Top 10 Horror Movies For Halloween 2017!

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It’s that time again, folks. Black cats are practicing yoga to achieve the best arched back as children transform into candy gobbling demons. Killer dolls that we thought long dead rise again under the voodoo moon and otherworldly monsters assault a small town hospital in the dead of night as home invaders shatter Christmas festivities in the snowy suburbs.

Halloween is here, and that means gatherings full of spooky movies, tricks and treats. This handy guide brings you ten frightfully fantastic flicks to liven up your wicked celebration. And we here at Bloody Whisper have a special surprise for the most dedicated fans out there: if you watch all ten films in one sitting, without snacks or bathroom breaks, a portal shall open and you may claim your prize of one free Asmocarabias demon. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: the above statements have not been evaluated by demonologists. Offer not valid in Tennessee, Hawaii, and Luxembourg. 50-foot tall Asmocarabias demons demand thirteen untainted souls upon entering our plane of existence. Bloody Whisper is not responsible for slaughtered partygoers, providing mystically charged amulets or enchanted volumes of Latin. Do not attempt legal action against Bloody Whisper.

In case of litigation, this website does not exist. You made it up.

With all that boring legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, let’s begin.


The Void (2016)


Directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski. Starring Aaron Poole and Kathleen Munroe.


A heroic police officer, a plucky nurse, and others battle a madman’s faceless cult and hideous otherworldly monsters in a small town hospital after dark.

Some movies are just MADE for Halloween parties. Such is the case with this obscenely entertaining midnight movie romp, which features some of the coolest practical effects monsters this side of Carpenter’s “The Thing.” Slimy, creepy and ultimately cosmic, “The Void” will send any gathering into the beyond.



Better Watch Out (2016)


Directed by Chris Peckover. Starring Olivia DeJonge and Levi Miller.


A teenage babysitter and her 12-year-old charge find themselves under attack on Christmas Eve by mysterious home invaders in a snowy suburban neighborhood. Or ARE they?

Nothing says Halloween party entertainment better than Christmas! The less you know going into this unique and blackly comic horror flick, the better. It takes the usual formula and subverts it in incredibly satisfying ways. Though it is a completely different film than either Bob Clark’s “Black Christmas” or the legendary “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, “Better Watch Out” stands beside those towering titans as a new chapter in Yuletide mayhem.



Cult Of Chucky (2017)


Directed by Don Mancini. Starring Fiona Dourif and Alex Vincent.


The lone survivor of Chucky’s last murderous rampage finds herself in an isolated mental health facility under the care of a sinister psychiatrist, who introduces a very familiar therapy doll into their sessions. Bloodshed and mayhem follow. And evil laughter.

Look, no Halloween party could be complete without fresh Chucky. The Lakeshore Strangler is back in fine homicidal form in this latest installment that ties together the three “Child’s Play” films and the last three Chucky flicks. Here we have our old friend to the end Andy Barclay as an adult thrown in with Fiona Dourif’s Nica Pierce, and Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany. Cult throws a couple curveballs into the traditional Chucky mythology, leading to a shocking ending. Join up.

You can Watch Cult of Chucky Here.


Cold Moon (2016)


Directed by Griff Furst. Starring Josh Stewart and Candy Clark.


The murder of a young girl riding her bike home at night sparks a cycle of supernatural vengeance as her gruesome ghost returns to haunt the small Southern town she called home.

Based on the novel “Cold Moon Over Babylon” by Beetlejuice writer Michael McDowell, this Southern Gothic horror mystery has a lot going for it. The Collector’s Josh Stewart stars, along with Christopher Lloyd and living legend Tommy Wiseau. The ghost rides around town on an invisible ghost bicycle and vomits up river water after her drowning. I repeat, Tommy Wiseau AND invisible vehicles! Why are you still reading this? Go watch “Cold Moon!”





Bad Blood (2016)


Directed by Tim Reis. Starring Mary Malloy and Vikas Adam.


After being attacked by a monstrous were-frog, a college student visiting her family begins transforming into one herself. Chaos, gore, and crazy science ensues as the race for a cure begins.

Every party needs a bonkers guilty pleasure full of rubber suit practical monsters running around. Low budget indie horror flick with a thick streak of goofball comedy. It’s a werewolf movie with scales instead of fur. And zero logic involved!



Patchwork (2015)

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre. Starring Tory Stolper and Tracey Fairaway.


Three very different young women go out partying one evening and wake up having grown much closer together, as in sharing the same body kinda closer. The newly sewn together hybrid attempts to figure out who butchered them and take bloody revenge.

Body horror-meets-romantic comedy gets a new and quite fun entry with this gory throwback to “ReAnimator”, Frank Henenlotter films and the classic tale of “Frankenstein”. Don’t look too closely at the science involved and you’ll have a great time.



Crucifixion (2017)


Directed by Xavier Gens. Starring Sophie Cookson and Corneliu Ullici.


A young journalist interviews a disgraced priest accused of murdering a possessed woman during an exorcism. Were demonic forces truly involved?

I know what you’re thinking. Another day, another exorcism flick. If you’ve seen one pea soup vomiting chick, you’ve seen them all. What sets this one apart is the inspired direction from Xavier Gens and some wild cinematography. It’s a film that distinguishes itself with visual spark, while not entirely escaping the cliches and trappings of the demonic entity subgenre.

Watch Crucifixion here! 



The Black Room (2017)


Directed by Rolfe Kanefsky. Starring Natasha Henstridge and Dominique Swain.


Bodies start piling up after a deadly and horny Incubus is released from its basement prison in a suburban house. It torments a married couple and eventually possesses the husband.

Completely delicious cheesefest with horror legend Lin Shaye fighting demonic smoke, Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis and other recognizable genre faces popping up. Never boring and wonderfully absurd, “The Black Room” features a horned creature with very poor seducing powers and a guy having sex with a wall. You can’t beat it.




Lake Nowhere (2014)


Directed by Christopher Phelps and Maxim Van Scoy. Starring  Laura Hajek, Wray Villanova and Nathan Andrew Wright.


This affectionate tribute to midnight movies and 1980s horror follows a group of friends camping at a remote lakeside cabin. After one of them swims in the lake, the supernatural horror begins.

At barely 50 minutes long, “Lake Nowhere” plays out like a sampler platter of horror subgenres: deadly transformative viruses, slasher flick violence, supernatural creatures. It’s all here. There are even faux beer commercials that are hysterical and authentically 80s. This would make a fine appetizer before moving on to longer horror features.


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