iZombie is now in its fourth season. They are five episodes in.

Liv as Dowager

We have been given the first walled city in the United States, that is ruled by martial law, doled out by a private firm (Fillmore Graves), and worried about the concept that there is a growing call in the U.S. Government to just nuke the town and all its inhabitants.

There are rules of behavior. Any Zombie found scratching a human, turning them into a Zombie, receives a death sentence. The means of execution is an anvil that is used like a guillotine, except it crushes one’s head, rather than severing it.

There are checkpoints at any entrance/exit to the city. You need a pass to get out, unless you are being smuggled out. Then you need help and luck.

But, the biggest issue of the season is Brains. Let’s look at the situation.

You have a large population that subsists purely on human brains. And it has to be the brains of a non-Zombie. The brains of a Zombie are not palatable. Brains must be donated by the family of a decedent. As a matter of fact, there is a nationwide plea for people to donate the brains of their loved ones to Seattle to feed the Zombies.

Brains are processed by Fillmore Graves. They have a plant that purees the brains and makes it so there are no visions attached their consumption. The puree is placed in plastic tubes, much like Go-Gurt, and distributed to the Zombies. Seems simple.

I don’t think the brain tubes come in these flavors.

Enter Greed.

Someone at the plant is diluting the brains that go in the tubes and selling it on the Black Market. Zombies are going hungry. Chase Graves, the head of Fillmore Graves, has been advised that shortages will cause more and more Zombies to turn (or go Romero) and attack the living. This could happen in four to six months. This explains the severe penalty for creating new Zombies. There is no way to feed additions to the population.

And Zombies are doing their best to prioritize their rations. One of the street kids that has become part of Major Lilywhite’s patrol is there to get food for her siblings. A bus driver is doing his best to get food for his kids. Unfortunately, it caused him to go hungry. He turned, caused an accident and was shot in the head by a passenger. Peyton had promised to send them extra rations but was too late. Chase Graves has promised to take care of that family.

But Graves has made no advances in finding who is skimming the brains off the top and making money in the Black Market. His investigations are going nowhere.


Blaine and Brains

There is a love/hate relation with Blaine DeBeers. As the Number One Villain of iZombies, everyone knows that he is evil. It was just revealed that he stole the doses of the cure from Ravi’s lab. But Blaine can be charming and gets many of the best lines in the show.

Now, we know that Blaine has three business, all of which are interconnected. First, he has the funeral home, Shady Plots. Here, he can remove the brains of the dearly departed whose burials he arranges. It is also a place that takes deliveries from foreign countries that are also supplying him with brains. The supply is for his two other establishments.

Life is good at Romero’s


Romero’s is an upscale restaurant, serving both Human and Zombie cuisine. If you have money, this is the place for you. Top of the line brains are served here. The Mayor, a Zombie, is sometimes found dining and entertaining there. For those who cannot afford this, there is The Scratching Post. Run by Don E., a DeBeers lackey, there is plenty of booze. A Zombie can also get a blue Brain, a brain soaked in a chemical created by Ravi that intensifies the visions that a brain usually gives. It is so intense that its consumer often becomes the brain’s previous owner.

The shortage of brains, and Blaine’s criminality, have caused Chase Graves to take special interest in both places. Blaine has supplied Chase with info (as a snitch). Of course, Blaine finds all of this distasteful. This is why he jumps at the chance to rid Seattle of a Zombie who has been making more Zombies. “Renegade” is an older lady who helps people who are terminally ill, as well as smuggling humans out of Seattle who have needs that the city cannot provide. Chase Graves is willing to leave Blaine alone forever if he can deliver this Zombie to him. Blaine does catches her and turns her in. She ends up having her head crushed in a public execution. It was a very unpopular event among both Zombies and Humans.


Zombies, the Chose People

Which leads me to Angus, the Prophet. As most remember, he is Blaine’s evil Father, who escapes the well Blaine kept him in and heard the call of Zombie Pain and Suffering. He is a wild card, stirring discontent among the Zombie population. He proclaims that he will lead the Zombies to control of Seattle and make the Humans their food. He is already making inroads among the young Zombies, including children. Where this goes remains to be seen.

The Prophet and the Child

Love and Lonely Zombie

Liv and Major are on the outs. Major is slowing becoming Chase Graves’ top Zombie. As Liv and Ravi smuggle a sick child out of Seattle, Major is the guard at the checkpoint. When he finds out what Liv did, the trust issues resurface. To make matters worse, Major was among the protection troops at Renegade’s execution. Liv, having met her, has contacted one of those who worked with Renegade. She has pledged to continue her work.

Ravi and Peyton are not rekindling any flames. Further, all indications are that Blaine still has a thing for Peyton, but Peyton won’t give Blaine a glance. It made for a somewhat uncomfortable dinner at Romero’s.


There are nine more episodes this season. Further, the show has yet to be renewed, unlike much of the CW’s line up.

What will the future hold for Seattle?

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  1. Robert Knepper as “Brother Love” is the best thing about this fourth season.

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