Mel Gibson’s The Beaver is a Total Clusterf@#!

This is a guest post by Dead Derrick.  In 2011, many dark dramas were gracing the screens of art house theaters. Films like “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” “Take Shelter,” “The Devil’s Double” and “The Woman” were making their way across the festival circuit with big buzz behind them. However, there’s … Read More

The Babadook: Masterpiece or Menace? Part 2

  Back for more? Have you recovered from the pancake spiders? Are you sure? Yes? Okay, then let’s get moving and take a look at the two biggest complaints that people have about “The Babadook” Exhibit A. The annoying Son of Sam   “That little boy is so annoying. I’d never let my … Read More

The Babadook: Masterpiece or Menace? Part 1

  “The Babadook” (2014) is an Australian psychological horror film that was written and directed by Jennifer Kent. It is a brilliant work of art. Rarely is such a complex interpersonal relationship seen in a horror movie. The art style of the infamous book about the eponymous Mr. Babadook is just amazing. It’s … Read More