iZombie S1:E11 Astroburger

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Liv and Major share a moment between autopsies.


Last week, Major met Scott E. at the center where he is being treated. Scott has not been the same since he witnessed the Lake Washington Outbreak. That’s the one where Liv became a zombie. He informed Major of the existence of zombies and that the city had a zombie problem.

Late for his game of chess with Major, it turns out that Scott is just that: Late. Major finds him floating in his bathtub, his wrists slit. This turns out to be a murder, as Scott was drugged and the wounds were post-mortem (After death, to those who don’t watch a lot of CSI. Oops, too late. After 15 years, it’s been cancelled!). Major later checks himself out of the ward and shows up at Liv’s apartment.

Of course, Liv and Dr. Ravi are on the case. Major tells Liv about Scott and the zombies and that he has footage on his cell phone of the massacre. He also tells her that Scott had a friend on local TV, and they might have the phone. Needless to say, Liv wants that cell phone.



The Devil is in the Cheezy Puffs!


Eating Scott’s brain sets up some interesting moments. Scott was delusional. He spent his time talking to and being talked to by the Devil. Now, every time there is a devil, Liv gets heckled or gets into an argument. This is especially hilarious as the cheese puffs Liv eats has a devil on the package. At one point, she is found yelling at a vending machine full of them.

Back on point. Another zombie-aware person has been killed. Of course, there is a certain amount of paranoia involved about the killer, especially when the visitor’s log shows a certain male named John Deaux (pronounced Doe, get it?) who bears a striking resemblance to Blaine.

Oh wait, it is Blaine!

Ah, Blaine.

Blaine is informed of Liv’s love affair with Lowell via our Zombie On Patrol Lieutenant Suzuki. While fact-finding, Blaine appears at the morgue for a check-up. Liv talks about Scott. Although Blaine admits to knowing him and playing chess with him, he is unaware of the cell phone and the footage.

Ravi suggests that he drink some Max Rager to see if there is any effect. Liv goes to the fridge where the energy drink is stored, along with cyanide and other lovely mixers. She contemplates which poison will do the trick with Blaine. When the beverage is brought, Blaine insists on Liv drinking first. She does. Then, Blaine drinks. She didn’t put any poison in because she could not be sure of the effects and she didn’t want to endanger Ravi.

Then off goes Blaine, back to Meat Cute.

Stay tuned, more coming up about Meat Cute later.

Enter Johnnie Frost; local weatherman and snappy dresser. He turns out to be Scott’s friend at the TV station. The only problem is, Johnnie knows nothing of Scott’s cell phone.


Here is where Scott’s apartment becomes Grand Central Station.


First, Liv and Johnnie enter with a hidden key to Scott’s apartment that Johnnie knows about. He also knows that Scott kept his valuables in a stereo speaker. An examination produces no phone, but they do find his laptop, which is tied to his phone. They start tracking it.

Later, breaking and entering into the apartment is Major. He, too, knows about the phone and begins searching.

As Major is looking for the phone, in comes Blaine and DuPont carrying plastic gas cans. You know, the kind you use for gassing up the lawn mower. And Yes, Virginia, they are there to torch the place.

Major manages to escape before the fire hits, and takes the opportunity to hide in the trunk of Blaine’s car. Soon enough Major finds himself at Meat Cute, where he sees Blaine and DuPont.


Major Meat Cute

Major at Meat Cute (Trust me, he’s looking at it. Really, he is.)


Tracking the phone bears fruit as Liv and Johnnie find one of the orderlies from the medical center. The two break into his apartment and find not only the cell phone, but also lots of drugs. They inform the police, whom brings in the orderly. The orderly informs them of the head doctor’s activities; seems that Scott is her baby daddy, and she killed him to keep him quiet, as she is married.

Major and Liv have a heart-to-heart back at her apartment, where she tells him that there are zombies and that she is one and that’s why she broke off the wedding and everything. Instead of being horrified, Major takes Liv in his arms and holds her, much to her relief.

Scott’s phone is password protected.  Johnnie keeps saying the same forecast of 63 degrees, 16 Celsius. Liv tries 6316 as the password and the phone unlocks. At the same time, she sees Johnnie on the television, while Johnnie in the apartment disappears. He was a delusion!

Suddenly, what is real and what isn’t comes into question.

Liv watches the footage and sees herself chomping on the brain of some poor unfortunate Max Rager partier.

Is that all?

“Why is the episode called Astroburger?” I hear you cry.


Let’s go to the side story.


Astroburger Delivery Service

Last week, Blaine was given a mission: get the brain of an astronaut who walked on the moon. His richest zombie client wants to experience walking on the moon, and he will pay handsomely for it.

Throughout the show, we see news reports of the disappearance of Alan York, astronaut. He missed his speaking engagement and no one knows where he is.

Blaine is selling pieces of his brain for as much as $250,000 a meal! And he appears to have a lot of takers.

They are about to make deliveries when one of the workers comes back to tell Blaine that the car has been robbed and the brains are gone!

Now, there will be a hunt for brains!




On a side note Dr. Ravi appears to have made a breakthrough, as zombie rat has change back to normal.

Has anyone given consideration to the idea that Blaine may not allow a cure to be found by Dr. Ravi? He is certainly making more money and is in a more powerful position now that he is undead. The world really has no use for a power-hungry zombie. A brain hungry zombie is trouble enough.


There is a knock at the door of Liv’s place. She opens to find Major. He has proof of the zombies. He comes in carrying an armful of Blaine’s Brain Club satchels. Obviously, he is the one who took them from Blaine’s car. He claims that he is sure that zombies are real and he is going to kill every one of them.

So, the little moment that Liv and Major had about the zombies was also a delusion!

The plot continues to roll toward a conclusion of epic proportion. They are building to a point where all parties are going to meat and it will not be cute. See what I did there?


iz14 Really, really tiny spoiler photo of next week’s episode.

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