Frankenstein on the Rebound

Let’s talk about sewing body parts together. Let’s grab the other necessary elements: a hunchback, an abnormal brain, lightning and really big shoes. And for dessert, let’s add some angry villagers carrying pitchforks and torches. Sounds like dozens of movies that we have all seen, dozen it?   Yet, how … Read More

The Halloween Movie List—Our Annual Viewer’s Guide to the Best Holiday in Existence

  Each year for the past couple, I have scoured the websites of the world of Cable to find all the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films that are being shown on or around Halloween. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday. Most of the channels out there are showing our … Read More

I Spit On Your Grave Remake Isn’t Bad for Revenge Porn

  “I Spit on Your Grave” (1978) is a highly controversial “shockploitation” film that remains relevant to cinema history even today, thanks to its inversion of the damsel in distress plot device. Instead of staying a sobbing mess, the main character rises up and kills her attackers and gets revenge. It is … Read More